Come Back to Me (Part Seven)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Neutral
Warnings: Mention of Claustrophobia, Lockdown and Assault Mentioned
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The field trip was boring, to say the least. It was an art museum, and although you loved looking at art, you had been to this museum more times than you could count. Peter had, too.

But still, you feigned interest in the same pieces you had seen before. They used to amaze you, but now they simply bored you. The class had been organized into groups of ten when you got off the bus, and somehow, you had ended up in the same group as Peter and Ned. You weren’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. At least you had Michelle with you, but she was never much of a talker.

As your group made their way through the museum, occasionally bumping into other groups along the way, you began to zone out. You thought of a world where you and Peter could end up together, where he felt the same way about you that you felt about him.

You thought about holding his hand while walking down the halls at school, about going to the next homecoming dance together. You thought about him kissing you goodbye at the end of the night before he webbed across buildings to get back to his apartment.

You wished it were real, so badly. And maybe it could be, one day, but you knew it was unrealistic. You were sure that Peter was still hung up on Liz, even after all these months. But maybe after he got over her, there was that chance, that he would see what he was missing. Maybe he would see that he was missing you.

A siren went off, breaking you out of your thoughts. You frantically looked around with wide eyes, and you noticed the rest of your group was doing the same. The speakers of the museum crackled overhead, signaling someone was about to speak.

“The museum is on lockdown. I repeat, the museum is on lockdown. There is an active assault outside of the museum. Please stay calm and stay where you are.”

A few gasps sounded from your classmates, but you simply stood there with wide eyes, finding it hard to breathe. You had been in too many dangerous situations in the past month for your liking. You began to think of being trapped under the shelves, not being able to move and screaming for help.

Your shoulders hunched, almost as if you were caving in on yourself. You looked down at the ground, trying to control your breathing before it got out of hand. You wanted to go home. You should’ve stayed home.

“Alright, kids,” you heard the slightly panicked voice of your chaperone say, “let’s all move into the corner.”

“But the person said to stay where you are!” A random kid shouted out. 

“They meant stay in the room. Just move into the corner,” the chaperone said, motioning to you guys to move. 

The ten of you cluttered into the corner, five leaning against each wall with the chaperone standing in front of you, his back to you guys. You ended up squished between Peter and Michelle, and although you desperately wanted to lean into your best friend for comfort, you found yourself leaning towards Michelle instead. 

“Stay quiet,” your chaperone added, his back still facing the ten of you.

You glanced around at your classmates quickly, noticing they were just as afraid as you were. They were shaking, and some were darting their eyes around the room frantically while others clenched their eyes shut. Even Michelle looked unsettled. 

You took a quick look at Peter from the corner of your eye to see him not looking scared nor fine, but antsy. You knew it was because he wanted to pull his suit on and run out of the museum to apprehend the attacker, but he couldn’t, not while trapped in this room. He couldn’t leave. You were thankful for it, not wanting one more thing to freak out about in this moment.

You faced your head back down, closing your eyes and leaning your forehead against your knees. You breathed deeply, evening your breaths to stay calm. You wouldn’t think of all the possible things that could go wrong. You wouldn’t.

(You were thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong.) 

“Hey,” you heard a whisper from next to you. You looked up, opening your eyes again and looking at Peter. His eyebrows were furrowed—a frequent look on him—and he was staring at you intently.

“What?” You whispered, staring at him back. 

“Are you okay?” He asked.

So he had noticed something was wrong.

“Yeah,” you gave him a tight smile and looked down at your lap. You knew that if he could analyze your face, he would see that something is wrong.

Apparently he could tell anyways, because he leaned closer to your ear, saying, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, Pete, I’m fine,” you stayed looking at your lap, knowing that if you turned your head, his face would be right in front of you. That was a dangerous position to be in.

“I don’t believe you,” he said, still speaking into your ear. “I know you, (Y/N). Something is wrong.”

You sighed deeply. You hated him in that moment, as he told you how well he knew you and how he could so easily tell something was wrong. But no, you didn’t, because you loved him, you loved him, you loved him.

You wouldn’t lie to yourself. You loved how well he knew you.

“Just nervous. Something bad could happen,” you said. You turned your head to look at him, and sucked in a quick breath of air when you noticed the very small amount of space between your faces.

“You don’t have to be nervous,” Peter said, not moving back. His eyes stared into yours. You almost didn’t hear his words, the thoughts in your mind screaming too loudly. You love him, you love him, you love him.

His nose nearly touched yours, and you could see every detail on his face being this close to him. You wanted to lean closer, lean that smallest bit forward, but you wouldn’t. You couldn’t.

“I’ll protect you,” he finished, and your heart leapt in your chest at the words. 

It was moments like this when you would think about if that world that existed somewhere, where you and Peter ended up together, could be this world.

“Yeah,” was the only thing you could manage as you found yourself admiring his eyes, his nose, his face. 

He was beautiful, and in that moment, you were so sure that you were in love with him. 

You weren’t doubting that you did before, but now, in such a close proximity to him as he whispered words to you that meant so much more than he could ever know, you loved him. 

You thought you would always love him.

Peter finally looked away, leaning back and directing his eyes to look down at his lap. You looked away, too, down at your lap as well, biting your lip to keep a smile from breaking out on your face.

But then you looked up, remembering where you were, in lockdown at a museum, hoping for an assaulter to not make it through the front doors. You stiffened immediately, your sudden movement brushing your shoulder against Peter’s.

You felt a hand clasp around yours, and you looked down to your side to see Peter gently linking his hand with your hand, placing his fingers in between yours. He didn’t look at you, nor you at him, but as he squeezed your hand lightly, you tightened your grip on his hand.

He’ll protect you. He’ll protect you. He’ll protect you.

And with an ounce of hope in your heart, you let yourself think, Maybe that was his way of saying ‘I love you.’

I really like this part so I hope you guys think the same! Let me know what you think about it!! Tell me if you want another part as well!  Requests are open :) Also, I see some people asking if they can be tagged in every update I do, and instead of tagging people I just wanted to let you guys know that I individually message people the link to the new part because I would rather do that than tag. So feel free to message me and tell me you’d want me to do that!


Day One

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,116

A/N: Well, I was inspired. Get ready for a new series. I don’t know how long it will be, but this should be fun. I love feedback, and as always, enjoy.

It was finally Homecoming Week at school and you were actually excited for it. You had already talked to your friends, Ned, Michelle and Peter, about dressing up for the different days. You had become close friends with those three throughout your freshman year, and you were thankful for that. You were especially thankful for Peter because he was probably your closest friend out of the three because you both lived in the same apartment complex. You always planned movie nights at each other’s places every Friday evening when there wasn’t a big exam the following Monday. You both probably had way too many inside jokes that annoyed Ned and Michelle when you both would laugh at what it would be to seem nothing. Everyone thought that you and him would be a great couple, but you always denied it because Peter was infatuated with Liz Allan, who was a senior, the smartest girl in school and the prettiest, even if you did have a slight crush on your best friend.

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homecoming date / peter parker

you watched as peter slammed his locker shut as he finished putting his jacket in and grabbing his text books . you were walking his way.
he turned around and smiled at you, michelle and ned. you and peter have been best friends since you accidentally fell onto his lap on the subway on your way to school. it was awkward but hilarious and you’ve had a crush on him ever since but of course you couldn’t say anything in fear of ruining the great friendship you guys had. either way you knew peter has a huge crush on liz. everyone knew. maybe even liz.

“dude, you should take liz to homecoming”, ned said once we got to peter.

“isn’t homecoming like a month away?”, peter asked. peter recently hasn’t been paying attention to anything besides the stark internship he claimed he has.

“it’s this week, loser”, michelle said making you chuckle. “but i don’t think you should ask her. she’s too good for you anyway. what if she turns you down?”

you smiled at the thought of michelle basically telling peter not to ask liz to homecoming. for your sake.
“what are you smiling about?”, peter asks making michelle and ned look at you.

