three done, three to go! some of Flutters’ angles are still a little weird, but I’m done messing with her right now. :U her hair somehow completely broke (and I mean literally broke, the polygons aren’t connecting somehow??) and I’m still not sure how the heck that happened.

other things I’ve learned so far: making depth sliders is the biggest pain in the world, I almost wish it wasn’t so worth the trouble. :i

The return of collab belles, this time with @ardail! Told him to just make it cute so he drew a puppy essentially, I’d say it worked out.

I think I mighta bobdude-ed too hard with her eyes but otherwise this is a very ardail swoot haha, all the way down to the proportions. Ardail was actually the catalyst for me becoming a vendor and what not, he introduced me to a ton of the art fam and is basically responsible for me being on your dashboard to begin with, so I’m glad I finally got to make this swoot happen. Thanks ardail babe, tell your brother he’s pretty cool I guess.

Anyways, enjoy a collab Sweetie with thanks to ardail!

“You’re the best teacher ever!”

Cheerilee is a massively underrated horse, she’s 2cute. Also she has the same pink as Sweetie’s mane and anything that shares anything with Sweetie is good in my book. Made it kinda tough to differentiate the characters colors though, ah well I did my best.

You’ll be able to find this design as a sticker for Trotcon and Bronycon!