Chrysalis kept the drones permanently teetering on the edge of starvation so they would always look to her for food and she would retain her position of power over them. there’s no way she didn’t know about their true forms. Starlight’s monologue alludes to that, implying heavily that Chrysalis kept her subjects weak and dependent on her so she could feel powerful and in control.

I love Chryssy, but this revelation really shows the depths of how evil she is. She raised these drones from birth knowing full well that they could be happy and fulfilled if she taught them reciprocal love at the cost of some of her queenly power.

keldovdwiin  asked:

Clutter, Sour Apple is not a changeling is he? If so, somepony needs to tell Applejack.

Now where is the fun in that? What auntie AJ doesn’t know won’t hurt her…

Everyone says “You’ll grow don’t worry!” But I know the truth, I’m 25 now and I’m still short …..

Remember, my little pony, it is not the height that makes one great. Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes and each pony is unique. You can be great and still be short. Don’t lose confidence in yourself.

i love how the reformed changelings are still buglike even tho they’re bright and colorful, since, yknow, a ton of real-world insects are in fact bright and colorful