“it’s just, homecoming is stupid and everyone seems so worried about having a date”, you made up. in fact, you did want a date to homecoming but that wasn’t gonna happen since peter is madly in love with liz.

you had nothing against liz except she was perfect and smart. you could see why peter liked her so much.

“so you aren’t going?”, peter asked.

you nodded. “i am. i just hate dances”

peter gave you a confused look and dropped the subject.  “i’m gonna head to class now. bye”

you waved bye.

“you really have to tell him”, michelle said.
“tell him what?”, ned asked. crap.

“nothing.”, you said quickly. “oh come on, now i want to know”, ned said smiling really hard.

“y/n likes peter”, mj said. you felt yourself get red.

“no way! how did i not see it? now it seems so obvious. does he know?” you rolled your eyes.
“no, ned. i literally just told her to tell him”

“oh right. i think you should tell him too”, ned agreed. you felt all weird inside… confidence maybe?

“tell him at homecoming”, michelle and ned said at the same time.


you were walking with peter to the cafeteria when you saw liz putting up a banner. you looked over at peter who was looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing on earth and she probably was.

“h-hey liz”, peter said. you felt yourself get sad. you knew what was about to happen.

“hey peter, what’s up?”, liz asked stepping down from the stool she was on.

“i- i don’t know if it’s obvious or not… i like you”, he mumbled.

“yeah i know. it’s pretty obvious”, she chuckled. you felt awkward. why would you just stand there and watch the boy you like tell the girl he likes he likes her?

“oh haha, uh, well i’m pretty sure you have a date… to homecoming?”

“i don’t. i’ve been really busy i forgot to get a date”, she said smiling at him. you rolled your eyes. she was basically begging for him to ask her.

“maybe, you want to come with me? to homecoming?”, peter said in a hopeful voice making you fall in love with him even more.

“yeah sure!”, liz said. “i-ill see you around”,peter said.

peter walked off and you followed. you felt stupid. you were nothing compared to liz. peter would never like you.

“did you see that?! i did that! i asked her to homecoming!”, peter said in excitement. i saw michelle and ned walking out way and peter ran up to them telling them exactly what happened. michelle and ned both smiled at him and said nothing.

they were still walking towards you with peter jumping up and down behind them.

“y/n was there! she saw it all! i was like "maybe you want to come with me?” it was great", peter said. michelle and ned gave you a sympathetic smile. you were hurt but at least you were going to spend homecoming alone. you had ned and michelle.

it was friday today, meaning it was homecoming night. you honestly didn’t want to go anymore knowing that peter was going to be with liz the whole time and not give you, ned or mj any attention.

you walked home with michelle from school. michelle would always walk home with you then later she would walk to her house.

“so what are you gonna wear?”, mj asked. you honestly didn’t think about it.

“ill probably just find a dress in my closet”, you said making your way to your closet and opening it. you had a mess but you always did, in your closet at least.

you pulled out a red dress. “what about this?”, you asked michelle who looked up from her phone.

“that’s pretty.”, michelle said. you couldn’t tell if she was serious. she had a tone where everything she said seemed sarcastic.
you tried the dress on and you liked it.

“woah, peter is gonna die when he sees you”, michelle said making you blush.

“i doubt it, he’s gonna be drooling over liz the whole time”, you said.

it was 7:30pm. homecoming time.

you waited for ned and michelle to come pick you up meanwhile you were on the phone with a nervous peter.

“peter, calm down. it’s just liz.”, you said.

“i can’t. she’s so perfect, y/n. what do i say? what if she thinks i’m weird?”, he said through the phone making you roll your eyes.

“just be yourself. i like when you’re yourself”

“yeah, but this is liz we’re talking about”, peter said. you sighed. “ned and mj are here. i gotta go. see you there and BE YOURSELF. bye”

“woah, you look great”, ned said. you thanked him.

you arrived at school and made your way in. you looked around for peter.

your heart was beating so fast when you saw him walk in. he looked incredible in his suit. you’ve never seen him look so amazing.

“woah”, you breath out.

he walked in making his way to liz walking right by you. you felt tears form in your eyes. you did except that though.

he somewhat seemed scared like if liz’s father was the devil. you wanted to go up to him and ask what’s wrong but you couldn’t ruin his night.

you saw peter walk over to the punch. you looked at michelle and ned. “go”, the mouthed out. you took a deep breath and made you way to peter.

“h-hey peter”, you said. “hey y/n. are you okay?”, he asked taking a sip from him punch.

“i- i wanted to tell you something”
you were gonna do it.

“go on”

“i lik-”, you started but was cut off by liz calling peters name.

“dance this song with me peter”, she said taking his hand and pulling him towards the dance floor. you sighed and walked back to mj and ned.

“she took him away before i could finish”, you said and michelle sighed.

“i think i’m gonna head home now”, you said. there was no point in staying if you were going to be happy.

“we’ll walk you out”, ned said. you gave him a small nod and walked out with ned and michelle by your side.

you stepped outside and suddenly you felt a large breeze hit your face. you, ned and michelle looked up and saw a flying monster. you all screamed and the monster grabbed you with his claw and took you away. you saw ned run inside screaming. you kept screaming as you were so afraid. nothing like this has ever happened.

[ ned ran towards peter who was dancing with liz. he pulled peter off of liz and pulled him to the side. “that flying monster guy took y/n”, ned whispered-shouted.
“what?”, peter yelled out. “he took y/n!”, ned repeated as if peter didn’t hear the first time. “crap. that’s liz’s dad.”, peter yelled.

“what?”, ned yelled. “i have to go”, peter said running off not even caring about liz at the moment.

peter ran through the hall way, taking off his tie and throwing it to the ground.

he had to save his best friend. ]

you couldn’t stop screaming. you were so afraid . what if you died? you had tears coming down your face. the flying monster guy had you tied to a pole. “let me go”, you yelled.

you heard the guy laugh. “not until your friend spiderman comes”

you were confused. you didn’t know spiderman.

“spiderman isn’t my friend! i don’t know who he is”, you yelled. he laughed again.

“you’d be surprised, hun”, he said.

later you heard someone yell. “hey! let her go”, you turned your head seeing the spiderman standing before your eyes. you were shocked.

“took you long enough. thought you would never show up”, the guy said.

“why wouldn’t i show up when you have the girl i lo-”, he cut himself off not knowing what he was saying. “when you have this innocent girl i know”

you were still so scared.

spiderman ran towards vulture. now dodging his wings.

“please help”, you cried out.

“hold on, princess”, spiderman said still fighting vulture. spiderman became tired but still couldn’t let vulture win. he had to save you.

the building began to shake and you were more scared than you were before. spiderman looked at you and ran towards you. he ripped the ropes that were around you off, carrying you out of the building while vulture was still following.

you both made it out and once you did the building collapsed on that vulture guy.

“thank you so much spiderman”, you said hugging him.

“of course, y/n”, he said hugging you back. you pulled back giving him a confused look.
“how do you know my name?”, you asked.

spiderman took a deep breath. “it’s me…”, he said slowly taking his mask off. you were shocked. you didn’t expect this.

“peter what the hell! you could have died”, you yelled at him hitting his shoulder.
he chuckled.

“wanna head back to school?”, he asked. you gave him a “really?” look.

“actually i was gonna head home before i was KIDNAPPED BY A FLYING MONSTER”, you joked.

peter chuckles. “ill walk you home then”

“don’t you have a date waiting for you back there?”, you asked with annoyance in your voice.

“i left her to come save you..”, he trailed off.

“well i’m saved…”, you replied.

“do you really want me to leave?”

“i don’t want your girlfriend to get mad so…”

“y/n, she’s not my girlfriend. you’re more important. i want you home safe but speaking of that… what were you gonna tell me back there?”, he asked reminding you about the whole situation.

