Dos ventrílocuos cambiando voces

PD: Me ha costado escribir ventrílocuos más de lo que me cuesta escribir chuachanagger


Me after watching this vid:

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Space theory #1

If the Universe is infinite then there must be an infinite number of particles and combinations, this means that there are exact copies of everything and everyone. Every single one of us has exact copies out there, each completely convinced that they are the original. Most completely oblivious to each other. It also means that there are near identical copies of you, simply with very minor differences. One less hair, eyes one shade lighter, a centimetre taller. And massive differences, you could be trans, gay, a stripper, an architect… dead (#goals). This leads into Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can happen will happen. Anything that could have happened over your life, has happened to one of your doubles. 

 - an aspiring idiot