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Do you guys even know how HUGE this is? 

Akko collected those cards religiously as a child and got all but this one. For Diana, of all people, to give it to her now, when Akko’s faith in Chariot is utterly depleted, must elicit so many things in Akko.

But even bigger than Akko receiving this final card, do you understand how huge it is for Diana to be giving it away? 

Other than memories of the only Chariot show she ever saw, this card is all she had left. Of Chariot and of the dreams she had as a child. The dreams her mother went out of her way to let her have a chance at. The dreams that Diana’s family ridiculed and looked down on her for. The dreams only Bernadette supported her in having. Her mother was the only person in Diana’s life who supported her admiration of Chariot.

Chariot left the stage. Diana lost her magics for a time. Her mother died. Her responsibilities consumed her life and she had to relinquish her dreams of becoming like Chariot, though in her heart she still loved and admired her. 

Diana kept this card in a special box. It is her treasure as Akko’s Chariot card is hers.

And Diana is giving it to Akko willingly. Without shedding a tear. Without regret. Because she trusts her with it. She knows Akko deserves to have it. She knows Akko needs it more than she does now.


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Klance- Stronger Then You

This is Klance
Bond forever
And I’m never going down at the hands of the likes of you
Because I’m so much better
And every part of me is saying “Go beat ‘em”
The two of us ain’t gonna bow to your rule
Come at me without any of your Galra tools.
Let’s go, you purple fool
Let’s go, see if you keep your cool

Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able.
Can’t you see that our bond is stable?
I can see you hate the way we keep winning
But I think you’re just mad 'cause you’re losing

You’re not gonna stop what we’ve built together.
We are gonna stay bonded forever.
If you break us apart we’ll just come back better
And we’ll always be twice the soldier you are.
I am made o-o-o-o-of their bond

Mm mm mm mm mm.

This is who we are.
This is who I am.
And if you think you can break us
Then you need to try again.
'Cause I am a feeling
And I will never end.
And I won’t let you have the lion,
I won’t let you have my friends.

Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able.
Can’t you see that my bond is stable?
I know you think I’m not somethin’ you’re afraid of.
'Cause you’ve seen what half of me is made of.

But I am even more than the two of them.
Everything they care about is what I am.
I am their fire
I am their ice
I am a paladin

I am made
O-o-o-o-of theeeeir bond

And it’s stronger than you.

And it’s stronger than you.

And it’s stronger than you.

sparkling-babygirl  asked:

Okay so like can you do a daddy kink ant wth namjoon where I tease him or have been with holding the cookies and he has a a lot of sexual frustration with hella dirty talk from Joonie with some orgasm denial and a big finish PLZZZ

Get- get this man the hell away from me his feels are deadly.

Don’t Hold out on me(AMBW):

“Hey chocolate cheeks.” Namjoon called out to you slapping your ass as he came up behind you leaning over you to kiss your lips pressing your body against the counter. 

“Hell.. O.. Daddy. Mm!” You responded within each kiss that he gave you. Your hands pressed against the counter as he molded his lips against yours slipping his tongue into your mouth. You let the kiss carry on for a few minutes, until you felt the stiffening of his sweats you broke the kiss biting your lips and shaking your head. 

“You know better daddy.” You warned winking at him. Walking to the other side of the counter to sit in a chair and eat on your Captain Crunch that you had just finished fixing.  

“Aww come on baby girl it’s been a month! And all you have on is my shirt.” He complained pressing his palms down on the counter watching you. His sandy brown hair wild from how he slept the previous night, shirt off, sweats low on his hips. You wanted to jump him- but you couldn’t. 

“We’be been over why we need to abstain.” You sighed softly stuffing your mouth with food. 

“No no! You and your mom talked over why ‘WE’ should abstain.” He growled using his hand to motion between him and you and you rolled your eyes taking another bite of cereal. 

You knew why he was mad, about two months ago your parents came to visit but unknown to you both every time you were having sex your mother could here you. It was indeed something you were embarrassed of because you were so used to it just being you that you didn’t consider you were both actually loud. Your mother showed concerns that you were both having too much sex, and though you had been together for almost two years she urged you to make sure that it was about the love and not the sexual attraction that everyone could feel whenever the two of you were under each other. Last month you have given sex every now and then because it was hard to stop the monster when he wanted it- of course you would give it but then this month you cut it off all together. It was complete hell, sexual frustration leading to more arguments and more sleepless nights of one of you ended up on the couch. 

