day #17: #StylesSyndrome Daily Doodle Challenge!

i’ve been listening to onedirection “something great” on repeat the last few days. the song is written by Harry Styles, jacknifelee and Gary Lightbody. i’ve also, sadly, been dreaming of cake. the last lines of the song just spoke to me.

hope everyone has a pleasant weekend! especially oliviageddes, 1d-updatesx, mattbellassai and tyleroakley!

AKA it got above 60 degrees in the midwest. Hallelujah.

And the obligatory Homestuck bit because we are a mere few hours from the UPDATE. We should all be very scared.

SO i asked everyone if they wanted to do a takeaway/drinks night to get to know the new flatmate except she said she wasn’t sure she’d be able to come because she was going out with her dad to buy things like cutlery etc which is understandable and my thoughts were to still go ahead with it, so that she could just join when she came in if she wanted bc lbr buying things isn’t going to take all night???

yeah she never came and it ended up being just me, after everyone else had gone to bed/otherwise bailed, slightly drunk, sat in the kitchen at midnight with vodka and ice cream watching would i lie to you

wildest friday night

kaguava asked:

YESS ok so samisut au where they're on their first date ehehheeh ehehe he

It’s not a date, Mesut tells himself, it’s just two friends going out to explore a new city, that’s what it is. 

Not a date, he reminds himself when Sami pulls him into a small barely illuminate alley in Madrid and kisses him briefly, just to step back a second after with a satisfied smile.

Definitely not a date, he tries to convince himself when he walks Sami to his door after their dinner out in the city and midnight ice cream. 



so i mean, i was tagged by just-the-hands okay cool.

write down the rules, answer the questions from the person whom tagged you. make up eleven new questions and tag eleven new people. tag whomever tagged you so they can see your answers.

what was your favorite tv show/movie when you were a kid? bRO I was a hard core dragon tales fan. also, rolie polie olie, maggie and the ferocious beast, and the polar express.

when is your favorite time to eat breakfast? midnight. always.

ice cream or froyo? neither?? i don’t do dairy.

when was the last time you built a fort? i ?? don’t remember??

do you believe extraterrestrials exist? yeah, i mean, it’s kinda hard to know that space is gINORMOUS and still think that Earth is the ONLY place inhabited.

have you had any water recently? if not, go drink some pls literally it’s 2:30 in the morning i’ll drink water later.

do you own any cds? i own the first three one direction cds, taylor swift’s 1989, a 5sos album, and all of the big time rush albums.

what’s your superpower?THE POWER TO REFILL ANYTHING. or the power to always know the right thing to say oh lord.

favorite book series? wHY WOULD YOU DO THIS. the maze runner trilogy or percy jackson and the olympians.

have you ever rickrolled somebody? aLL THE TIME.

are you a night owl or a early bird? both?? it’s literally the worst someone help me.

okay okay so;

i. what’s one band that you absolutely can not stand?

ii. biggest pet peeve?

iii. if you could change your name, what name would you change it to?

iv. first video game you ever played?

v. what was the first fandom you joined on tumblr?

vi. if you read fanfiction, do you remember the first fic you ever read?

vii. there’s one song you have on every playlist on your phone regardless of the mood–you know the one–what is it?

viii. earliest childhood memory?

ix. if you could bring one character from your favourite book series back from the dead who would it be and why?

x. six days of -15 degree fahrenheit weather or six months of 116 degree fahrenheit weather?

xi. favourite childhood book?

Um um um I tag:

skyerra, minty-minho, newtmasdoesthedo, queerasrunners punkassaris, greenie-emrys, neverlands-justice-system, and bookshurtsogood . yes I am aware that’s less than eleven people oh no.

  • PSM:Your surgery is tomorrow morning, right?
  • Me:Yup. Nothing to eat after midnight.
  • PSM:Ice cream for dinner?
  • Me:Pie and ice cream for dinner.

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