Michael Jackson boards the “Orient Express” train - 1992

In august 29th 1992, Michael had just celebrated his birthday in the Gloria von Thurn  und Taxis’ castle, princess of Regensburg, Germany. On august 30th, he gave a concert in Ludwigshafen, and to get to his next destination and continue his Dangerous Tour in Switzerland, he traveled in the ‘Orient Express’.

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Name: Katherine (with a lot of nicknames).

Gender: female.

Height: 5'0.

Where I live: southeast Mexico but I want to live in the U.S. (that’s why I go to private English classes) or another country.

Time/date: 12:20 am 7/23/15.

Average amount of sleep: 7 hours but I’m on vacations so 8-9.

Most recently enjoyed and watched movie: I am Sam.

Favorite band: I used to listen to ABBA and the Bee Gees when I was a baby (therefore I only listen to music in English), does that count? lol.

One thing that ticks me off: mediocre people.

Favorite drink: water, sodas, juices… Everything that tastes good lol.

Meaning of your url: it summarizes to the strong love I have for Michael Jackson (though it’s only his name).

Most used phrase: oh my God, I don’t know what my phrase would be!

Favorite movie soundtrack: it could be Madonna’s Who’s That Girl soundtrack from 1987 (I’m also a Madonna fan but not as big as an MJ “fan”).

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The Asia stops were confirmed by LG in A press release from October 16th 2014. and yes the MJ 1 press tour was more easy than the CF one which was horror in my eyes but I don't think LG makes it even "lighter" after all they have to get the cast together and it is already difficult enough to get everyone together for 2 weeks but maybe the split them up or not everyone will be there. Here a link for the release: lionsgate(.)com/corporate/press-releases/1617/

Funny thing about the Asia stops last year they were official confirmed but never official cancelled. LG never said anything why they didn’t happen. In an unofficial version (the LG Version was cutted) of the NY press event an Asian reporter asked why they were cancelled and Josh said they don’t know why just that a little while before the should fly to Seoul/Bejing they got said they will not go. No further info. There was a uncutted video of the whole q&A thing not sure from who anymore.

I put these two asks together since they are discussing similar things (don’t know if they’re from the same person or not).

First of all, thanks for providing the link to the official confirmation of the Asia event. I couldn’t, for the life of me, recall that (it’s hard to remember everything. LOL). As for why they likely cancelled there, I really think it might have been safety concerns for all involved. 

And as for getting the cast together - the cast are likely contractually obligated to be there. At least the main three (Jen, Josh, Liam) likely are. 

Honestly, there’s really not much point in debating all of this until we see what actual press will look like. Obviously LG has given Josh some word on what’s happening for the tour or he wouldn’t have talked about it. So his word is all we have to go on and I’m gonna trust it.