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if there was a mythical/medieval times au for bmc what kind of ppl would jer n mike be (ex. mage, theif, knight) (this isnt percussion boys but im curious abt ur view)

i know u said just jer and mike but i went with the entire crew

im obvious and lame but prince jake

clothier chloe has a nice ring to it

non religious herbalist brooke bc brooke + plants is the only thing that matters in this season

ewerer jeremy

heralder jenna

knights rich and mike

A Thought

Bill Denbrough - Mage of Blood

Stan Uris - Mage of Doom

Richie Tozier - Page of Time

Eddie Kaspbrak - Seer of Hope

Ben Hanscom - Heir of Heart

Mike Hanlon - Mage of Heart

Beverly Marsh - Maid of Mind


Henry Bowers - Heir of Rage

Patrick Hockstetter - Prince of Light/Hope (Undecided)

Belch Huggins - Heir of Blood

Victor Criss - Rogue of Breath


Mad Max from Stranger Things was clearly the rogue of the party. She could pick locks, use poison, and had a sneak attack.

Just saying, if Mike is the Paladin, Will is the Cleric, Dustin is the Bard, Lucas is the Ranger, and El is the Mage, as Mike said, they are still missing an important part of the party. The Rogue. And Max fits the role perfectly.

Come on, Mike. You’re a DUNGEON MASTER for crying out loud. You couldn’t recognize a rogue when you saw one?

I now want a D&D rogue subclass called a Zoomer, which can use the ride skill on skate boards and specializes on sneak attacks with syringes.


Remember that time MLS All-Stars had a 90s style rap video? Throwback within a throwback.

Today’s your last full day to vote (here) for the 2014 MLS All-Star team, who may or may not do another rap*. 

*Probably not, we don’t know. But don’t you wish they would?

Oh and here’s a link to Funny or Die’s video of these guys layin’ down some serious rhymes.


We’ve all seen the Ice Bucket Challenge supporting ALS research and awareness, right? Well the viral awareness campaign has hit MLS.

A bunch of players, staff and even Commissioner Don Garber have accepted and challenged each other raising both money and awareness for ALS.


  • Commissioner Don Garber - here.
  • Caleb Porter (challenging Pep Guardiola - that’s right, that Pep Guardiola) - here.
  • Robbie Keane, Nick Rimando, Brad Guzan, Stu Holden, Mike Magee and more - here.