Headcannons: Your First Sleepover With Them.

a/n: I hope you all enjoy!


-Darry was really worried that the boys would scare you away.

-He would ask them to tone down the crazy.

-But of course they would be just as loud and obnoxious as ever.

-While Darry cooked you sat with him and watched him with a fond smile.

-Late that night while you two were laying in bed he would apologize for all of the guys.

-You would call him crazy.

-You loved his family and his friends.

-And you made sure to tell him that.

-The next morning you got up to make everyone breakfast.

-Darry insisted that you didn’t have to because you were the guest.

-But you loved how domestic it felt.

-The boys say you make the best pancakes.

-They all want to keep you around forever.

-And Darry figures he just might.


-Sodapop is just excited to be able to hold you close to him all night.

-He is really excited for your arrival and makes sure all your favorite foods are at his house.

-You guys go to bed pretty early but it’s mostly so you two can cuddle.

-You think he’s pretty adorable when he’s tired.


-He’s definitely nervous at first.

-But of course you two watched the sunset together.

-And that calmed his nervousness.

-You two would lay facing each other.

-And hold hands.

-You two would have the best late night talks.

-He would fall asleep first.

-And you would kiss his cheek before you fell asleep as well.


-Two-Bit definitely wants to build a fort with you.

-You will gather up every single pillow blanket and sheet in the house.

-And you two would actually get into it.

-And when you actually got into the fort things were so comfortable and warm.

-You two slept in the fort and woke up early the next day.

-You shifted the fort so you could still sit in it and watch cartoons while you ate breakfast.


-Your first sleep over wouldn’t be planned.

-It would be a random surprise for both of you but you didn’t mind.

-He would give you one of his t-shirts to wear.

-And you wouldn’t want to give it back the next day.

-Dally is actually kind of cuddley when he’s tired.

-And you love laying with him.

-The next morning you two would go out to breakfast.


-You’d sleep over Steve’s for the first time because you two were hanging out and it got to late for you to go home.

-When you two got to his house you’d eat a midnight snack of ice cream.

-You’d never been to his room before so when you were alone in there for a moment you liked to look around.

-When you two finally went to bed he was definitely the big spoon for you.

-And you absolutely loved sleeping by his side.


-Johnny wouldn’t bring you back to his house.

-He wouldn’t tell you why for a while until you saw the bruises on him.

-So you invited him over your house.

-You hadn’t been going out that long.

-And you figured it might be early in the relationship for a sleep over.

-But you did not want him going back to his parents.

-When he showed up at your house one night you made him hot chocolate.

-And when you want to sleep you held each other close all night.


Boyfriend Shawn blurb with mild smut elements

Heaven Ashley. Yes, that was her real name.

It was the number one question she was asked multiple times a day. The follow up always, “Well how did you get that?”

Southern parents.

She managed to answer every time with a smile, letting her soft Tennessee accent through to charm them further. She’d tell them her mother named her Heaven because she swore Jesus Christ himself sent her down from heaven to bless her life. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!

She’d save the eye rolls for her dressing room. Six years in the music industry and she’d heard it all. The first two years playing bars meant she had the luxury of hearing her favorite pick up line nightly. “Is your name Heaven cause you’re an angel?” At this point she felt like her eyes should be stuck in the back of her head from all the eye rolls. Thanks Mom and Dad.

The industry knew her as Heaven Ashley. Her friends knew her as Evan. He called her Ev.

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Dating Ethan would include.... (REQUESTED)

🌸 Cuddles
🌸 Especially when you don’t want them
🌸 Pancake dates
🌸 Sweet sex
🌸 Kinky sex when he’s in the mood;))
🌸 Grayson loving you like a sister
🌸 Cam being one of your best friends
🌸 Helping him prank Grayson
🌸 Grayson always yelling at the two of you for being loud whilst you laugh at inside jokes
🌸 Stealing his hoodies
🌸 Spontaneous dates
🌸 mUsEuMs
🌸 !!!!
🌸 Texting when you’re sitting right next to each other
🌸 “Really Ethan? I’m right here…”
🌸 Forehead kisses
🌸 !!!!!
🌸 Him always singing
🌸 Off-key
🌸 HisInG
🌸 You having silly nicknames for Gray
🌸 “Why don’t I get a cute nickname?”
🌸 Him pouting when he doesn’t get his way
🌸 Him being a perfect gentleman
🌸 Him holding/ opening every door for you
🌸 Him wanting to do your makeup
🌸 “Please babe! I’m actually really good with makeup! Just ask Cam!”
🌸 “No Ethan! Last time you gave me a unibrow!”
🌸 “I thought it was for Halloween!”
🌸 Midnight ice cream dates
🌸 Him being jealous when you talk to other guys
🌸 “Go talk to your little boy toy”
🌸 “He’s my cousin, Ethan.”
🌸 “I love you, Y/n.”
🌸 “I love you, too, Eth.”