“It’s mm.. Not that bad Joonie.” You tried to reassure him but it was. It really was. Growling he just gave up walking off from you and you deflated. You licked your lips feeding your face angrily chomping on the cereal finishing the bowl off and drinking the milk. Getting up with a sigh you washed it all up cleaning the kitchen walking into the front room.

Namjoon looked up from flipping the remote to stare at you before he looked off giving you the cold shoulder. Frowning you walked up towards your shared bathroom to take a nap wanting to forget about it already.



A clap of slamming sounds woke you up from your slumber squirming around the bed trying to sit up. Namjoon looked down at you a sucker pressed against the inside of his jaw as he looked at you blinking blankly like nothing was wrong. He shrugged his shoulders going back to what he was doing. 

“YO WHAT THE FUCK NAMJOON?” You asked him angrily rubbing your eyes. 

“Oh shit sorry. I was looking for my game.” He replied softly not looking at you. 

“And you couldn’t fucking wait until I was up?” You asked clearly enraged by what he had done. Your body trembling with anger. 

“Yeah.. Just like you couldn’t wait before you decided to put a no sex ban on me because mommy said so.” He made his voice high pitched to mock you. His back muscles were flexing every time he moved and that pissed you off more because it made you want him so bad. 

“Oh but when ‘daddy’ tells me what to do I need to jump up like a fucking guard dog?!” You shouted at him crawling to the end of the bed standing up slowly. 

“YES! Because DADDY is the one taking care of you! Helping pay bills and getting you off. Feeding you! DADDY is the one that’s fucking going to marry you but not if you don’t clean up your act.” He threatened you and it felt like you were slapped with bricks. You knew he had been hurt behind this but not that bad to talk about not marrying you. He would never walk away from something unless it was bad. And this shit had got bad. 

Growling with fuming anger you caught him off guard tackling him down to the ground. “What the fuck??” He questioned his hands gripping at your wrist as your hands slapped at his face and chest. Using his body he rolled you both over pinning your front down onto the ground arms behind your back his hips pressing into your ass. His harsh breath against your ear. You squirmed shouting at him trying to get up but he kept you in place laughing softly. 

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? I think this little sex ban got you thinking that you suddenly own me but remember I wear the pants in this relationship.” He mouthed out against your ear licking down the shell of it. 

“Then fucking act like it!” You shouted at him. Frustration written all over your face as you looked up at him. Namjoon lifted both his eyebrows before he furrowed them together crashing his lips against yours. He kissed you harshly keeping you in place, locking your body against the floor. The kiss was much rougher than earlier, and you knew when you tasted the metallic in your mouth he had broken skin and your lips would be swollen later. 

Namjoon moved back a bit only to yank the shirt up and over your head smirking down at your naked body. You never wore undergarments to bed and why would you? You couldn’t help the light color that painted your dark cheeks as he eyed you. Scooping you up with one arm around your lower waist Namjoon laid you down on the bed clicking his tongue. 

“Let’s train my beautiful baby girl back into the sexy submissive kitten I had hmm?” He asked walking around the bed. “Touch yourself.” He stated leaning against the wall watching you. 

You lifted your hands up to start at your breast cupping them you fondled your nipples slowly circling your thumbs around your areola keeping your eyes on him. He made you wet by just one look but when he wanted you touch yourself for him you felt you would come undone just by his gaze. His teeth clamping down on his bottom lip. He gave you a nod and you let your hands slip down your stomach stroking the soft brown skin in front of him. Your legs parted wide open to reveal your dripping folds and his eyes glued to them. 

You used one hand to spread your pussy lips wide and the other hand you used to rub your clit. Slowly at first but your movements got quicker over time. He walked up towards you but stopped at the foot of the bed while you continued to get yourself wet. He pushed your legs wide open leaning down he spit on your pussy before licking it up only to let spit fall from his lips and slowly side down to your entrance. You brought two fingers down to circle at your entrance before you pushed you middle finger inside of you rolling your head back. 

“Daddy~” You cooed out for him rolling your hips up off of the bed. Your body yearned for more and you had missed him for this past month. 

“Do you like that kitten?” He asked you lifting his large hand up to trace from your right ankle all the way up to the inside of your thigh ever so slowly.

“Yes daddy! Yes daddy I love it so much-but I want your fingers.” You whimpered out slipping your ring finger inside of yourself as well thrusting them in and out at a slow pace. Pushing them deeply you scissored yourself out. 

“Soon kitten. You’re so wet for daddy aren’t you? Thinking about how those tiny fingers are going to soon be replaced with daddy’s large fingers huh?” He asked letting his hand trail up from your hips towards your stomach stroking your belly button. 

