Westallen have the best kiss out of all otps I’ve ever ship istg. No, not because of how sensual, or great their technique are but the real happiness and love that I could genuinely feel when I watch them kiss especially rheir happy-blissful kisses. Like I got melted over how sweet they are being im each other presence and savouring the moment. I swear to God they always so eager and so happy to kiss each other that I almost always can see their smiles before, in the middle and after kiss! Their kisses are always authentic, they just make me happy and soft, like man, can you guys being more in love than this?

Sobs now thinking about their wedding kiss and more of their kisses to come under their marriage bliss as busband and wife makes me so emotional, I really need them to come back asap.


· YA LIT MEME: five protagonists (4/5) - kvothe

“names are important as they tell you a great deal about a person. i’ve had more names than anyone has a right to.”

@mildlymaddy your lilo tags and fairy/furry louis just fucked me up. I’m not a big lilo fic reader, admittedly, but I love them, and find them more intriguing than ever in this period of “angst”. Please know my screams will be among the loudest when they reunite. And they have the most versatile chemistry. Like. For what it’s worth, baby Louis pretty much shook his fist (and his ass) and demanded Liam’s attention, and adult Louis looked at him with such open fondness and let himself get manhandled with such jubilation that it was a delight to see. Liam was his rock post Zayn. And you simply don’t forget those hugs during Sheffield and the Brit awards or that raw emotion during the XF or the liam chains banter or the fact that they still regard one another with respect, if also a bit of reservation these days. I love them forever, and I love your pure love for them. And Liam rocking Louis back and forth in his palm because they both need it is the most emotionally triggering thing I’ve ever seen. 😭😭😭😭😭😭