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anonymous asked:

Hay alguien a quien sí le agrade Bendy (el jefe de Mafia, no el novio de Kathlene) de verdad o es que todos o le tienen miedo o están con él porque lo necesitan?

ohh! ohh..

ese Seria Boris, pero después de la disolución de LD Boris tomo por su lado, vendiéndose un poli junto a Henry y Alice.

la verdad todos los respetan, algunos le temen, otros simplemente lo hacen por el dinero.

pero compañeros fieles que tiene bendy’s Mafia es

-the butcher gang
-Lilli personaje de @stressaurus
-Fidia y MJr. Zero 

y otros personajes que realmente estoy olvidando! >=‘V

Royai Week 17: Day 5

So this is a combination of angst and fluff. Because I have a pattern this week and can’t simply write fluff to save my life.

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Theme: Letters

Words: 3,994

Riza removed the rest of the hangers from the closet and set them in the box. It was already filled with other miscellaneous items she had found and gathered from around the bedroom. A small bedside lamp, a couple of empty picture frames that had been hidden behind the dresser, one of Hayate’s balls, and an old book about the alchemical properties of gases. Just small things that the movers had missed when they took the large furniture out of the apartment.

Not that they really needed to move the furniture out of the apartment. The presidential mansion would be fully furnished when they moved in.

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