Hope ya like it! I’ve never done one of these before, sorry if it’s sucky.❤


My nickname at work is “the ice cream fairy” because I always buy ice cream for everyone 😆

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My birthday is April 28th. I don't maintain a blog on Tumblr though. I created an account just to follow the fabulous fellow Everlarkers here. If you can, I will take anything I can get but if possible, some smut please. *bambi eyes*

Happy birthday! Here is a little something special cooked up just for you by @katnissdoesnotfollowback. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the read!

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you enjoy what I’ve cooked up for you and it adds to to your celebration. Thanks to @peetabreadgirl for prereading this sucker.  <3 KDNFB


“I’m gonna be late. Please tell me you made some hot water for tea this morning,” Peeta says to his brother as he rushes into the kitchen and tosses his bag on the counter.

“Gotta move faster, old man,” Ryen teases, but lowers his newspaper enough to point to the kettle sitting on a silicone trivet.

“You’re two years older than me,” Peeta grumbles, not bothering to look at what he is sure is a self-satisfied smirk on his brother’s face, choosing instead to focus on pouring the water into his travel mug and dropping in a tea bag to steep.

“Yes, but nothing good happens after twenty-five. They expect you to be an adult after twenty-five. For real,” Ryen complains and Peeta curses as the hot liquid splashes over the edges onto his hand when he moves it a little too forcefully towards the spot where he left the lid.

“Graham would disagree,” he mutters sarcastically as he shakes the tea droplets off his hand and wipes the residue on a towel. His skin stings, but he doesn’t have time to deal with it.

“Graham is an idiot,” Ryen returns, but he doesn’t say the rest of what they’re both thinking.

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It is the ghost from your mouth, the way it ties itself around your hands and teaches you to kill, bones bleaching black under green-yellow-red lights in the city at night. You are old and belong to the desert sands and dry riverbeds more than you belong here. You are old enough to carry a dead plague in your blood.
He is a lucid dream of a person, all bright colors and giddy impossibility saying ‘look’ saying ‘watch’ and you do, you do a thousand times over. He is new and belongs to pavement and gunpowder smoke. He is new and he kisses you along your contaminated veins.
God this city is bright as the sun when he grabs you by the hand and you follow willingly, he’s the stars themselves making their way down main street for midnight ice cream.
You have a small ocean of blood on your hands in the flickering light of a 24-hour convenience store. He grabs a tub and grins at you, mischief already seeping into his gums. His hands are rosy and unclean and he and you share the ice cream in the dark of the night, sins and all.
He is new and wicked and already vicious and your love for him spans miles like a sandstorm ready to kill anything in its path.

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Can I get headcanons please? C: What would mornings/waking up be like with Chuuya and Dazai? Thank you!

Nakahara Chuuya

  • I imagine that Chuuya has to wake up early most days for his job, though he’s not necessarily a morning person. He’d snooze the alarm and when you try to wake him up he reacts by tightly wrapping his arm around you so you’re forced to stay in bed with him.
  • When you try to get out, he simply snuggles closer to you; when you pout he tells you it’s your own fault for being so warm and snuggly.
  • Chuuya is cranky in the morning, he cannot operate without his coffee. (for your own safety, please do not approach the Chuuya deprived of coffee. I repeat, do not approach the Chuuya deprived of his coffee)