“oh, it doesn’t matter”, you said trying not to talk about it.

“yes it does. tell me!”, he said nugging you.

you kept quiet and looked up at him since he was a bit taller than you. “you’re so beautiful”, he whispered. you couldn’t help but blush and look down at your feet.

peter lifts your chin up with his index finger. he looks into your eyes and you feel him lean in but stops “c-can i kiss you?”
“please” and he leans in and kisses you. you automatically kissed back.

“i like you y/n”, peter confesses. “i didn’t think i was gonna like my best friend but i do. i always thought liz was the one but she isn’t. you are. seeing you almost die really made me realize how much i love you”

“that’s what i wanted to tell you. i like you peter. i always have.”

“good. now i can finally tell aunt may that i got a girlfriend!!”, he said making you laugh and grabbed his face and kissed him again.

“let’s get out of this place. it’s creepy”, peter said.


hope you like it (: request stuff pls

|| you belong with me ||

[[request prompt: so, i thought maybe the reader is friends with peter, ned, and michelle, but is also the daughter of tony stark. she is jealous of peter’s feelings for liz because she is in love with him. homecoming arrives and peter goes with liz, and the reader is invited by flash. during the dance, the reader tries to have fun with flash and michelle, her best friend, but can’t when she sees peter dancing with liz. she leaves in the middle of the dance to get some fresh air, but she gets kidnapped when the vulture suddenly appears.

in the end, spider-man saves her and the reader accidentally confesses her feelings for him. if possible, can you finish it with kisses? Please, I know my request is a little long]]

a kind reader sent in this request during drabbleday week, but it was too long to condense it to a mere 500 words drabble. instead, i chose to make a full one shot out of this so lol drabbleday will continue tomorrow. for today, this story will be the only one that’s posted.

also, in order to include more diverse fem!readers, i’m going to make the reader character Tony’s ADOPTED daughter.

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


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anonymous asked:

Helloo can I get a peter parker x reader where he saves her from the elevator in Washington? Thank u

Originally posted by theevilded

Title: Regret Nothing

Word Count: 1,549

Warnings: light cussing, only once

In celebration of your victory at the National Decathlon competition, you and your team visited the Washington Monument. It was such a sight–you’d never seen it in person before–and you were excited to see a piece of history.

“I’m so proud of you guys!” Your team captain, Liz, gave you all a huge hug and you couldn’t stop smiling.

“See? We didn’t need Parker.” Flash landed a rough pat on your back.

“Peter’s still a part of this team, Flash.” You rolled your eyes, and noticed Michelle was missing. You looked up and she was talking with your teacher. “Michelle, you coming?”

“I was just telling our beloved teacher that I’d rather not celebrate a monument that was built by slaves.” Her nose was stuck in her book again.

You’d gotten used to remarks like this at this point in your guys’ unconventional friendship, so you shrugged. “Okay, see you when we’re done!” You turned and ran ahead to catch up with the rest of your team.

At security you stuffed your Decathlon blazer in your backpack and then rolled it through the x-ray. You joined the rest of your classmates in an elevator, and was anxious to see DC from above. “Have you ever been here?” You asked Liz, and she nodded.

“My mom and dad took me here a couple years ago, but we didn’t get to go up like this!” She shared your excitement and you couldn’t help but smile too. Being a senior, Liz was someone you really looked up to; she was blessed to be smart and gorgeous.

As the elevator ascended, the tour guide started to talk about how tall the monument was and different historical facts. Any other day you’d be totally interested, but her monotonous voice was lulling you into boredom. You pulled out your phone, opened Snapchat, and posed for a selfie. “Guys!” You whispered and everyone tried to fit into the picture. Flash popped up in front of you, almost covering your face, but you managed to get everyone in the picture more or less.

Before you could post it, a loud boom shook the elevator to a stop and you could hear crumbling of rock above you. “What the hell?” You nearly dropped your phone in shock and felt your heart racing.

“Don’t worry, we have safety systems in place. We are perfectly safe in here.” The tour guide didn’t seem the least worried, in contrast to you and your classmates. You all were freaking out and you sat yourself down in a corner with your head between your knees. Flash was freaking out and wouldn’t stop moving around the elevator.

“Flash, sit still! Any extra movement will cause–” Liz was cut off by the elevator car falling. Everyone started screaming and you tried to hold yourself against the wall. You fell for a couple seconds, which seemed like forever, and the car was still again. You opened your eyes and looked up to see that the emergency door above was opened.

“One at a time! Let’s go people!” Flash hurried underneath the escape door and was impatiently waiting for assistance up and out.

“Dude, leave the trophy.” Flash had the trophy clutched in his arms as he was being lifted out of the emergency hatch. Your teacher and the tour guide both started hoisting people out slowly as to not disturb the stress in the elevator any more than you should.

Soon it was you, Ned, Liz, and the adults. Your teacher helped the tour guide up, and then Liz turned to you. “Y/N, you go next.”

“No, Liz, I can wait. I’m a little smaller, it’s better if you and Ned go first.” You insisted, and she gazed at you for a second longer in fright. She nodded and was lifted out of the elevator to the safety of the doors that were pried open above you.

As soon as she had gotten off, the elevator jerked again and you were left in a free fall. “No!” Liz cried and the car started falling once again. You started to cry, thinking about what your parents would do if they were given the news that you’d died on a school trip right after your team had won Nationals. They’d be devastated. What about Peter? Your mind raced and you remembered that Peter would never know that you liked him. It was probably better that way…

Your thoughts were interrupted by the cart stopping once again, and you opened your eyes to a new sight. Spider-Man was in front of you, holding up the whole cart with a web and his feet. “Yes! Yes!” Ned starting waving his arms around.

“Hey, big guy, stop moving, will ya?” He grunted through gritted teeth as he held the cart up.

Ned stopped and apologized. It took a minute or two for your help to arrive since you’d fallen another couple floors. The doors were pried open and you had to climb out of the elevator again to safety. First Ned went, then your teacher, and then you were last. Right as you were moving towards the hatch, you felt the floor beneath you fall, and you jumped up in hopes of reaching Spider-Man’s outstretched hand. You were about a foot short and you closed your eyes and screamed.

When you didn’t feel the rush of falling to your death, you opened your eyes once more to see that Spider-Man had shot a web towards your hand and had you suspended in the air below him. “You alright?” You looked up at him and nodded. He slowly pulled you up and you were finally on solid ground again.

The minute your feet touched the ground you fell to your knees and started crying. “Thank you so much, Spider-Man!” You sobbed and he stared back at you while hanging upside down in the elevator shaft.

“Everyone okay?” Everyone nodded and thanked him again. For some reason he kept staring at you and it looked like he was about to say something else but his web broke and he started to fall down the shaft. You crawled to peek over the edge and saw him disappear behind a cloud of dust.

Your teacher peeked in too and said, “Er, thanks.”

Flash nearly pushed you out of the way and looked down the shaft. “Do you really know Peter Parker?” His voice echoed in response.

When you were taken back down to the ground, you were greeted by paramedics and a panicked Michelle. “Are you guys okay?!”

“Yeah, we’re fine.”

Peter arrived, out of breath, and was bending over to catch his breath. “Are… you okay?” He pushed past some of your classmates and an EMT then rested a hand on your shoulder. “I was… so worried.” He pulled you into a hug and you didn’t know how to react at first. You relaxed and returned the hug. He pulled away and took a step back. “Not just about you–but everyone.” You noticed his face went a little redder than it was before and so did yours. You’d had a crush on Peter for awhile now, but weren’t anywhere near brave enough to confess to him.

Michelle pushed Peter out of the way. “Are you okay? You’re not hurt are you?” She might’ve been a little weird and had a callous vibe, but Michelle had a soft spot for you. You nodded and hugged her as well.

