Eleanor and Peter

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“Are we there yet?” The toddler asks and Tom shakes his head, chuckling. It’s the third time she’s asked in the whole ten minutes they’ve been in the car.

“Not yet, no. It will take five minutes, sweetheart.” The little girl nods her head and goes back to playing with her toy. She looks so much like her mother. With the blonde locks and those beautiful blue eyes.

“Is five minutes a long time?”

“Not if you keep yourself busy, darling.” Tom smiles softly at the beautiful girl who frowns. “Hey, you’ll see mommy again soon, Eleanor!” He reminds her and that sends a smile to Eleanor’s face. The little girl was four years old and a light in her parents’ world. She was an impatient girl but as sweet as one can be. With a smile that seemed to make everyone happy around her and a giggle that her parents would swear is their favorite sound. Eleanor’s heart was as pure as Tom and Taylor wished it would be and her eyes…well her eyes mirrored the beauty of her mother’s. Tom would argue that everything in their little girl mirrored his wife’s beauty. And he was glad.

“Daddy, do you love the baby more than you love me?” There was hint of a British accent in his girl. Because of how much time she spent with him and his grandmother who would visit very often along with his aunts and uncles. Although most times the accent wasn’t noticeable, it became stronger when they’d go to the UK.

“Darling, I love you both the same. I promise you my heart is big enough for the both of you.” Tom promises, a gentle smile on his lips. “And you’ll love your little brother.”

“Is he cute?”

Tom laughs. “Very cute, darling.”

They pull up to the hospital where the baby was born and quickly head inside in search for the room 113. 13 for obvious reasons as it is Taylor’s lucky number.

“Remember to be very quiet and gentle, alright, sweetheart?” Tom kisses her cheek.

Eleanor nods. “Okay, daddy.”

And they walk into the room where Taylor lays in bed with a bundle in her arms. Dressed in a blue onesie, the child lays in her arms wide awake and attentive to everything around.

Eleanor is about to yell out ‘mommy’ but she remembers her father’s request so she just lets Tom take her near Taylor who is grinning at her daughter who is very excited to see her after 24 hours apart.

“Hi, mommy.” Eleanor whispers and then Tom sets her on the bed next to Taylor.

“Hi, El.” Taylor kisses her daughter’s head. “Meet your little brother. This is Peter.” Eleanor’s eyes travel down to the creature her mother’s holding and she giggles.

“He’s so tiny.” She reaches out to touch him but hesitates with the fear of hurting such a small fragile human.

“You can touch him, sweetie. Just be really gently.” Taylor encourages her and Eleanor rubs the baby’s cheek with her finger, giggling the whole time.

“It’s soft.” She mumbles. Taylor smiled up at Tom who was capturing the precious moment. “I love you.” She whispers and leans forward to kiss her little brother’s head. The proud parents smile at each other. “Mommy, when will he get bigger so I can play with him?” She questions curiously.

“That’s going to take while, honey.” Taylor laughs. “Probably a year or more until you can actually play with him and he understands.”

“That’s so long.” Eleanor sighs and Tom kisses the girl’s cheek.

“You’ve got me to play with.” Tom says.

“Daddy, you’re silly! You’re a grown up!” His daughter giggles and Tom pouts making Eleanor hug him. “It’s okay, daddy. I’m so sorry the truth hurts.”

Taylor bursts out laughing, careful to not scare the baby. Their daughter is something else. Tom shakes his head letting go of Eleanor and stares at his family as his daughter goes back to getting to know her little brother, knowing he never felt as proud.

Dear Mira Mesa,

You’ve raised me since middle school, put me through high school, impressed me with your overabundance of mexican food restaurants and frozen yogurt shops, and tried to give me ease when it came to living post high school life.

I appreciate what you’ve done for me, but I don’t think I can live in this place any longer. The people that reside here are losing themselves to mundane suburban living, and seeing it slowly envelop each and every one of my high school friends (that are just as stuck here as I am) is just too heartbreaking to handle.

So I might as well say it: I’m leaving you the first chance I get, and when it happens, you can be sure that you’ll never see me again. You used to be nice, but now you just make me feel miserable. And I know in my heart that I’m not destined to be miserable for the rest of my life.


Adam Anderson


MMHS Senior Skit c/o ‘12 (by hungrybella)

The senior skit I was in earlier this year- oh yeah :D 


Idiot Paparazzi

Featuring Van Grove as Kevin Nealon

 “Harry? We're gonna need a bomb.” 
    “I thought you'd never ask.”