Dazai Osamu

  • Sometimes wakes up earlier than you, sometimes never leaves bed. On the days he wakes up earlier, he’ll actually make breakfast (whether it’s safe to eat or not is another story) and feeds it to you in bed. On the days he’s lazy and doesn’t want to get out of bed, he drags you down with him. He will literally shift so that all his weight on you and you cannot escape (with a smirk of triumph on his face); occasionally he’d go as far as to blackmail you with an embarrassing mishap that happened a few days before (with again, a giant smirk on his face).
  • An absolute dork, as usual. I can imagine cute morning dances when making breakfast together; and I mean like dancing around in slippers and pajamas with an air guitar or something (RIP your dignity).
  • Little kiddish arguments. I have this completely weird headcanon that Dazai’s that one dude who loves all his food burnt. So the two of you would be arguing over the toast and stuff (to which if you got your way, he’d be sulking about it all day kinda like if a mom doesn’t buy her kid the toy they wanted. cutely overdramatic).
That  I Had Hoped

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Reader (female pronoun)

Genre : Angst, tiny bit of fluff

Warning : Major angst, I shed a tear while writing and also cursing

Word Count : 4884 words

A/N : This is the part 2 of ‘That I Have Regretted’, I was really hoping that the part 1 pulled your heartstrings to the point of almost snapping and judging by the comments some of you left me, I kinda did it??? loll anywho I’m also currently writing a romcom for Steve Rogers so make sure to look out for it! for those who wants to be on my taglist, dm me, I might accidentally skip it if you leave a comment on a story so just dm me and tell me that you want to be tagged for my upcoming stories. Btw I might make this into 3 or 4 parts ?? Let me know what you guys think about this story! Your input helps me write even better and if y’all hate looking at my face pls let me know so that I won’t make you guys feel uncomfortable while reading whatever it is I wrote and change my picture to a picture of someone or something else loll. - Nana 🌸

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That I Have Regretted ( Part 1 of the series )

17 hours, 27 minutes and 48 seconds…

He waited that long for her.

He wouldn’t budge from his kneeling position he was in at the first 7 hours of the operation, no matter how his legs hurt from the awkward position and angle, no matter how his brain told him that he’s tired from all the fighting and that he needed rest, no matter how his stomach cried out for food and his throat croaked for water, he ignored it all so that he would be the first to know about (Y/N)’s condition.

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Requested by @grizzlymusume

“Okay, so I got the 2 cheese burgers with big french fries and a small soda plus …hmm 10 ice-crems?” The cashier said. Diana asks for that amount of ice-cream, the goddess needed the sweet dessert.

“that’s correct thank you!” You handle the cashier the money and gave Diana the food.

“I love this midnight trips to buy ice-cream” Diana said already digging the frozen snack.

“me too, you should thank me that I was still awake though” You said to her. Diana had woke you up by an innocent whisper of “Y/N…there’s no more ice-cream”, needless to say, you had to get some ice-cream for the goddess.

“It was an emergency Y/N, there was no ice-cream!”

“that’s not an emergency love” you said, while stopping outside your house. “now we can eat and then got to bed”

“Thank you for the ice-crem” Diana smiled at you and lean in, giving you a sweet chocolate flavor kiss, she could wake you up every time she wanted if you will have this kind of reward.

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Midnight Ice Cream

Had to write something for @heithweek2017 so here’s something for today’s prompt Laughing/Crying.

Title: Midnight Ice Cream

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters/Ship: Hunk/Keith

Summary: Despite being tired, Hunk couldn’t sleep and he discovers neither can Keith.

Hunk yawned as he groggily left his room and made his way into the kitchen.  It was late, and he knew with the training they had in the morning he should be asleep, but he couldn’t.  Hunk would shut his eyes, only to find himself tossing and turning before opening them again.

He just couldn’t sleep.  It felt everything from the last couple of weeks had decided to pile up upon him at once.

The fight with Zarkon.  Shiro going missing.  Keith taking over the Black Lion, while Allura took over the Red Lion.  That Lotor creep now chasing after them.  It felt like it had been years since Hunk could fully relax.

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54 with Izuku!

Midoriya Izuku

Midoriya had achieved everything he had ever wanted. 

He was the top hero now, the strongest in the nation, and he had made All Might prouder than ever. The journey had been long and tenuous but he had never given up, even when he wanted to, even when he was tearing his body apart he kept walking until he reached what he wanted. You had to admit he even inspired you to be a better person, a better hero, just all around better at life. 

