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Any NEW a/b/o fics?

Alpha Harry

you burn with the brightest flame

Mr. Tomlinson

Ten Million Ways To Love Somebody


A Harmony of Frost and Flames

keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me honest

precious little diamond (i’ll give it all to you)

That Was The Plan

Things I Want, Things I Nee(underage)

He’s been my Queen since we were 16


infinitely all for me

I see your stars begin to shine

I Know You Wanna Leave (So Come On Baby Be With Me So Happily)

friends don’t kiss me like you do

Before They Turn the Lights Out


No Turbulence Please

Alpha Louis

you’re on the rocks (would you like to get some?)

pick my petals off (make my heart explode)

you took your toll on me (you got a hold on me)

This is probably the last rec for a/b/o for some time, since I recommended literally everything I found worth reccing. ;) All the other approximately 74 messages about a/b/o that are in my askbox get deleted. :)