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space explorations to solve earthly crises fucks me up every time I love it so much

I just wrote a long response to someone who asked what “the distance between bodies cannot be measured in miles” meant and because phones are dumb I think I responded privately. I copied it as I wrote so here are my thoughts:

A lot of the material on Between Bodies is about our friend Mitch Dubey who was murdered in his home in New Haven CT. The phrase “the distance between bodies cannot be measured in miles” is a lyric he wrote for his band Swear Jar that was never used. Chris Z was also in Swear Jar. My last few memories of Mitch were playing his house on our 2nd tour ever and watching him crowd surf to our set at lilly’s pad in new haven. Greg helped record Mitch’s guitar parts for the final Swear Jar 7".

I’m not sure what he meant when he wrote the line. I take it as the emotional bond between people matters more than reality of measurable time and distance. The actual space between you and those you love can in an abstract way be separated from reality and measured in memories.

The light we see from distant stars and planets reaches us long after it ever existed. Somewhere in the universe the moment 5 years ago where Mitch dove into the crowd during our performance of “gordon paul” is happening for the first time. If we were able to somehow reach that point our friend would be alive and celebrating with us the joy we brought each other weeks before someone knocked on his door and shot him in the chest.

“On what star, on what rock does his light still shine?”

- derrick


This is for Mitch:I made a new batch of posters to celebrate the remarkable Mitchell Dubey who was tragically lost to us all 2 years ago this weekend. Mitchell was one of the most amazing human beings I have ever had the honor of getting to know. I worked with him every day for a year and, both his approach to life and his wisdom well beyond his years will stay with me forever.

There are 100 posters hanging around New Haven right now. All are different and unique. The hat colors were mixed on the screen so the colors are all shifting and evolving. If you want one the only place to get it is to take one hanging in New Haven,or get someone to do it for you.

Mitchell Dubey Benefit Show

“On Thursday March 24th my best friend and room mate Mitch Dubey was shot in our own home in a completely unprovoked incident, he was rushed to the hospital but died shortly after. 2 Years prior we threw a benefit show for his family after his father had a tragic snowboarding accident and became paralyzed from the neck down. Needless to say the family could use a lot of help in this extremely difficult time. We are throwing a benefit show to raise the funds necessary for a proper funeral as well as honor the amazing life of Mitch Dubey. He was a great friend and an incredible person that touched the lives of everyone that he met. I find it difficult to put into words just how much mitch meant to me, I have known him for over 7 years, the last three of which were spent living with him in new haven. The thought of playing a show without him there still has me in tears but i know that this is the most fitting send off that we could possibly provide. We need to let mitch live on in all of us by honoring his memory and staying positive. We have assembled some of mitch’s favorite bands for a night of music that should be nothing short of amazing, please help spread the word and lets do our best to help out the dubey family as much as possible. We love all you guys and it’s horrible that it takes something like this for us to realize just how incredibly strong the people that make up the CT music scene are. Stay Radical.” - Andy Tabar, screamer in The Flaming Tsunamis

APRIL 3rd @ The Madison Arts Barn (8 Campus Drive, Madison, CT)

THE FLAMING TSUNAMIS :: playing Externalities and some old favorites
 :: Reunion
MY HEART TO JOY :: 2nd to last show ever

6 PM, $10 minimum donation

Please make every effort to attend this show.

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for some of my best friends today is a very meaningful day; it was two years ago that mitch was killed. there are a lot of things that could be said about this, but i think there are two take-aways that resonate with me more and more over time:

1. do the things that make you happy*.

2. take care of the people who you love. 

and it may just seem like the most basic fucking stuff but those were the only things that allowed me to get to today with all my pieces put back roughly in place.  so today i am going to play my third round of minigolf in 18 hours, get breakfast with andy, visit mitch, listen to soul music, write, and tell the people i love that i love them etc etc.  

we are alive, and this is important to remember.  


*if the things that make you happy are oppressive and bullshit and tread on the humanity of others fuck you and don’t do them. change your life instead. 

Memorial Service for Mitchell Dubey

Tomorrow at 5PM, a memorial service for Mitchell Dubey will be held at Devil’s Gear Bike Shop, 151 Orange St., New Haven, CT.

Redscroll Records will be closing at 4:00 tomorrow.

If you are in the area, please make every effort to attend.

Please reblog this so everyone who is affected can be notified.


Touché Amoré @ Mitch Dubey benefit show, Pomona, CA (4-16-2011)


Song Of The Day:  CSTVT - “Bassett St.” from the Run For Cover Records compilation Mixed Signals.  RIP Mitch.

watch out for the viper shark. 

On Monday, March 21st 2011, Swear Jar had our final practice. That night we finally fleshed out a song that had been in the works since June of 2010- this picture is Mitch’s diagram to the song. I didn’t know then that demoing that song would be our last act as a band. I can’t speak to how Morgan or Kyle or Greg feels, but I know what this means for me. 

I was relieved that we’d worked our way through the practice because it felt to me like the distance that had grown between Mitch and I was in some way bridged in that weekend. I spent a lot of time that year in isolation, and it took its toll on a lot of things- Mitch was one of those. The day before that last practice we spent the afternoon together, talking through our problems and realizing how fucking dumb us fighting was. Finishing that song was an exclamation mark on the idea that we’d get through any negative shit we had been going through, because that’s what good friends do. 

That week, we tweaked the lyrics to fit where we wanted them to be. He sent his final suggestion for the “vocal break” to me at some crazy time in the morning. I remember thinking “oh god, it’s perfect” before falling back asleep. In the weeks that followed his death, thinking about that practice and the process of creating with Mitch really helped me out. In ways I don’t feel I can currently do justice, we were perfectly suited to frustrate the shit out of each other and then both end up happy. I can’t pick up my guitar and not think about what he’d suggest, or what he would be playing loudly while I tried to tune (most often refused, or little lungs), or the first time he made fun of me for not knowing how to play a power chord despite the fact that I knew way more “theory” than him.

What started as Mitch and I goofing off in a basement, playing keyboards and hoping to be a two-man electro-pop band (specifically made as a way to meet girls) became something real over time. Something that captured- as best as two guys who couldn’t sing or play guitar (and certainly not both at once) could- what being us was like.  "Viper Shark" is about being fucking scared of so much shit, but trying to get through that. Essentially that’s what everything Swear Jar ever touched was about. 

  Tonight, eleven months and three days later, the finishing touches are being put on the recording of this song. I feel there is no way that it can act as the goodbye I would want it to, because no goodbye will ever be right-  I just hope we came close.



Driver Side Impact, so fucking intense.

“MUSTH at the Dubey Family Benefit playing with several guest vocalists, including Andy Tabar! MUSTH opened the sold out show at Toads Place in New Haven CT on April 4th 2011” -gobnugget1