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anonymous asked:

This year at school I'm taking a writing class. I've heard from other students that timed story writing is a large part of your grade, but I am probably the world's slowest writer! Do you have any tips on how I can improve myself and do well in this class?

Practice practice practice!!

Honestly, the best way to get better at timed writing is to practice doing it in a low-pressure setting. 

Set a timer for yourself, starting with longer times and working your way down. 

So, for your first practice, set it for maybe an hour and a half? Or whatever you are comfortable with. During that time, just write. Try your best to finish your goal for it, whether it is writing a narrative or just a certain amount of words, but just let yourself write for that amount of time. Continue with that time and goal for several different sessions, then change it up- a different goal or a shorter timespan. Make sure to reward yourself for writing during that time!

I gave my students quickwrites last semester where they wrote on a prompt for 10 minutes without stopping. It was made clear that this was just practice, and nothing had to be perfect- especially in your practice, nothing needs to be perfect the first time around. Let yourself make spelling and grammar errors just to get stuff done in time because you can always look at it later.

Timed writing is difficult but once you practice and get the hang of it, it can be a great way of getting new ideas or thoughts out of your head.

Hope this helps!


so when kinksters say they deserve a space at Pride and even have the gall to compare being kinky and being LGBT, do you want the nasty parts that come with being part of that kind of community too? do you want to run the risk of being murdered every time you step outside? do you want to face increased rates of mental illness, alcoholism, and STIs because no one thinks you’re important enough to mention in health and wellness class? 

Or do you just want validation for your shitty kink that no one actually needs to know about? You just want attention, while actively harming the entire agenda of a legitimate community that went through hell (and is still going through hell) just to hang on to the small space it has. Despicable.

// I wanna make a time-line of everyone’s future squid children (at least who want to be considered for my verse) so

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I’ll make a visual time-line of everyone who wants to be considered!!!
(I just hope I can do everyone if I get a lot of interest)

Ps: if they have siblings, list their parent’s age at the birth of the first child, and add all the siblings in with the eldest child’s story