Mindy Kaling’s Journey: The Unlikely Leading Lady

I always loved TV and I loved film, but never saw someone who looked like me reflected in anything. When I was in high school I was always playing a beggar or a rag salesperson or a homeless person, and I loved showing up at rehearsal, and it was very important for me, because I could really watch and examine the thing that I wanted to do, which was to be the star of something. My ambition and desire to do it was greater than my fear and insecurity that it had never been done before. I have this personality defect where I refuse to be seen as the underdog. I kind of realized that I had to take destiny into my own hands. Its the harder path, and its gruelling, and its not very glamorous, but then I control it and I own it. No one can stop you then. When I speak to younger women and who say that they didn’t think that someone who looked like them, i.e. me, could be seen on television or film I find that an incredible compliment …and I don’t want to mess it up.

Weekly appreciation post

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