The MiG-23MLD Flogger K was the final production version of the MiG fighter design, produced by the Soviet through the mid-1980s. Large numbers remained in service with the Russian Air Force after the end of the Cold War, and although retired from front-line usage, several hundred remain in reserve.


Distractions from my distractions!

The MiG-23 has been a favorite of mine lately, I love its character - so I finally had to sketch one up as one of my biomechs.

The Polish markings are slightly stylized of course, but the tail section stripe marked this as an aggressor aircraft in the 28. PLM (Fighter Air Regiment) from the “Eagle’s Talon” exercise in ‘97. Also relates to this character’s backstory.

Fun fact: on the white stripe there was a handmade inscription that read  'Republic of Pyrland’ (Republic of Potato.)  :D