alexanderkrizak replied to your post:Not sure if you’ve seen it yet, but I cannot wait…

I just want to know what’s with the costumes in that one scene. Welder Sunset? Cowgirl Pinkie? Dash pretty much confirming her being a Britain fangirl with her bobby outfit? FLUTTERGOALIE (which makes sense in the sports context, but FLUTTERGOALIE)?

I figured FLUTTERGOALIE was a shout-out/callback to “Dragonshy.” Or at least that’s where my mind went.

Re: Welder Sunset, I want at least ten fics about Sunset Shimmer taking shop class at Canterlot High and, like, building entire cars from junkyard scraps.

I’m super excited for the new Equestria Girl’s movie.
In case you haven’t seen the trailer, go take a lookie

I thought Twilight looked super adorable in that outfit/uniform sooooo here’s a drawing! I decided to not give her wings because I assumed the “other Twilight” isn’t a princess X)

Oh and don’t forget

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Ladies and Gentlemen !
This year I am going to have my table on Galacon 2015 1-2 August !
I will be selling set of A3 posters with MLP/Disney theme! Three more posters with princesses will be sold,  Traditional portraits of various MLP characters and hopefully some cards if I manage to finish it all on time!

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Art - casynuf
Characters - Hasbro

sean-gaffney asked:

Yukko, Mio, Mai. Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn. You must choose! (Also, Nichijou's manga has been licensed for North America, out in 2016.)

Oooh! Thanks for the head’s up. :)

Yukko: Earth Pony.

Yukko is happy and go-lucky, and she’s also strong and indomitable in spirit.

Mio: Pegasus.

She can run like the wind, when she’s got the proper motivation, and she’s also on the small side compared to Yukko and Mai.

Mai: Unicorn.

She is mysterious, eccentric, and probably practices dark magicks.