“I guess it was a good thing you bailed out for once, eh, Parker?” Flash stated coldly, sitting next to you in the ambulance with the trophy still glued to his hands. You frowned and gave him a swift kick to the shins.

“Really, Flash?” You spat and locked eyes with Peter again, only to look away just as quickly. A whole bunch of news cameras started to pan out among the ambulances. Flash hurried off to go see if he could get interviewed and be seen with the trophy, leaving you and Peter alone.

It was quiet, but it was a comfortable silence. You were lost in your thoughts of almost dying, and how you almost left this world with regrets. You were going to tell Peter how you felt; right here, right now. He took Flash’s spot next to you and pulled his knees to his chest.



You both stopped to let the other talk, and was met with an awkward silence. You both laughed it off and Peter coughed. “You first.” This was it, the moment of truth. Your heart was racing and you were having trouble finding the words to say.

“After nearly dying today, I’ve come to realize there are certain things that I haven’t done that I would’ve regretted. I–What I’m trying to say is, I like you, Peter.” You fiddled with the cloth of the blanket the EMT gave you and stared at your shoelaces.

“That’s funny,” he let out a little chuckle, “because that’s what I was going to tell you.” Your mouth was agape and you blinked a couple times.

“I thought you liked Liz? It was super obvious.”

“Was it really?” He winced and you laughed. “I mean, I did, but you caught my eye…” You felt his hand slip into yours.

You tried to think of something to say, but you were beat to it by Michelle, who you’d totally forgotten was hiding nearby with a book in her hands. “Get a room!” Peter and you looked at each other and laughed then you rested your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes, taking in the moment just in case you were dancing with death anytime soon.

Take a Leap (Jake x MC)

Title - Take a Leap (Jake X MC)
Request - Prompt 72 and “ A MC/Jake fic where he gives her his dogtags? I saw someone write a fic on it, and would like to see your take. ” - Anon
Prompt - “Just smile. I really need you to smile right now.”
Pairing - Jake X MC
Warnings: PG. (Slight violence.) 
Word Count - 1840 (Okay, so this is a long one- and I feel evil for it. But I also really enjoyed writing it…)

Shout out to @choicesimaginesandmore and @ladysansaa who I believe were the talented souls mentioned by anon! Also to @visualnovel-lover who came up with the original prompt! I really hope you all enjoy my take!

You’re running through the Celestial, making your way to the roof. Slowly, the Watchers following you fall behind, turned around in the endless twisting and turning corridors. Craig and Sean lead the way, while you keep pace with Michelle directly behind them. The others follow closely- Jake and Estella choosing to stay at the very back of the group. You sprint around a corner…And stop suddenly. Craig and Sean stand still in front of you, arms out to stop you from running on. Behind you, you hear the others stop, and Lila lets out a gasp.

Three Watchers stand in front of you, halfway down the hall. One wears an elephant mask, the other wears one of jade. The third Watcher, and the tallest- is the one who broke through your window. The Golden eyed Leader. For a moment, nobody moves…. And then Jake steps forward, placing himself in between your group and the Watchers.

“Go.” He doesn’t shift his gaze, but you know he’s talking to you all. Sean steps forward, silently offering his assistance. Craig steps forward too- but Sean holds out a hand, halting him.

“Keep going- grab the chutes. We’ll catch up with you at the roof.” He orders Craig, who nods.

Aleister moves first, gently pulling Grace after him by the hand. Raj, Lila, Craig, Michelle and Quinn follow quickly- Diego hesitates before also following the others, scooping Furball up as he does. Estelle and Sean lag behind with you, moving so they block the corridor your friends have just gone down.

The Watchers stare at you, the Leader’s gold eyes moving slowly over each of you. You glare at him, stepping forward so you’re almost beside Jake, Sean and Estella staying a little back.

“Let us go.” Your voice is firm, and all three of the Watchers turn their heads to look at you.

You know as I do that cannot happen. We must take you.” His voice echoes in your head with such force that you gasp. Jake moves instantly, stepping protectively in front of you.

“Princess, go- Estella, Sean and I can handle the Smurfs.” He doesn’t look at you as he speaks, unwilling to look away from the Watchers. He’s tense, ready to fight the moment a Watcher moves.

Your mind flashes back to the last time the Pilot faced off with a Watcher… you can still clearly hear the sound of the glass as it pierced his skin, remember how his hand had felt so cold in yours…

The Jade masked Watcher darts towards you suddenly, leaping forward with inhumane speed! Jake is ready though and manages to block the first blow, immediately going on the defensive. The Leader moves next and Estella meets him halfway, blocking a roundhouse kick as she does. The Elephant Masked Watcher is close behind, but is thrown to the ground in a bone crunching tackle as Sean takes him down. You watch, your heart in your mouth as your friends fight- unsure of who to help. You hang back, ready to jump in.

Jake ducks another punch, and sends a swift jab towards the jade masked watcher’s head. The Watcher doesn’t move in time, and crumples to the ground, unmoving. As Estella grabs the Leader by his arm, Jake turns to help her. A sudden glint catches your eye, as the Watcher Jake just took down leaps up from the ground…

“No!” You jump forward, pushing Jake to the side as the Watcher swings his arm around….

You feel a sharp pain across your ribs, and you cry out in pain as you hit the ground. Your hand wraps around your ribs as you try to recover the breath that suddenly left your body. You hear Jake cuss, and something- someone- slams into the wall with great force, followed by another. A few seconds later, Jake is rolling you over- a look of pure panic in his eyes. Before he can speak though, Estella is beside him.

“Let’s move- while we have a chance!” The Pilot doesn’t hesitate, picking you up in a fireman’s carry. You can’t help but let out a moan of pain as he does, and you hear him apologise softly as he starts to run after the others.

You reach the roof, Sean throwing the door open with force. The others are there, waiting. Estella slams the door behind you as Jake sets you down on the closest deck chair, pushing your hand away from your wound. You know it’s deep, and you can feel the blood coating your skin.

His jaw set as he sees it, and he looks up at you.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” His voice is firm, but you can hear the hint of a tremble. He grabs a cushion from the chair, yanking off the cover. “You could have been killed.”

“If I hadn’t, you would have been killed.” You counter, hissing as he presses the now balled up cover against the wound.

“Better me than you.” He answers, and you feel your stomach twist. You put a hand on his arm, and his eyes meet yours.

“I can’t lose you too.” He sighs.

Before you can reply, Michelle appears beside you. She looks worried, and Jake moves away so she can examine you. After just a few seconds, she pulls a bandage out of her pocket, and starts to tightly bind your wound.

“Once we’re safe, I’ll take care of it properly.” She tells you. You nod in reply, hissing at the pressure, before looking around. Everyone else is now gathered in a huddle, seemingly having a heated discussion. You’re a little way away, and can’t make out the words- but suddenly they break apart, apparently coming to a decision.  As Michelle heads over to talk to Sean and Craig Diego moves to sit beside you, throwing an arm around your shoulders. You lean into him as you watch the others- Grace and Aleister are marking out a starting point a little from the roof edge, while Raj double checks the equipment. Estella scoops Furball up, tucking him in the front of her hoodie and zipping it up, as IRIS zooms around the roof, taking in details.

“I estimate that we have two minutes remaining before the Watchers reach the roof. Another minute- perhaps one and a half before they succeed at removing the door from its hinge.” She informs Lila, who chooses not to reply.

“MC, if there was anyone I’d wish to be stranded on a deserted Island with, it’s you.” Diego sighs. “Actually, it’s the Rock- but you’re a close second.” He flashes you a grin, and you laugh slightly, ignoring the sharp pain across your ribs as you do.

“Right back at you.” You tell him. He opens his mouth to respond, when a loud bang on the door to the roof cuts him off, and you all go silent. You hear shouting from the other side of the door, and you look over at the others.