“Oh god yes!” You shouted out squirming under his touch moving your fingers faster in and out of your wet needy hole that was begging for him. 

“Mmm thinking about how daddy will shove his fingers deep and then his cock baby girl? Do you want daddy’s big cock shoved inside of you?” He asked letting his fingertips walk higher until they were dancing across your darkened brown mounds. His eyes glued to your writhing body against the bed he knew you were close. 

“Oh yes daddy! Yes please destroy my little tight pussy. It’s been so long daddy I need you to open me up again.” You hollered out feeling your stomach clench, toes curl as your orgasm was approaching you. “Can I cum daddy?! Please?!” You asked desperately shutting your eyes and getting ready for the big finish your end right there staring you in the face. 

“No.” He said simply leaning down to yank your hand away from your pussy. Your mouth fell open as a shrill cry of pain left your lips. You couldn’t believe this! You looked up at him and he leaned down kissing your lips. 

“That feeling you feel. That’s how daddy has been for a month.” He reminded you moving up towards the headboard to sit against it. Patting his lap he motioned for you to come towards him. 

Shaking off your pitiful feeling you crawled on your knees towards him the bed dipping with each move you took. You straddle him and he let his tongue lick over your nipples slowly, hands grabbing at your hips he moved to scoot you closer to him. 

“My chocolate cheeks.” He repeated kissing the valley of your breast before his hands slapped at your ass cheeks. 

“Ride daddy’s fingers.” He instructed you before he slipped his first two fingers inside of you.

“Yes daddy, I’ll take them like a good girl.” You replied squeezing around his fingers and he shook his head. 

“No take it like my dirty little slut baby. I want to see this wet pussy dripping juices all over me. Don’t you dare hold back.” He warned in a slight daring voice full of dares and unspoken promises on what was to come if you disobeyed. 

Nodding your head you started to ride his fingers bouncing up and down on them as he thrust them in and out of your walls. Your hands on his shoulders as you bounced it feel so good to have his fingers fucking you. Rolling your hips like you would do if it was his dick you cried out in pleasure throwing your head back. His thumb started to rub your clit as he watched you groaning as the juices dripped from his almost soaked hands to his sweats. “Harder. Bounce that ass.” He commanded slapping one of your ass cheeks with his hand before he slapped it again increasing with the slaps as your speed increased. 

You bent over him kissing his lips, tiny moans of yes and ‘please’ escaping your lips. Your breast bouncing as well while you rode his fingers your hips sputtering and moving against his hand. You were getting close again. His thick fingers circling inside of your pussy scissoring you. He played with your insides missing your spot and then fucking it harshly without mercy. 

“Do you want to be my good slut and cum all over my fingers?” He asked looking up at you changing to slap your other ass cheek because one was turning red. Once you nodded your head he smirked. “Beg.”

“Please daddy! Please! I’m your dirty little slut! I’m your good girl please I want to fucking cum daddy!” Your eyes brimmed with tears as you got closer your mouth falling open.

“No.”He said simply with a slight growl tearing his fingers from your entrance. In defeat and utter shock you laid against his chest crying out in frustration as your hips shook and bucked against nothing. Your orgasm felt as if it would’ve been strong but the denial left you feeling helpless and you didn’t want to continue. Moving back to get up Namjoon locked his arms around your back. He stroked up and down the skin kissing you gently. He distracted you with his lips and tongue sliding his own into your mouth. 

All the while he was pushing down his sweats to his knees, free balling that day because he planned on getting you one way or another. Letting you get lost in his comforted kiss he slipped inside of your pussy both of you groaning. Your hands perched on his chest wincing as his hands pushed your ass down making your pussy stretch out around his cock. You felt your hips buck and he gave your ass a slap. 

“Ride me..” He mumbled against your lips planting his feet onto the bed. 

You looked at  him, your tear stained cheeks feeling puffy but he leaned in to kiss the tears away. You leaned over to the side bracing your hands down on the bed using your ass to bounce you up and down on his cock. Your head rolled back giving soft moans as you rode him. He watched you take him one hand cupping your ass cheek letting you have control since you had been so good. 

“You always did know how to fit my cock inside this pretty little pussy. Maybe I should make it sore tonight since you’ve been so good.” He commented groaning and hissing as you continued to go up and down on his cock your hips shaking slowly from the pleasure you felt. Namjoon smirked watching you behave yourself so he decided it was time to make you cum. 

