Journal Series: As requested, here are just a few of my (very teen-angsty) personal journal pages. Remember, these are personal so please be respectful to whatever you see. Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes, and for years my therapy has always been art journaling. Whether it was getting my emotions out on paper or painting something to help me calm down, journaling has always been my life saver. The first two photos shown above are the most current pages I’ve made in my current journal, and the last two photos are from a journal I started about 4 years ago. The beauty of keeping a journal, especially during your teen years, is looking back on them years after. I love everything about them; the chaos, the clippings, the art, and (embarrassingly enough) even the words. This is my entire youth on paper.

I’ve forgotten more then I can remember. I do remember working as a kid in a factory in Brooklyn where I was paid to stamp the smallest of holes into candelabras by kicking a foot pedal, bringing down this heavy metal dye. Holding the piece with both my hands, I’d have to slowly, carefully, spin it; eyeballing the increments. All made of silver, that, by the end of a day, I’d have a small bowl filled with scraps. The factory was always so dark and damp, but those scraps, they would glisten.