Starlight likes kites! (unexpected)


I do really appreciate that despite my really lagging schedule when the comes to the story there is still somehow interest in it.

And I do plan to finish it, but school. 
I’m theoretically on my last days of school ever.  Semester projects, normal school projects and potential client work has simply left me an overworked mess running on coffee and pure stubbornness.

When this stretch is over I will sleep for a week, then I’ll build my queue up, and then and finally then I’ll get working on some sweet sweet story updates. 

  • [Setting: Twilight's Castle, late at night]
  • Twilight: I made dinner Starlight!
  • Starlight: Thanks Mom
  • Twilight: Starlight…. Did you just call me Mom?
  • .
  • Twilight: Aww Starlight, I’m so flattered! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called Celestia 'Mom' by accident!
  • Starlight, dying internally: Twilight please no
  • .
  • Twilight: Do you see me as a motherly figure, Starlight?
  • Spike: Hey! Show your mother some respect!

У меня сейчас так лента лаганула, что я испугался. Создалось впечатление, что половина постов исчезла :Т
тупая Тумба. Так вот, я по делу. Я хэдканон продолжил.

Да. У двух последних одинаковые позы…whoops
А ещё у них пока нет описания, но будет. 

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Verity: Discord? Is that you? You look different than I remember...

After hanging his head low for what felt like an eternity, Discord finally looked up to the headstone before him.  “Verity” was all it said.  No date of birth nor death.  No profound final words.  No family buried beside her.  Just a simple slab of stone barely commemorating a pony that this accursed village all but forgot.

But Discord never forgot, no matter how hard he tried.  He would always remember Verity.  Her shining coat and perfectly coiffed mane.  Her unmatched kindness and passion.  Her desire to escape the clutches of her strict, authoritarian prison of a home.

Discord could and would have given her everything she ever wanted and more.  But he was not… himself when he knew her.  He was somepony else.  Details of the how and why were fuzzy.  She was all he could remember with perfect clarity.  He remembered everything about her.  He remembered that he loved her.

He remembered that he was the reason she was gone.

With all his power, the Spirit of Chaos could not escape this reality.  The first mare he ever loved slipped from his grasp and it was all his fault.  For eons, this fact haunted him.  He swore he could even hear her call out to him sometimes.  Just now it seemed like she was right beside him.

“No” he said aloud to seemingly no one.  “I’m not the Discord you remember.”