You’re happy you had snatched his heart away when you were young in class together, he’d had a crush on you ever since you were kids; he was sweet and fun to be around, even if you were teased for hanging around with the quirkless kid. When his quirk appeared you were shocked (though much later in your relationship, after he’d officially become pro, he confided in you about where this sudden power had come from). 

You had walked side-by-side with him for such a long time, that when he took a full leap ahead of you, you felt lost. 

Were you going to lose your Midoriya?

He didn’t just belong to you anymore, not now that he was the number one hero. He had other obligations, other duties he had to perform to both keep his status as number one, but also to save as many people as he could. The time spent with him becomes less and less, and when he is home, he needs his rest and you couldn’t imagine bothering him. You can’t help but feel that you’re being a burden to his life, since he continues to try hard to spend time with you, even when he was exhausted. 

He never knew how to stop, and just let himself rest. 

But he also knew you better than you could ever imagine, and he notices immediately your change in both attitude and energy. 

“Could you… tell me what’s wrong?” You want to lie to him but there’s something about his eyes, how unassuming and honest they are, that prevents you from even uttering something that wasn’t true. 

“I feel a little… inferior I guess. You’re out here doing great things for the world, and that’s what you’ve always wanted to do! So of course I’m happy, the world always needs more great heroes but… what about my hero? My personal hero who swoops in a brings me midnight ice cream when I’m sad, or who’s always ready to give me a foot rub after a long day? My feelings are entirely selfish, so please don’t let them-”

“Don’t be silly!” He gives you a bright, shining smile, one that could put All Might’s to shame. “I will always be there to protect you.”

Fanboy!Seungcheol (Pt.2)

