The MiG-23MLD Flogger K was the final production version of the MiG fighter design, produced by the Soviet through the mid-1980s. Large numbers remained in service with the Russian Air Force after the end of the Cold War, and although retired from front-line usage, several hundred remain in reserve.



The MiG-23

Modification of the MiG-23:

The MiG-23S fighter with a more powerful engine R-27F2М-300;

The MiG-23M fighter with a wing of increased area and “tooth” on the leading edge. The Engine R-29-300;

The MiG-23ML is a lightweight version of the aircraft with the engine R-35-300;

The MiG-23B fighter-bomber with a flat nose with no radar;

MiG-23UB — double training-combat fighter;

The MiG-23MLD is the most perfect modification of the fighter.


IL-28 Nigerian air force

Irony- IAF ME-109

Soviet F-5 Freedom Fighter. (I guess it really does fight freedom now).

Kraut B-17

Luftwaffe P-38

Swiss captured B-17

Israeli Mig-23, from Iraq.

Luftwaffe spitfire.

Soviet F-5 Freedom Fighter.

Soviet F-5 Freedom Fighter.

Swede P-51

US Su-22

Irony- IAF pz 4

Vietnam peoples air force captured and operated F-5, with I think a sky-raider in the background.

Jap cap b-17

Yank Mig-15

Yugoslav P-80

Yank Me-262

US fishbed. I think

Turboprop equipped B26 AEWAC in Communist Chinese Markings

Tu-4 (B-29 copy)

Captured BF109, used by Polish 318th squadron.

G4m, USAF markings

DPRK 500E.

- This is a post of captured, unusual, or just little known aircraft used throughout history.

All is captioned to the best of my ability.