Letting his hands rise up to your legs he put both of them bending back against his thighs making your knees bend as your feet rested on the inside of his thighs. He gripped your neck next with his hands choking you as he started to slam up into you. He fucked you hard and fast rutting up against you causing both your body and bed to shake. He growled at the wet feeling slipping down his cock the noises bouncing off the wall as you tried to scream in pleasure but had your air cut off. 

Your face was turning a shade of red, your eyes rolling back as you started to squirt a little bit on his cock. He knew you couldn’t ask him permission and you tried to hold out not wanting to be in trouble. “Cum for daddy baby, cum all on daddy’s cock.” He urged you slapping his balls against your ass with every hard thrust. Fucking against your spot his hips wound up into you until you were crying out random gasps and noises. He let your neck go a bit so you could breathe. 

He growled out loud as he filled you up with cum some of it spilling out, his hips thrusting wildly in and out of you so you could both ride out your orgasms. He released your body to hold you once he was done playing softly in your hair he was gently humming to you. 

“I respect your mom. And I want to marry you, but these are things me and you need to discuss. Remember that or next time you won’t cum only I will.” You shuddered at the thought pouting out your lips shutting your eyes giving him a slight yawn.

“Trust me. There won’t fucking be a next time.”

m*adridistas: mm o my god barcelona bought the refs they are so ugly o my god!! mm so Dirty

me, thinking about ratmos offside goal against atleti during the champions league 2016:

Safe With Me. Tate Langdon.

Request: I have finally thought of a request for Tate Langdon! Can you write a fic where Y/N lives in the murder house and there is an intruder and the intruder tries to kill her. Though before he does Tate saves Y/N and is super sweet and protective, cradles her head and tells Y/N that everything will be alright and it leads to fluffy smut. That would be epic! Please and thank you!

Triggers: Smut. Attempted murder. Break-In.

Word Count: 1345

Enjoy ;D

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                              :+:.       ``                                                         
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                   `/mNdhs-` `-/ossoo++ssso/--.../dhhdo--+so:./shyoosyhdhhhyyhhhyyo+/:--.``         
                  :dNdho:`   .shh+-`..shhho//////+++:-shs+/ohho:----::--..`````.--:/+osyhmNh        
                 +Nmhy:......../yhs++//:::::///+++++++++/////y---..`````````   `s     `.odMo        
                 +hmms:....-:///:-.````````````..-:------:/++ooo+/-...://-.....-h.    `-hNM`        
                  `./Nd/++//-.`````````````````````````````.:/++++oo++hhhy.`  `.ho`   ..ymMs        
                   `dd//:-.``````````````````````````````````.::...-:/shs:..`   /h+`  ..-omM/       
                 `/hd/-.```````````````````````````````````````.``````.-/o/-..``.yh+  `..-hMh       
             `ods:-.```````````````````           ``````````````````````````-//+yhs/.....shNM/      
            :dh:-:.``````       `` `                 ``   ````````````````````:hy/......./hdMm.     
           +Ns:/:.`````    ````````````````````````````````````````````````````./----:/+oydmNmo     
             `o sMo++y.`-::::::-``````````````````.-:::::-.oos/``:+++ssoso+++++-``+M-               
              `/hd+.``-+sys++++++++os+/ys++/+ooy:-/+shyssoo+++++++++/////:::::--:-`-dd/`       `s.  
   `hNNdhhhyo:....-://///+o+.  `/dh. ````.+/:-`     -ddd-    .+o++++/////:::--.`.:/:-.`.-+osssdMy   
    `:ymdyo///+os/:::///+s-     +ddy`   .--.`-:    .+dhh       -s+++/////::::--```-+hhs+/:/+sdh/`   
       .:+oshNNs:..:://+o.    ` ohhh-` --``-` `-``-.:hhy ``     .oo++/////:::---.```.+Nmsoo+/-`     
           :dy-``.-::/+o`     -`ohhh --. ` :   `--` :hhy .-      `+o++/+///:::---.````-dh`          
          /No```--:::++`      :.ohhy       :        -dhy..-        /s+++oo+/::::---.```.my          
         `my```-::::/y`    ```:.shhh       -`       .dhh:.:`        :s++++oso+/:::--.```+M:         
         +N-``.::::+ys.`  ``..:-syyy       `-        hyyo`:`        `s//////++oyso/--.``.mo         
         `.   `````..``       ``....-::::::.`: o-    ...` `          ``````````....```   .`         
                                    ``      ``    `                                                 
                                 `.-.`              `                                               
                                .dy/yh` `..`  `..` :M                                               
                                ym` `/`-m++m.:m/+m.:M                                               
                                ym   ` sm `Nosm `No:M                                               
                                 ./+/`  -++-  -++- `:   

This was supposed to be short but it was so much fun to write I wrote a lot, but I hope you like it anyways, @mizu-chiii :)

“You don’t seem like your usual self.”