Originally posted by junhan

  • requested by anon: fanboy au where he and his bias get together
  • seungcheol was dead tired
  • his eyes were ready to close and he continued to fight the urge as he walked down to the convenience store at three in the morning
  • you see he had arrived home early that afternoon after attending one of your schedules to take pictures and update his blog
  • and well he spent hours, with occasional breaks to eat, use the bathroom and cry over you, he spent hours going through all his photos of you, choosing the best ones and doing minimal editing while adding his trademark on there
  • and well it was three in the morning and he still had a few more picture to go through so he decided,
  • he could drink five cans of coffee, eat junk food, and pull an all nighter because you also had filming in the morning
  • so
  • there he is, standing with his eyes slowly opening and closing as he tiredly holds his hand out to the coffee cans
  • and he hears it, the small jingle of the store and because he’s seriously tall and can overlook the whole shelves
  • seungcheol quickly glances, and he sees this relatively smaller girl (height wise), hair straightened, covered with a black hat and a dark mask covering the majority of their face
  • but to seungcheol, something feels off, like he keep glancing because ‘why does she look kind of familiar’
  • and he’s secretly following your figure move about, you’re picking various snacks that were just piling up way too much and suddenly you’re nearing him
  • seungcheol glances at you as you stand next to him and you glance at him and its kind of a glancing war since in both of your minds you two are like ‘soo familiar’
  • and it happens, at the same time,
  • “oh my god you’re y/n”
  • “you’re the fan! seungcheol? right?”
  • the worker is giving you two weird looks but you guys are giggling in front of the coffee
  • and there’s this serene feeling between you two
  • because its three in the morning, both of you are dead tired and the whole fan-idol titles just disperse in the small convenience store and it feels like acquaintances running into each other randomly
  • you have five bags in your hand, all full of snacks and drinks that you were being forced to get by your members after losing a game
  • and seungcheol, the gentleman that he is, offers repeatedly to help carry them and you’re kind of ‘idk how do I know if you’re a crazy fan or not’
  • so seungcheol politely backs off, the first time
  • and the second time he runs into you, he carries them a quarter of the way to your studio
  • and what may have been just five minutes felt like heaven as he heard your voice, aimlessly talking about your members and their antics
  • and by the fifth time he runs into you, he’s watching you enter your building, eyes wide awake at four in the morning, lips curling up as you wave cutely for him to go home and get some rest
  • he doesn’t tell the guys, he feels as though those tiny moments in the store, the fifteen minute walk back to your studio, those are moments most precious to him, those are moments meant for just you and him
  • he knew he was in love
  • and it was a different feeling from when he watched you from afar
  • nooo, this was an entirely new feeling
  • because when you were on screen, he loved your loud voice, screaming and squealing at the other members, he loved watching you jump around excitedly and play games competitively
  • but when he talked with you or walked silently with you, it was the comfort of the air he loved
  • he loved your calm voice that spoke slightly slurred due to being tired, he loved the bags under your eyes that you once complained about, he loved having to walk a little slower sometimes because your tired body caused yourself to slow at night
  • he loved the off camera you
  • your members could sense something was different
  • because you didn’t groan when hearing the words ‘who wants to buy snack’ instead you’d instantly shoot up, voluntarily leaving to purchase the goods
  • jokes began flying about every time you returned
  • ‘ooohhh did you go see your boyfriend’
  • ‘is he handsome? oh!! is it someone we know?’
  • the girls would giggle in the corner as you dumped the snacks in front of them
  • it was seungcheol who weakly asked you out
  • sitting crossed legged next to each other outside of the convenience store, ice cream in both of your hands as the store lights outside flickered
  • ‘i like you, a lot. and im not saying this because I’m your fan. I’m saying this because, the highlight of my day is coming here at whatever time in the morning to sit and eat ice cream’ seungcheol laughs, he feels the air thicken as you continue to stare forward ‘you don’t feel the same way, then its totally fine. I get it. you’re a celebrity.’
  • you look at him ‘and what are you then’
  • seungcheol smiles, a tired toothy grin on his face ‘a fool who only looks at you’
  • and under the mask you blush, a deep red as you continue to eat your ice cream 
  • ‘Lets go before your members get worried’
  • seungcheol carries all the bags, and while he effortlessly lifts them as you two walk, he feels it, fingers sliding under the handle of the bag, slowly connecting themselves with his, your head falling on his shoulder
  • ‘me too. I like you too’
  • and very slowly, you two develop a relationship that’s built around midnight ice cream and lazily lying on each other under the flickering store light
  • on days you’re really tired, when you’re resting on his shoulder, snoozing silently, he wraps an arm around you, pulling your hat a little further over your eyes while he presses a gentle kiss to the top of your head
  • its a very secret relationship
  • the only person that knows is the very old man that runs the store overnight and he’s so nice and polite that sometimes he lets you two use the back room when its raining
  • at fan signs (because seungcheol says he’s gotta support his girl) you two are always subtle but sweet, its a short time where seungcheol can say what he wants lovingly and you get to say what you want back too
  • there’s also hand holding that you two will do there and little sneaky smiles and winks along the way
  • and even at events, when you see him in the crowd of people, with his camera held up to his eye, you wink purposely at his camera and all he can do is grin
  • the boys in the group chat have no idea
  • because it seems all normal, like seungcheol still attends your fan signs and events, he still updates his blog, he still screams about you and how much he loves you
  • but it changes one day
  • everyone: whhaat
  • seungcheol: pls stop
  • Soonyoung: does this mean you’re dumping y/n
  • seungcheol: NO NEVER
  • and for a while its chaotic because well, to them, a girlfriend means no more fanboying and seungcheol has to insist that wasnt going to happen (obviously cause he’s dating you)
  • two and a half years
  • he loved you every day for two and a half years
  • he watched your popularity grow, he watched you dance and sing with other men, he watched as you were tangled into romance scandals with other idols
  • but at the end of the day, he knew you would be with him, snuggled into the side of chest with your hair poking his skin, with your hand grabbing tightly at his shirt 
  • and on a regular night, when you were tucked in between seungcheols legs, your back pressed against his chest as he tried to teach you to play the game
  • your phone rang loudly and you groan, picking it up with a cheery tone
  • and seungcheol hears you fall silent, very very silent, hes turned his expression towards you and he sees the horror on your face
  • and thats when his phone blows up
  • his phone dings from thousands of messages and when he checks, he sees pictures on the group chat, more specifically pictures of you and seungcheol sitting perfectly in front of the familiar store
  • ‘its gonna be okay’ seungcheol reassures, he’s pulling you close, a hand pressed against your neck for comfort and a hand rubbing circles. hes burying his nose in your hair, kissing the top of your head ‘we’ll think of something. like I can just be a close relative’
  • you laugh and seungcheol smiles.
  • ‘its time. I want to show off my handsome boyfriend to the whole world’
  • and the reactions are mixed, on one hand people are extremely happy for you and seungcheol, on the other hand, some fans have left completely
  • but seungcheol holds you tight, his breath steadily on your neck as he forces the phone out of your hand and he whispers ‘im your number one fan, who cares about those people’
  • and well, for Seungcheol, it took him a while to be able to calm the boys. and with all the screaming and screeching and phone calls of happy tears, Seungcheol was able to settle them down and explain that your relationship with Seungcheol was private
  • but you thought otherwise, you excitedly wanted to meet these boys that you had to stay hidden from for three years
  • And when you meet them, one by one, all you can do is smile as they screech in your ear, and when the excitement of the boys ran out, they treated you like family, like you were already one of the group, one of their own and it couldn’t have made you happier
  • Seungcheol watches you pinch the cheek of the small boy Chan, cooing at his baby like features, and Seungcheol just knows, he knows he wants to spend his entire life with you, whether if the public accepted or not, all he cared about was you
Not Worth Your Tears [Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins]


