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:OO I'm going through my notifications from yesterday and saw you have an RPG AU?? Can we hear a bit about it like peoples classes and stuff?

jeremy:  Mage

mike:  Warrior

marcus and richard:  Healer

ross:  Berzerker

sebastian:  Knight

fritterz:  Archer

jeremy has high health but low defense. mike has low health but outrageously high damage. marcus is all around average. richard has low health but his healing has a 20% chance to give a random boost. ross has high health and attack, although its best to swap him out at night, his attacks become random at night and he has a 5% chance of hitting a party member. sebastian has high health but his attacks all have a 20% chance to miss, giving the enemy a ‘spooked’ status affect that lowers their defense and stuns them for a turn. fritterz has high health but is a tad weak with the mage in the same team, mostly because if the mage uses a lightning spell he will get a ‘spooked’ status affect, he’s a good member if you know what spells to avoid though

did i think into this way too much abt 2 years ago when i made it? heck yeah


Mike Magee’s Day Off


The outtakes…cackling!