Nobody speaks, but everybody moves.

Craig picks up a chute and pulls it on, silently volunteering to jump first. Diego doesn’t speak as he stands, moving to the pile of parachutes. He starts handing them out. He doesn’t look at you as he hands one to you, but moves to pass another over to Estella.

You slowly stand as first Craig, then Raj make the first jumps. A pair of hands suddenly take your chute, and you realise Jake is beside you again. He helps you to strap your chute on, before turning you around. There’s an odd look in his eyes, but there’s no time to question it. Without warning, he leans in and presses his lips to yours, one hand on your waist. He kisses you deeply, and you place your hand on his chest. You can feel his heart racing as he moves so his forehead rests on yours.

“Hey, Princess- Do me a favour?” He asks quietly. You pull away slightly so you can look into his eyes.

“Just smile, Princess. I need to see you smile.” It’s a strange request, and it makes you feel nervous. Even so, you force yourself to smile.

“I’ll always smile for you.” You respond, and he smirks slightly, his hand running through your hair.

“I’ll see you on the ground?” You ask. He doesn’t respond, but his hands move suddenly, and you feel him slip something over your head. You look down, and realise he’s no longer wearing his dogtags. Your hand moves up to feel the cool metal, resting against your chest. You look up, eyes wide.

“Jake, what-“

“Go.” He cuts you off, leaning forward for one more kiss… “I’ll be right behind you.” He pushes you forward, gently but firmly. You glance back at him, but don’t argue.

Once Michelle is clear, you take a deep breath, running towards the roof edge. You jump and for a minute, you’re free falling. Then the wind catches the chute and you jolt, before feeling your fall slow.

As your feet hit the ground Sean runs over to you, helping you out of the chute.

“Come on, we’ve gotta go!” Michelle hisses, glancing around. The others are already heading deeper into the trees. Sean starts to pull you towards them, but you resist.

“Wait! Diego and Jake-“

“M/C, they’re not coming.”

Michelle’s voice is soft, and you feel your heart stop for a second.


“We were two chutes short- Diego and Jake volunteered to stay behind.”

You look back up at the roof. You can just hear the sound of shouting, and you think you can see both Diego and Jake moving as several of the Watchers pour onto the roof, torches high. You can hear shouting, a crash…and then a muffled scream.

Your mind flashes back, and you remember Diego thanking you for your friendship. You remember the look in Jake’s eyes before he kissed you once more…

It hits you that these may be your final memories of them.

“No…” Arms wrap around you as you collapse, and a hand covers your mouth as you cry out. You think you hear someone say your name, but all you can think of is Jake’s touch, Diego’s laughter…

You let out a sob, and you feel the wound across your ribs beginning to throb.

Carry her!” Someone says, and you feel the arms around you shift. You’re lifted up, and you suddenly realise you’re in Sean’s arms….But you don’t care. You feel tears roll down your face, and you turn to bury your face in the Quarterback’s chest. You hear him mumble an apology as he runs. You hear the trees moving around you, the crunch of dirt under Sean’s feet….

As you start to black out, your hand move to clutch at the dogtags around your neck. Sound and light starts to fade, and the last thing you hear is a voice in your head….

I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

(You can’t help but agree.)

Slow Burn - Part 2

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,385

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1

“Your brother? Well, this is a first.” You laugh. “I’ve never had my date try to set me up with someone else.”

“Yeah, this is a first for me too.” He says chuckling. “But I think you two would hit it off, so why not?”

This could either go very good or very bad.

“What’s his name?”

“Not telling.”

“How old is he?”

“Not telling.”

“Um, what’s he do?”

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.: how to catch a nerd 2 :.

this series is going to be my favorite thing to write tbh ♡

Since I’ve got so many readers hyped for this story, here’s an early update ♡

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Peter couldn’t hide the grin from his face the more he talked to this girl. She clearly had an intelligence that matched her beauty, and that just made him all the more interested in her. [Name] embodied everything he ever wanted in a girl, and he looked forward to getting to know her better.

Unlike the girls at Midtown who only wanted him for his looks and for the chance to climb up the social ladder, he knew that [Name] was different. They never wanted to get to know who was beneath this cool guy exterior, and Peter was tired of pretending all the time.

Which was why he was was so drawn to [Name], maybe with her, there was a chance.

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[Jackson] Step Sex (Chapter 3) ft Kai

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A/N: I’m not sure if this is an actual series or not, I don’t really like the plot aymore, but I like this part. Enjoy, and leave some feedback!

Warnings: Smut

“Roxy!” My mom calls from downstairs. I join her in the kitchen. She’s on the phone, dressed in her brand new black dress. Is she seeing Rob? She’s spending so much money for this man. She covers the mouthpiece of the phone when she sees me.

“Are you going out tonight?” She asks me. I would love to say I’m seeing Kai, but he’s still mad at me.


“Good. Jackson needs a haircut.” She says. What? No! She wants me to cut his hair? I don’t want to see him again!

“He can go see a professional alone.” I retort.

“Roxy says yes.” She says into the phone.

“No she doesn’t!” I deliberately say loudly.

“Alright, see you.” My mom replies to who I think is Rob. She hangs up, sealing my destiny.

“Mom!” I scold her. She puts her hands on her hips.

“Roxy please. Robert still has to find a private hairdresser for Jackson.” She says. Oh, poor him! I know it’s hard to stay alive without a private hairdresser.

“Why can’t he go to a salon downtown ?!” I whine.

“Please, be kind. I know Jackson’s a bit…different.” She murmurs. «But try to get to know him a little bit.“ She says. 

Get to know him? I almost slept with him!

 She puts her hands on my shoulders, and I smell a nice fragrance. Did she buy a new perfume too?

“Where are you going?” I ask her.

“Dinner with Robert. You’ll spend the evening with Jackson.” She says. Gah, no!

“Mom, I don’t want to.” I whine. Se rolls her eyes and sighs.

“I’ll buy you a bottle.” She says. A bottle? She’s saying my name.

“Of?” I cross my arms over my chest, intrigued.

“Anything you want.” She says. Alcohol carte blanche?

“Deal.” I say before turning on my heels. I think I’m alcoholic.


Robert and Jackson arrive an hour later, and I’m the one in charge of welcoming them.

“Good evening.” I say casually to Rob as him and his son stand in the doorway.

“Good evening. Nice to see you again.” He replies politely.

“Me too." 

"Hi.” Jackson greets me.



We all turn around to look at my mom coming down the stairs, looking cute or whatever. I let them in and close the door behind them.

“Michelle, you look lovely.” Rob says, kissing my mom’s cheek. I can see her blushing. If I had a bucket next to me I’d be throwing up.

“Good evening, Jackson.” She says.

“Michelle, you look beautiful.” Jackson responds. I scoff, but none of them hear me.

“Thank you.”

“So, you’re cutting Jackson’s hair tonight?” Rob enquires, turning around. I lean against the door.


“Thank you for accepting.”

“You’re welcome.” I reply, forcing a smile. Rob turns back to my mom.

“Are we ready to go?” He asks her.

“I think so.” She says, picking up her purse. Taking the cue, I open the door again. Rob gives her his elbow, and she takes it happily.

“We’ll leave you alone, youngsters.” Rob says as they head out past me.

“Have fun.” I give the couple a tight, tight smile, and at the second I close the door, I know I never should have pushed her back into Robert’s arms. When I turn around, Jackson is giving me his back, his hands in his pocket, and his eyes to the ceiling.

“Can I look around?” He briefly turns to me. Well, if it means you’ll go away for a moment.

“If you want. I’m gonna prepare the bathroom.” I reply as he adventures himself in the kitchen. I stomp up the stairs. I bring a chair to the bathroom, prepare the shampoo, a towel, scissors, and a bottle of wine.

“I’m ready!” I call down the hallway.

