Aww yiss, just finished up another doodle for the Infected!AU. This time it’s of our favorite farm ponies, Applejack and Apple Bloom! As far as height goes, AJ’s 6'7 and AB’s 4'8. AJ’s tol. o3o 

First up is Applejack: AJ, along with the rest of her family, are the primary lead farmers of Shining’s settlement. Having actually been farmers before the outbreak occurred, they’re the ones mainly in charge of making sure the seasonal harvest is healthy and plentiful enough to keep a sure food supply to keep the entire settlement fed (hunting, fishing, and trading not withstanding). The farm she currently runs isn’t actually Sweet Apple Acres but it’s what she and the settlement calls the farming area.

In addition to that, though, Applejack usually leads hunting parties and sometimes aids with scavenging runs. She’s pretty high in demand, if you can call it that: if you’re put in a team/party with AJ or Big Mac, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll return safe and sound. In this AU she’s very close friends with both Twilight and Shining Armor and, aside from Granny Smith, acts as a de-facto leader when Shining or Twi isn’t around.

AJ in this AU remains as honest as she always is, although in this one she may be a little more blunt and straightforward with the truth than usual, sometimes to the point of being mistaken as rude to strangers. She’s still compassionate and very much something of a team mom, but given the world she lives in she’s cautious of newcomers and doesn’t necessarily put her trust in anyone unless they’ve proven themselves worthy of it. In short, she isn’t one to turn someone in need away, but that doesn’t mean she won’t watch that someone like a hawk until they’ve proven trustworthy with no ill-will intended. It’s because of her behavior that she might come off as standoff-ish and more than a little intimidating.

Applejack is among the few of the settlement that knows Twilight is immune to the infection.

Anyway, on to Apple Bloom: in the settlement they live in, all and every child must learn how to handle weapons and go through drills to make sure they’re prepared for anything, and Apple Bloom is no different. All of the children are relatively competent in the settlement but Apple Bloom’s probably the most experienced preteen of the place (rivaling Spike). She’s actively participated in scavenging runs, hunts, and sometimes even defending the settlement from attackers (rarely, but it has happened), and like Spike she is familiar with taking the life of an uninfected person.

Apple Bloom is independent, clever, and has shown to be just as resourceful of any adult when she needs to be. She’s also brave, sometimes dangerously so, and she never fails to give her family heart attacks with some of her more dangerous of ideas. Despite her freedom and independence in this AU her family is understandably protective of her, and rarely has she ever traveled too far from the settlement. Sometimes she wishes she could go out and see more of the world despite the danger it presents. She’s envious of Spike in this regard: Twi takes him everywhere with her.

And I think that’s a good place to leave it. Feel free to ask questions in the meantime, and I hope you guys like! :3


Spike: “..I’m surprised you all know we live in a castle- I haven’t said anything about it.”

“You all are interdimensional voices though, so you’ve likely seen other realities that are similar to ours. So it shouldn’t really be a surprise to me that you all know that.”