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Qt 3.14159...

—Panel 1—

Cookie Dough: “Um…..265? Those are the digits I remember.”

—Panel 2—

Flying Colors: “No, silly! They’re saying ‘cutie pie’! Get it?”

—Panel 3—

Cookie Dough: “Oh! Well, I better thank them!”

Flying Colors: “You should, because they’re right! You’re absolutely adorable!”


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Aaah, I haven’t done a TJPones style emulations for a long time. Funny feeling.

One of @tjpones OC’s Goobie, a goo pone, in “what do you want” set. Hmmm, what does she wants I wonder

Idea and line by me. Coloring, text and final details by @dsp2003, my autodesk suddenly decided to troll me and erased my coloring and lines two times in a row, wasting ~3 hours and all my willpower on re-do’s and forcing to ask my coloring friendo for help once again

I found a bunch of my old art on a drive at home, and decided to give redoing them a try! 

First one I tackled was my fursona-turned-ponysona from way back when I was first starting to get interested in My Little Pony.

That was also back when my line quality was more shaky, my sense of form was still a little flat, my colors were a bit rough, and when I wasn’t used to pony faces. I think I’ve grown quite a bit since then! Five and a half years is quite a bit of time to grow, and I’m glad I’ve gotten better. <3