“One second!” He calls back, from downstairs. I wait in the bathroom and hear his footsteps as he climbs the stairs. But he doesn’t come my way, he turns to the left, and his steps fade away. When I pop my head out, he’s walking over to me, his shirt gone.


He is as muscular as I felt he should be, maybe a little more. His muscles roll with each steps he takes, it’s mesmerizing.

“Why did you take your shirt off?” I scold when he’s in front of me. His proximity is dangerous.

“I don’t want it to get wet.” He explains.

“I’ll be careful. Put it on.” I almost beg.

“No.” He says.


He grins.

“It’s funny to see you like this.” He says.

“Like what?”

“Flustered.” He replies. Yes, I’m flustered. Why? I’m never flustered, it’s not me. Get a grip of yourself, Roxy!

“Sit.” I command, and he obeys. Tilting his head back, I dampen his hair with my hand.

“I think we left something hanging last time.” He says, crossing his arms over his chest. Ah, shit. We’ll actually have to have this discussion.

“Yeah, about that.” I murmur, shutting the faucet.

“You have a boyfriend.” He says before me. When I look at him, I notice his eyes are peacefully closed.

“How do you know?” I ask, grabbing the shampoo. He shrugs. He said that out of the blue? I squeeze some shampoo in my hand.

“Anyway, we can’t…finish what we started.” I murmur. Jackson opens his eyes as I make a move to touch his hair, and I freeze. His eyes lighted with a mix of surprise and… shock?

“I want to finish what we started.” Jackson frowns.

“Sorry.” I shrug apologetically.

“You don’t want to or you can’t?” He asks me. Do I want to? I don’t need to answer that question, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

“I don’t want to. Head back.” I reply. He sighs but obeys, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. I start to wash his hair. As I do, I feel his hands on my hips, and suddenly he pulls me down in his lap.

“What are you doing?” I ask in surprise. He doesn’t open his eyes.

“You’re going to break your back like this.” He says. What?

“I’m good.” I mutter. My hands full of foam, I use my elbows to push myself off him. He pins me down, and I sigh in defeat. He’s not going to let me go. I resume washing his hair.

“Why?” He asks me.

“Why what?”

“Why won’t you let me fuck you?”

I stop massaging his scalp and gaze down at him, shocked and outraged. He opens his eyes to look at me.

“That’s not a way to speak to a girl.” I scold him.

“You didn’t say that last Friday.” He retorts. 

‘I want to fuck you, Roxanne. Hard. Will you let me?’ His words were so exciting in his mouth back then. I resume washing his hair so he can’t see me blush.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend.” I reply.

“You’re afraid he’ll find out?” He asks. I don’t answer. 

It’s way more complicated than that. Even if he didn’t find out, just the fact of having wanted Jackson makes me feel bad. Jackson grabs my wrists, making me look down at him. His gaze is intense.

“If we do it right here, right now, there will be no way he finds out, you’re conscious of that?” He asks slowly. I swallow, truck by his intense staring.

“Yes.” I reply. Jackson tilts his head to the side.

“Good. But you still don’t want to? If that’s not that, then…” He trails off, thinking.

“You’re afraid I’ll fall in love with you?” His mouth quirks, and he raises an arrogant eyebrow at me.

“Is the idea that ridiculous?” I scowl at him. He laughs loudly.

“Oh please, you cheated on your boyfriend with me, a complete stranger. You think I’d want that?” He says, bemused. My face heats. I’m an unfaithful bitch. What the hell got into me?

“Plus, I don’t fall in love.” He says, wearing a big arrogant smile. That arrogant asshole, he’s what got into me. It’s all his fault.

“Good for you.” I mutter grabbing the toothbrush pot next to the sink. I empty it and scoop water in it, letting the faucet open. After rinsing my hands, I grab Jackson’s hair and tilt his head back.

“Ah! Easy, Roxy.” He says. I ignore him and start rinsing his hair.

“Did I offense you?” He raises an eyebrow at me.

“You’re an asshole.” I mutter.

“An asshole?” His eyes widen. Yes, an asshole. My blood starts to boil. Why am I so frustrated on my own?

“An arrogant brat.” I add, deliberately pouring water on his face. There. It feels good.

“Hey!” He shouts, sitting up. He brings his hands to his eyes and rubs them over his face. Oh, I’m so childish. I can’t help but giggle at the mess he is. He looks up at me, his expression unreadable.

Suddenly he grabs my hips and presses his wet head against my chest. I gasp in surprise. Jackson runs his wet hair up and down my chest, soaking me.

“Stop!” I giggle, my dress starting to stick to my skin. He does the same thing from the left to the right. He’s so childish too.

He pulls away and we both look down at the mess he made. Shit! My shirt is white and drenched and totally see-through, and I don’t have a bra on. My breasts are completely exposed to him. I’m mortified. I should cover myself, but I’m stuck and my limbs are unwilling to move.

Jackson looks up at me, his burning eyes staring in mine. Then it starts to radiate, from him, from me; it’s like a densified atmosphere between us. Like a cloud of and intoxicating perfume, like an aura. It’s electric and heady, taking my breath away.

“You feel it?” He breathes, his eyes piercing my soul.

“Yes.” I’m breathless.

“Then you better stop resisting me.” He groans, pushing his fingers into my hair. He grabs a fistful of my mane and pulls my head to his, crashing his lips onto mine.

I gasp, and he takes the opportunity to push his dominant tongue inside my mouth. He licks my tongue in harsh, powerful licks, making me whimper.

He tugs at my hair harshly, tilting my head back and revealing my neck to him. I blink up at the ceiling, disoriented. He’s way too powerful for me, I’ve never known that.

He starts trailing open-mouthed kisses all over my neck, taking my skin between his lips and running his tongue across it.

“Jackson.” I gasp, tangling my fingers in his hair. He throws my oversized T-shirt over my head, leaving me in nothing else but my panties. His hands come up to massage my breasts, his mouth wild and frenetically working my skin.

My pussy starts to feel heavy with need, and it increases every tome his thumb skims over one of my nipples. I close my eyes and let my body feel.

One of his hands leave my breasts, and I feel his fingers slip in the waistband of my panties.

His pads find my clit, his middle finger parting my damp folds.

“Aaaaah.” I shiver, wanting to close my legs. God, his fingers feel so good.

He keeps my head tilted back, his fingers slowly working onto my clit, making me writhe and moan against him. I tug at his hair, the thrumming inside me getting stronger.

He slips one bold finger inside me.

“Oh, yes.” I groan. This is so good.

“Jackson.” I gasp. He moves his finger in and out of me, his open mouth against my neck, his tongue dipping in the hollow at the base of my neck. Heat licks along my skin. I could come like this.

“More.” I find myself begging. I’ve never begged before. 

“More?” He repeats, his voice strained. He pulls his finger out of me and lets my hair go. I look back down, and he pushes the same finger inside my mouth.

His dark eyes locked with mine, they radiate with lust and erotism. I’m hypnotized. I could do anything for him to pleasure me at this very moment.

I suck on his finger, feeling his erection through the de material of his pants.

“If you want more you’ll have to work for it.” He rasps, pulling his finger out of my mouth.

“I want your smart mouth around my cock.” He says.

In a nanosecond, I find myself kneeling on the floor between his legs, my fingers fumbling with the buttons of his pants. I unzip them and slide them down to his thighs, along with his boxers. His cock springs free, hard, long and proud.

I bite my lip at the sight of it. When I think it’s going to be inside me soon, I almost salivate in front of it.

I wrap my fingers around the base and let my lips hover around the tip. I feel him thrust and look up, meeting his fiery eyes that betray his impatience.

I take him inside my mouth, very slowly, inch by inch, before letting him out at the same speed. I do it again, taking more of him this time, and repeat the process until I can’t fit his shaft inside my mouth.

“Mmmmh… yeah.” Jackson moans, one hand grabbing my hair again. He guides my movements and thrusts up to meet them.