“Oh yeah?”

Gai poured another shot of sake, for him and his silverheaded friend slouched beside him. He honestly does not know how Kakashi downs his alcohol so fast- he hasn’t even seen him remove his mask once and yet in a blink of an eye, all of his shot glasses are completely empty.

“You just seem… More murderous than you usually are.” Gai remarked.

“Oh really?” Kakashi asked, his mind adrift somewhere else.

“Yeah… Like usually you look ready to kick anyone’s ass, but today you look like you’re this close to burning down an orphanage while kicking some kittens along the way.” Gai said, his eyes softening at the sight of his friend, who was obviously bothered by something.

It takes a lot to create a fissure in Kakashi’s attitude- like a freaking lot. A lot means killing his best friend, him killing his other best friend or his father killing himself. So far as his eyes can see, no deaths have fallen before Kakashi’s feet so far.

“Hm.” Kakashi grunted before he drained his shot glass, this time slowly so Gai can confirm that Kakashi indeed has to pull down his mask temporarily to drink.

“So… Wanna share what’s going on? Or are you going to bottle it inside like how you usually deal with human emotions.” Gai said, “Speaking of bottles- this one’s almost empty. Jesus Christ, you’ve drank like three quarters of this by yourself.”

Gai grabbed the bottle and shook it just to prove his point. The bottle was completely empty, with a tad bit of clear liquid left at the bottom, swishing around with Gai’s movements. Gai analyzed the shot glasses placed in front of him and Kakashi, and the ratio was astounding. Gai had a fair amount in his stock, but Kakashi’s was way over the top. Gai knew Kakashi was no lightweight, but damn, he can hold his liquor better than anyone else.

“You gonna ask for another bottle or what?” Gai asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

“No, I’m done.” Kakashi declared, placing his shot glass down onto the counter, “Put it on his tab.”

“E-eh?! WHAT?! Hey don’t just walk away!” Gai stuttered, stumbling out the door to follow Kakashi into the darkness of the nighttime.

The instant coolness of the air around calmed Gai’s skin from the humidity from inside the bar, but his heart still jumped with uncertainty and uncomfortableness. Storming out was expected, but storming off right after making someone pay for all their drinks? Now, people would call this somewhat of a “blow”, the kind of he totally flicked you off because he wanted to kind of blow, and Gai was not going to take this blow without a reasonable explanation.

“You can’t keep ignoring me forever y’know.” Gai stated matter-of-factly, “You’re gonna have to answer me- with a real, plausible answer and not just an ‘oh yeah’ or an ‘oh okay’ or anything that starts with the ‘O’ sound.”

“…Mm okay.” Kakashi grumbled.

“Oh my God you did not just- ugh, okay who are you and what have you done with the real Kakashi Hatake.” Gai said, completely baffled and done with Kakashi’s witty and unfocused attitude.

“Stop acting so childish, Gai.” Kakashi said exasperatingly, “You’re making Naruto’s blabbering sound more pleasing.”

“Oh c’mon Kakashi, there has to be a reason why you decided to be Mr. Grumpyface today,” Gai said while throwing an arm around Kakashi’s shoulders, “Hmm… Is it a girl?”

When Gai finished the last syllable in his taunting phrase, Kakashi halted in the middle of the dim streets. Gai almost fell forward, but his arm around Kakashi tightened so he can regain his balance, and when he found his footing again, his mind was in a million other places. Kakashi has a crush?!

“N-no way, dude.” Gai stuttered, “Okay impostor, what have you done with the real Kakashi because the real Kakashi doesn’t have crushes.”

Gai didn’t get a moment to take back his words, as he was instantly zooming through the air, Kakashi’s grip around his waist as tight as iron chains, and his back smashed against a tree. A very large tree indeed, and very tall as well. The tree was well out of the proximity of Konoha’s main street- it was probably in the midst of the park’s forestry or something. As far as the eye can see, all that can be seen vividly in the darkness was Kakashi’s menacingly glare.

“H-hey buddy, I was just messing around.” Gai said in a “take it easy” kind of tone, “I didn’t know it was actually a crush…”

Kakashi raised his eyebrow, signalling him to continue.