Can ii get a imagine with Roman and Seth where girls bf broke up with her and they try to cheer her up

Originally posted by getusocrazy

guys. i tried to hate seth because all colby has done but i freakin love him so much. ALSO Y’ALL HMU WHO HAS WWE 2K17 PS4?? id love to play someone<33

“Come on, (YBF/N), don’t be like this,” you sighed into your phone as you leaned against the hallway. “You know how hard I try to juggle my career and you.”

“I should come first,” he reminded you firmly.

You breathed in sharply through your nose, “of course, (YBF/N). You always come first. But you have to realize that I’m living my dream now. This is all I’ve ever wanted-”

“Oh, so I suppose I’m just a burden, then?” He ranted, causing you to squeeze your eyes shut in silent frustration.

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The worst part of losing someone is not the goodbye. It’s learning to live without them. It’s crying yourself to sleep because the pillow next to you is cold and empty. It’s getting up in the morning with tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes. It’s the lifeless phone you have in your pocket which doesn’t ping with a new message from him anymore. It’s your shaking hands when you put all the things he bought you in a box, including that stuffed bear he let you keep even though he wanted it after he won it at the country fair last year. It’s you holding your breath and shutting your eyes closed when you think you smelled your favorite perfume of his walking down the crowded street because that particular smell could have you breaking down all over again. It’s no more midnight ice cream trips just because you both wanted it suddenly. It’s no one whining for cuddles when you need to finish important work. It’s the silence echoing in the house because no watches the football reruns on full volume anymore. It’s you skipping that one song you still cannot bear to hear because he sang it to you for your birthday at 3am on the roof. It’s you not being able to gather the courage to get your long brown hair chopped short because he always said he liked them long. It’s the cold oven in the kitchen because you don’t have anyone to bake cupcakes for anymore. It’s no one to slow dance to rock songs just because you both felt like it. It’s you crying with your heart heavy when you’re removing pictures of you both, on various occasions, from the frames around the house. It’s no more midnight stories, no arms around you when you cry, no one to kiss you awake, no more surprise Chinese take outs, no more water fights. It’s no one to hug you, kiss you on the forehead and tell you it’s gonna be okay.
—  this is what pain feels like // excerpts from my life #6

Title: Sleeping With a Stripper

Date: March 3, 2017

Requested by Anonymous: Prompt 62-  “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Pairing: Graylu 

Word Count: 931

Rated: T (for themes)

Hello! My name is Lucy Heartfilia! I am seventeen years old and a first year student at Magnolia University. I know I am young for a college student, but that is because I had started my school education a year early, I’ll actually be turning eighteen next month.

Speaking of “eighteen” that is actually the age of my roommate, Gray Fullbuster. He is also a first-year student in the arts department, he actually plays the guitar quite well and is a magnificent dancer. As by “dancer”, that is actually his part time job. Gray is a pole dancer at one of the night clubs; apparently because they serve alcohol at the booths, it is deemed a “pants-on” strip club, meaning that the underwear never come off for the sake of its employees.