I can feel his veins against my tongue. It’s hot and logged with blood. His cock is thick, and beautiful.

“Suck it, Roxanne. That’s it.” He compliments. I keep my tongue flat against his shaft, but swirl my tongue around when I reach the tip. I watch him, head thrown back, chest heaving. For once I feel like I have some effect on him, like he has on me.

I reach up and play with his balls, gently massaging them. I try to relax my throat and take more of him.

“Fuck, that’s good.” He groans. His hips make quick, slow circles, driving his cock further inside my mouth.

“Touch yourself for me, get yourself ready.” He breathes. I obey, pushing my hand inside my panties. I rub my clit, lifting the accumulated tension between my legs. I moan against his cock.

“Oooh god, baby.” He moans, his thrusts becoming more vigorous. Tears spring to my eyes as he reaches deeper inside my throat, making me gag. I jerk away from him, letting his cock slip out of my mouth, strands of saliva hanging from my lips.

He looks down at me and glares furiously, before changing his attitude completely. He stares at me, panting, slowly shaking his head.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Roxanne.” He murmurs, a point of wonder in his voice. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, trying to catch my breath. I’m still touching myself, my fingers already drenched and sticky.

He moves, grabbing me by my throat and pushing me against the counter. I challenge him with my eyes. His cock slips between my thighs, and when he rolls his hips, my legs start to wobble.

 He has the upper hand.

He turns me around and pushes my chest onto the counter, the surface feeling cold against my nipples. I hiss.

I lift my head and watch him pull a condom out of his pocket through the mirror.

“I told you I’m on birth control.” I pant.

“STD’s. I don’t know if you’re clean.” He retorts, glaring back at me through the mirror.

“You fingered me.”

“And you licked it off.” He counters, sliding my panties down my legs. The air gets caught up in my throat when he takes my hips in his hands.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” He asks me.

“You’re asking that now?” I giggle, panting. He smacks my behind, harshly.

“Ah!” I yelp in surprise. It stings! It stings where he slapped me, and then the sensation travels to my core. I gasp as it tingles. What the-

“Answer me, Roxanne. I’m dying over here.” Jackson commands, watching me. 

“No, I’m not.” I reply.

“Good.” He says, before slamming into me.

“Ah!” I yell as he knocks the air out of my lungs. He’s not that big, bit it feels different. He’s stretching me out so fucking right, and he reaches so deep.

“Fuck.” I groan, slapping my forehead against the counter.

“You’re tight…and really wet.” Jackson observes, pulling out of me, before ramming forward again.

“Jackson. Aaaaanhh…” I moan, closing my eyes.

“How about we get started for real?” Jackson grunts, gradually picking up pace. I open my eyes, and he starts to plow me like a madman.

“What? Oh! Fuck!” I cry out, slapping my hand against the mirror, so I don’t bang my head against it. He reaches a punishing rhythm, his cock reaching so deep so quickly, I literally lose every last bit of control I had.

“Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!” I yell, screwing my eyes shut. My god, it feels so fucking good. I feel so full and dirty; my pussy is trembling with every thrust. I’m being throughoutly fucked, for the first time in my life.

I arch my back and stand on my tip toes, angling my hips so he can reach even deeper. It’s like I want him to destroy me, like I actually want not to control anything. What is this boy doing to me?

“Yeah, baby. That’s it. Fuck…” He moans loudly, never slowing down. His stamina is admirable.

I feel him grab my upper arms, and he pulls me up so I’m standing straight. My mouth falls open, I can barely make any sound, he’s fucking my brains out. I feel his ragged breath against my shoulder, his deep grunts ringing inside me.

He wraps his fingers around my throat, tilting my head back so his mouth is at my ear.

“Open your eyes, Roxanne.” He rasps, his voice pornographic. His other hand slides down my stomach and fins my clit again. 

“Wait!” I squeal, jerking away from his touch, and impaling myself on his cock even more. My eyes roll back.

“Look at yourself, baby.” He orders. I blink my eyes open and look at myself in the mirror. 

I see my red cheeks, my clouded eyes, and the drool hanging from my lower lip. I’m fucking drooling.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you?” He enquires, his hips tracing big circles against me, his shaft shifting around inside me. My brows furrow, it’s almost painful.

This is so fucking good; I almost want to cry.

“Mmmmh…” He moans deep in his throat, while I blabber incoherent profanities.

“You like being fucked like this, don’t you?” He rasps. He feels so good, so fucking good inside me.

“Nggh…mmmmh…” Is all I can, the words are lost between my brain and my mouth, I am not myself anymore, I feel like a hungry whore. Maybe I’m being myself actually.

“I bet you’ve never been fucked this good before.” He says, starting to thrust in and out of me again. My eyes roll back, my head falling onto his shoulder, my clit burning because of his touch.

“Don’t stop.” I beg as he picks up pace and intensity. The buildup is too much; I’m going to explode.

“Fuck me, Jackson. Fuck me. Fuck me.” I moan, my walls rippling like crazy. My legs are trembling, I’m stumbling.

“I love it when you beg me.” Jackson says appreciatively, his movements relentless and brutal. Roxanne, this boy is going to fuck you up, and not only physically.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, god, please. Harder.” I plead, everything tightening inside me. I stop breathing, like I do every time before I climax.

“I’m coming.” I choke out, right before my orgasm washes over me.

“Fuck!” Jackson groans, his thrusts growing sloppy. I fucking detonate, exploding and imploding at the same time.

“Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!” I beg, holding on for dear life against the counter as I ride my orgasm the better I can. 

Jackson follows shortly, spilling himself into the condom while biting down on my shoulder.

When he pulls out, my legs nearly give up on me. He holds me as I wobble, before lifting me onto the counter.

Then, he takes the condom off and throws it in the toilet before flushing it. I try to catch my breath, feeling like I’ve ran a marathon. 

That was awesome. Amazing. Mind blowing. Fuck.

“That was…” He starts, leaning against the sink next to me. I close my eyes and throw my head back against the mirror.

“Too fucking good.” I finish. God, I’ve never come this hard. I need a cigarette to make it really perfect.

I reach out and open the cupboard next to the mirror, finding a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in it. There are cigarettes everywhere in this house.

I bring one to my mouth and go to light it up, but Jackson grabs my wrist.

“Not around me.” He says cooly. I give him wide eyes while takes my cigarette from my mouth and tosses it in the toilet.

“You didn’t have to throw it in the toilet.” I mutter. I really need to smoke now; my head is a mess.

I walk out of the bathroom to change myself. I’ll smoke outside if he’s going to be a jerk.

The doorbell rings, making me freeze in my tracks.

“You’re expecting someone?” Jackson pops his head out to look at me. 

“No. Get dressed.” I order, walking into my room. I throw on a sweatshirt, panties and cotton shorts, and toss Jackson’s shirt to his face so he can put it on. The doorbell rings again.

When we’re both clothed and we look less sexed up, I make my way downstairs to open the door.

When I open it, I see this familiar Asian beauty. Tall, skinny, tanned and muscular.

“Kai.” I breathe.

Fake rumors (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi ! Could you please do a Peter Parker imagine, the reader is not popular, and she is being bullied at school by a girl, she circulated a rumor about her private life , and Peter becomes very protective, he is very angry and he confronts the bully,the reader think peter had never notice her before but she was wrong and peter told her he has a crush on her ^^can you do a lot of fluff pls ? and the bully very angry and sad at the end? i want justice lol

A/N: I just want to say that slut shaming is bad and no women should ever do it. If a woman ever wants to sleep with ten men that night, then so be it. It’s her body and her choices. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this imagine!

