Post for 3 nights ago.

January 16th, 2012 - Monday night

8:34pm - 40 min, 39 sec
She vented, and I got her to laugh. <3

9:17pm - 18 min, 38 sec
Had to call back because my brother came in, and I hid the phone.
Continued are very nice talk.

9:42pm - 20 min, 08 sec
Had to call back again because… Uh… I forgot. Haha.
She tried the whole “You called a wrong number. Please hang up” thing.
Haha. I warned her if she did that again, I’d hang up.

10:05pm - 11 sec
She did the “You called the wrong number” thing again.
I said I’d hang up, the said it was okay, thinking I wouldn’t do it.
But yeah. I hung up on her. ;D Hahaha.

10:06pm - 10:22pm
Talked to her till the phone died. ^^

I just really love when we talk to each other on the phone at night. ^ - ^
And I’m glad I was able to help her.
Just wait till I get my own phone, mmk, love? We’ll talk almost every night. :]
I promise. <3