What Happens When You Mix Once Upon A Time With Les Miserables?

Do you hear the Lost Boys dance,

Dancing to the song of Peter Pan.

It is the music of the demon child,

Who wants his Bae again.

Yes there’s Father and there’s son,

And there’s a longing for their home, 

Yet, there’s two guys that needs to be saved when this Sunday comes.

Corny yes, but needed to be done.

Four days more!!!

And as I drift off to sleep
I can still feel my lips tingle
With the intoxication of our first kiss
The way that I was drifting off then
And you slowly tilted my face to yours
Years later… It still consumes me
The taste of our friendship becoming our first love together
And to this very moment I still feel it in my heart
That if you were to walk back into my life
I wouldn’t even hesitate to love you again.

22-25.01.14 | Tokyo, JP

We tumbled through the night, alone and together, away from the outside world. He slept so silently I wondered if he were awake or dead. My body was a cold fire. No thought of tomorrow or a next time. I didn’t believe in his tomorrows. I’ve heard them before and as many times seen that fog burnt away by the inevitable and relentless rising of the sun.

No longer of youth and urgency, we are freed from the weight of a future of our own choosing. Now, beset by the already hardening forms of our desires as grown men and women, hemmed by the limits set upon by a life already halfway led, this love has become a love of moments. From one to the next, a smile, a touch, a thousand tender words, an old familiarity, a goodbye.