Faerie Pools Ravine, Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye, Scotland 

                                               by Barbara Jones

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Tree Creeping by Al Richardson
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On the path to King’s Cave, Isle of Arran, Scotland. Misty and mysterious, also a great place to dodge the marauding midges… <a href=“http://bighugelabs.com/onblack.php?id=3865255008&amp;size=large” rel=“nofollow”>View On Black</a> Apparently this one made Explore, but Scout says not…confusing!


As fall transitions to winter, the air begins to feel a little moody. Drawing inspiration from late fall on the coast, Coastal Inlet brings together crisp blues with misty grays, browns and a pop of a grayed acid green. 

Behr Chameleon | Behr Cracked Pepper | Behr Kindling | Behr Misty Isle | Glidden French Grey | Ralph Lauren Brilliant White | Ralph Lauren Squire | Glidden Toasted White


In our ninth volume of the breathtakingly drawn, furiously plotted Sunday comic strip inspired by the King Arthur legends, Prince Valiant quashes a druid’s sly attempt to turn a village from the Christian god. A call for peace in Ireland is fightin’ words — until Val dethrones a hot-headed king. A mysterious message from Merlin must be decoded to save King Arthur. And, as this volume concludes, Val and Gawain embark on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem while Queen Aleta returns to the Misty Isles, where treacherous nobles seek her throne — and her death.

“Prince Valiant is captivating and countercultural… Fantagraphics has been reissuing the original Prince Valiant strips in hardbound editions—exquisitely drawn tales, stories that celebrate chivalry, adventure, bravery…and gentlemanly romance.” — Mark Judge, The Catholic Register

Prince Valiant Vol. 9: 1953-1954
by Hal Foster

120-page full-color 10.25" x 14" hardcover • $34.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-735-2