“But hey- since you obviously have a crush, let’s talk about it!” Gai said, “Maybe get to the bottom of why you seem so upset.”

“We don’t have to talk more about it.” Kakashi stated.

“Uh, hell yeah we do.” Gai said, “When was the last time you ever got infatuated with anyone- for all I know it could’ve been your old sensei’s wife or something.”

Kakashi’s temper did not cool down, as he got more annoyed and slammed both palms on the trunk of the tree, beside each side of Gai’s head. He hit the tree a bit harsher than intended, as little bits of brown particles drifted down from where they were to the ground.

We don’t have to talk more about it.” Kakashi said through gritted teeth.

Now Gai was indeed a bit scared. He knows Kakashi wasn’t actually going to hit him, because Kakashi would have to feel pure rage to do that, especially to him. No, this was a different type of emotion. Something a bit more complex than anger, and something a bit more torturous to one’s self too.


“Is someone jealous.” Gai teased in a singing tone.

Kakashi flinched, only a little bit, but enough to crack his stone cold appearance for one second. His agonized expression returned again, but this time it was much more softer and showed more accusation than negative emotions. His hands were still against the rough surface of the tree, and he really wished he could slap the sly look off Gai’s face.

“Really? You’re jealous at me?” Gai asked, almost bursting into laughter, “Which fair maiden in all of Konoha has eyes for me?”

“Don’t talk like that Gai- you’re a nice person.” Kakashi said, his mean tone gone from his voice as he denied his friend’s stab at himself for being too hideous for anyone.

“Well, aren’t you a piece of work? Why’d you go soft? You were going to punch me a minute ago.” Gai scoffed.

“Ugh… I’m sorry I went overboard and let my feelings take over.” Kakashi said, “Honestly it’s not much, but it’s just the way she talks you, and the way you talk back. Sparks are practically flying between you two, and yet here I am feeling extremely stupid and jealous.”

Gai sighed, feeling better after finally getting his friend to spill the beans. His hand reached to lay a comforting touch to Kakashi’s shoulder, and gave one of his signature Gai smiles, the type which either results in the other person groaning or smiling back. This time, Kakashi chose to smile behind his mask.

“Oh! I’m so sorry for interrupting!” A soft voice piped from below the tree, “I was just taking a night stroll a-and… I swear this was not planned! I AM NOT A STALKER PLEASE DON’T ASSUME ANYTHING! I-I…”

The two men’s eyes snapped down to the panicking girl at the foot of the tree. They both recognized her, and the anonymous girl in Kakashi’s confession finally had a face. Gai made the connection, and glanced over at Kakashi with a smirk. Kakashi on the other hand, was turning into a very unhealthy shade of red, but not for the reason Gai thinks.

“Gai.” Kakashi whispered, “You can take back your hand now.”

Gai obeyed, still unclear as to why. He only understood when Kakashi’s two arms lowered, and his hands left the trunk of the tree.

“I really screwed up, didn’t I?” The woman on the ground said, “Great, I just completely messed up a good kiss. My apologies.”

“N-No we weren’t-“ Kakashi began to explain, only to be cut off.

Kakashi?! Is that you?” The woman asked incredulously, “I-is that Gai as well? Oh man, I should’ve known you two were dating in the first place. Crap, now I feel even more stupid.”

“No, we’re not d-“

“Well of course we are a happy couple, you really need to start to pay more attention. We’re just the best power couple, right honey.” Gai gushed while leaving a big, sloppy kiss against Kakashi’s cheek.

For the second time that night, Gai didn’t have time to regret his actions, as this time Kakashi’s punched him through the tree.

coololdsoulpoetlove  asked:

How would the squad and reader react if Rosie had a nightmare?

i assumed you meant when she’s little so that’s what i’m gonna do!


  • chances are he’s awake when she has the nightmare
  • rosie knows if he’s up because the light will be on in his office 
    • she comes in very quietly, usually with a stuffed animal under her arm
    • rosie just crawls onto his lap and he knows
    • they’ve got this quiet sort of language,, it’s endearing to watch
  • if rosie’s not okay, his work is forgotten
  • he just saves his work and shuts his laptop off. he just holds her to his chest
    • alex: “what’s wrong, baby? bad dream?” 
    • rosie: “y-yeah” 
    • alex: “it’s okay, rosie. it’s not real. you’re okay” 
  • he’ll tuck her back in bed and read/tell her a story
  • he makes sure to end it before she falls asleep
    • she has to know the ending or else she can’t sleep

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