Not that they stay on in his everyday life… Gray Fullbuster has a habit and, as his roommate, it isn’t uncommon for me to get a glimpse of his unintentual nudity.

Gray strips whether it be on command or off. Most of the time, he is not even aware of when he begins losing his clothing. This is where my life comes back into play as I pick up yet another lone sock from the flat of our kitchen counter.

“Gray is going to be home late again, huh?” I grumble, tossing the white fabric towards the laundry room just across the hall. “That means we won’t be sharing dinner. I wonder if he’s ate already.”

By this time in fall, the skies are already darken and night is upon us as I rummaged through the fridge for ingredients to make stew.

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate it if I leave some extra.”        

Traditionally, the two would not see each other often, both having different schedules in the day. Lucy would study, go to class and work during the daylight, and sleep soundly once night fell. Gray would sleep in, head to classes around the afternoon and work throughout the late hours.

But in the days’ time was allowed for the two to have similar breaks, they would spend it playing games, tutoring the other or sharing a meal in good company.

Lucy truly cherished those memories, Gray being at his calmest and herself not as stressed. They would tell stories at the table, laugh on the sofa and even have midnight escapades shopping for ice cream at the 24-hour open corner stores.

Gray would try to keep her up on Saturday nights, and Lucy would chastise him for playing his instruments rather than study for his Sociology exam. They would bake together, tease and tickle each other, comfort the other, all the things that good roommates would do.

It amused Lucy as she walked down memory lane, stirring at the stew leisurely. A slight smile would make it to her lips as she poured herself a bowl, letting the rest of the pot cool before packing Grays portion away.

Before long, Lucy had finished her dinner, the television turned off, textbooks closed and lights dimmed out. Darkness swallowed the air of night, the stars sparkling and the moon shining above as the blonde was lulled asleep under paten sheets, serene sounds displaying her slumber.

The time read four in the morning when the front door became unlocked, another body entering the small apartment. With grumbled noise and the dropping of a coat, the light of the kitchen came on to give sight for Gray. He stumbled through the fridge, looking to find an early morning snack.

With glee, he looked at the bowl of stew which sat on the top shelf in appreciation. Grays stomach rumbled of hunger as he scarfed the meal down cold without heating it beforehand.

Without much thought, the stripper found himself walking the down the hall, losing his skin tight shirt where he passed his room. Tonight, no matter the time, he was in an affectionate mood, willing to give attention to his friend whether she liked it or not. Accept it, she will though as he rattled the knob of Lucy’s door mindlessly.

The hinges gave no hesitation nor squeak as it crack open, allowing Gray entrance into the lady room. By the time he made it to the foot of her bed he was only in boxers as he crawled in. Gray found himself by Lucy’s side, arms encircling her waist as he brought them closer together.

“Luce..!” He whined not so quietly, tugging at her loose strands of hair.

“Wake up,” he pleaded, burrowing his head between her shoulder blades with an undignified scowl.

The girl only groaned, fidgeting at the warmth of the body behind her. She tightened hold of the comforter, wrapping it further around not only hers but, unconsciously, Grays body as well.

“Gray,” Lucy pouted, turning her groggy eyes toward the ebony haired young man. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Gray hummed in response. “I’m always naked,” he deadpanned.

“I have to get up in two hours…” Lucy cried, attempting to wiggle out of Grays arms.

“Get up now then…” Gray replied, his grip too strong for her as his eyelids began to close.

“Meany!” Lucy pouted more, furrowing her brows in frustration. “Why should you sleep than?!”


Lucy sighed, listening to Gray snore, her being still tired and too weak to argue anymore. No, there was no way she would stay up ‘til she needed to prepare for the day, not when she had a body holding her down.

Wake up? Why? Gray couldn’t even stay up, so why should she?


forgottenwhispersxo said: I had a dream that Jellal took Meredy on a Daddy-Daughter ‘date’ to buy clothes for her upcoming date with Lyon. He bought her the ugliest dress in history so Lyon wouldn’t be tempted but Meredy still looked beautiful in it (because she’s fabulous of course). Jellal cried all the way home in defeat. xD