• Me during the day: the news about the TRC tv adaptation does not affect me
  • Me in my bed at 3am: Is the TRC tv adaptation going to cast some goddamned real teenagers for the roles instead of twenty-something models? What if they only cast white kids? Are they going to cast a real raven for chainsaw or are they going to use more than one? What if she's CGI? Oh my god what if they rely too much on CGI? How are they going to get a hundred white mitsubishi evo? Where are they gonna get the money to fund gansey's wardrobe? How can they show on screen that ronan wants to punch a wall because his friend is too good-looking? Will blue get to roll her eyes at the boys fifteen times per episode as she's supposed to? Will they get adam's character right? Who is gonna put the murder squash song to lyrics? Will kavinsky have the same weird accent he got from will patton's reading? How many women will they actually put in 300 fox way? How will they

What a difference 24 years makes Evolution of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: Evolution I, 1992; Evolution II, 1994; Evolution III, 1995; Evolution IV, 1996; Evolution V, 1998; Evolution VI, 1999; Evolution VII, 2001; Evolution VIII, 2003; Evolution IX, 2005; Evolution X, 2007. When production of the Evo X ended in March of this year it was not replaced

He is getting better.

He tells himself this every day, lists the things he is now able to do in a litany. I can go into a strange bathroom at a party. I can drink without needing to black out. I no longer shake at the sight of black and white tiles.

When he gets the “C” it feels like one more confirmation: I’m better, I’m better, I’m better.

Jeff is the only person who doesn’t look impressed when it’s announced. Kent knows because he’s a petty bitch, because he looked all around the room to see who was reacting how. Mostly broad smiles, chirps and laughter. Jeff looked blank.

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