When [Y/N] entered school that day, she knew something was off. Everybody kept looking at her, the girls whispering and the boys looking her up and down. She made her way to her locker, trying to ignore the glances everyone was throwing at her. She made a mental list of everything that could be wrong -her t-shirt was not inside-out; she wasn’t on her period, so her jeans couldn’t have a stain; she had her hair on a pony tail and, okay, maybe her make up that day wasn’t the best because she had fallen asleep and had only had time to apply concealer, but it was not that much of a deal.
She opened her locker and took the books she would be needing that day, hoping to get away from everyone.
‘’Hey, sweetie’’ a voice called behind her. She turned to look at whoever was talking to her and saw Michelle, the popular, yet mean girl in her school. ‘’How are you?’’
She didn’t know what to say -she had talked to Michelle a few times in class, but not more than that.
‘’Fine, I guess?’’ she told her. [Y/N] knew something was up, and she knew it had something to do with Michelle, but she didn’t want to ask.
‘’What did you do yesterday?’’ Michelle asked. ‘’Oh, wait, do not tell me. I already know’’ that made [Y/N] furrow her brows, not knowing what she meant. ‘’Let me say it for you. You went to the football practice, and after that, you… How can I say it without sounding rude… Well, you gave head to half of the team in exchange of popularity, right? At least, that’s what half of the school thinks’’ she told her with a smirk.
[Y/N]’s breath hitched as she opened her eyes wide.
‘’But… But that’s not true’’ she whispered. People were already looking at her and Michelle, wondering what was going on.
‘’Maybe it’s not,’’ Michelle said ‘’but people don’t know that. You should have thought about the consequences before making a move on my boyfriend, bitch.’’
‘’What do you-what do you mean?’’ [Y/N] asked. She didn’t understand what was going on.
‘’Jack is what I mean. Yesterday morning at Maths you were flirting with him, and I don’t like having what’s mine stolen’’ she hissed.
‘’I was-I was asking him about an answer for a problem!’’ [Y/N] said, remembering everything from the day before.
‘’Oh, were you?’’ Michelle asked, looking surprised. ‘’Well, too bad, right? Nothing we can do now.’’

Meanwhile, Peter had been listening to the conversation from his locker. His hearing allowed him to hear every word, the rage bubbling inside him. [Y/N] didn’t know him, but he had always had a crush on her, admiring the way she was always kind to everyone.
He approached Michelle and [Y/N], thinking of what he should say.
‘’Hey, Michelle,’’ he started, making both girls look at him ‘’have you told Jack already about that time you slept with Mike at his party? It was in his bedroom, right? While he was looking for you. It would be such a pity if he knew, wouldn’t it?’’ Peter said, a smirk on his lips.
‘’What do you-how do you know that?’’ Michelle asked, her face pale out of the sudden. ‘’You don’t even go to parties.’’
‘’Turns out I went to that one’’ Peter said. He had only gone to pick up his friend Ned, who had thought it would be a nice idea to go uninvited and had ended up being kicked out.
‘’What do you want to keep silence?’’ Michelle asked through gritted teeth.
[Y/N] stood there, not knowing what to do. She knew Peter from some of her classes, although she had never spoken to him. She found him nice -even cute-, but she didn’t understand why he was helping her.
‘’You are going to tell the whole school you started that rumor because you were jealous, and if you ever bother [Y/N] again, I will not hesitate to tell Jack the truth. And do not think for a second that he won’t believe me. I took pictures for blackmail’’ he said. He actually hadn’t taken any photos -he was not a creep; but Michelle didn’t know that.
‘’Fine’’ she said. ‘’But if you ever tell him, you are done.’’
‘’Oh, don’t you worry. It’s all on you. Be nice and you will have good karma’’ he said with a smile on his lips as Michelle left to tell people everything was just a lie.
[Y/N] looked at Peter, a soft smile on her lips.
‘’Thank you’’ she told him, pressing her books against her chest. ‘’You didn’t have to.’’
‘’You didn’t deserve it’’ Peter said, a grin on his face. ‘’Would you, I don’t know, like to go out for coffee or tea or whatever you like if you like to drink, which I guess you do, because, you know, it is necessary for the body, sometimes? It’s totally fine if you don’t want to and I will understand’’ Peter asked [Y/N], feeling nervous at the sudden attention she was paying to him and, therefore, rambling.
‘’I would love that’’ [Y/N] told him, a smile on her lips. ‘’I believe we have English together now. Would you like to walk together? We can decide when to meet on the way’’ she asked him.
‘’Yeah, of course’’ Peter answered, smiling hugely and not believing that he was actually going on  a date with her.
[Y/N] stole a glance at him and smiled, thinking that maybe that rumor would actually lead to something -or someone- good.

Hiss and Tell (Jake X MC)

Title - Hiss and Tell
Request - If you’re still taking requests can you do number 22 with Jake and F!MC?
Prompt - “Did you just hiss at me?”
Pairing - Jake x F!MC
Rating: G to PG
Word Count - 1044

(I loved writing this, so I hope you all enjoy!)

 You’re all hiding in the Celestial’s staffroom, having escaped the Watchers attack a few hours ago.

Everyone has collapsed around the room- some in chairs, some on the floor. The only people not resting are Michelle, Quinn and Jake.

Quinn rummages through a lost and found box, searching for something. A small “aha!” tells you she’s found what she was looking for- she spins around, marching over to you with an armful of clothes.

“Here. It’s getting cold.” She says, holding them out. Your cheeks flush as you take them. She smiles, heading over to Jake, who’s standing in the doorway.

“I found clothes for you too.” She tells him. He glances over his shoulder at her.

“Appreciate it, Ariel.” He flashes her a grin, taking them and quickly pulling the shirt over his head as she returns to her seat.

Michelle finds a first aid kit and a pile of clean towels, setting up a makeshift nurse’s office with two tables before calling everyone over one by one. She’s thorough, professional…. And a damn good nurse. Eventually, she calls you over and you don’t argue. She starts cleaning some of the cuts on your back, and you find yourself drifting off suddenly. Your eyes close…

“M/C, did one of the Watchers bite you?!” She asks suddenly, her fingers gently running over your shoulder. Your eyes snap back open, just in time to see Sean and Craig look over at you. You feel your cheeks grow warm and you glance over at Jake, who seems suddenly very interested in a sign that reads; Your number 1 job is to make people smile!

He glances casually at you, and you can see he’s trying to keep a straight face. He winks, before looking back at the sign.

Michelle follows your glance, and you see her raise an eyebrow. You give her a look, and she pretends to zip her lips, going back to cleaning your wounds.

“Actually, now I look closely I think it’s more like finger nail marks.” She says lightly, “Probably from when I grabbed you as you fell, remember?” You nod, and you see Craig and Sean return to their conversation. You mouth a thank you to Michelle, who just smiles.

Once she’s done, you pull your shirt back on and head back to your spot, slumping down and closing your eyes.

Several minutes pass, before Michelle turns to Jake.

“Jake, come and sit down.”  He glances over his shoulder, giving her a look.

“I’m good, Maybelline.” He tells her, unmoving.

“Jake, you’re bleeding.” You open your eyes to see her cross her arms.

He looks down, noticing a damp patch on his shirt before shrugging.

“I’ve had worse.” He counters, and you can see frustration building in Michelle’s face.


“Don’t push it, Maybelline. I don’t need you to stick a band aid on a paper cut.”

“That is-“

“Jake McKenzie, sit your ass down now.” A voice snaps.

The quiet murmurings in your group stops, and you realise suddenly it’s you who snapped. Jake looks surprised for a second. Then…


Everyone looks at you, but you remain focused on Jake as you get to your feet.

“Don’t test me, Jake. Shut up, sit down and let Michelle look at you.” You step forward, leaning on the table as you stare him down. He looks you up and down, before also starting to lean on the table.

“I don’t take orders from you, Princess. So-“ He stops suddenly, hissing. You blink, and glance at Michelle, who shrugs. You look back at the Pilot.

“Did you just hiss at me?!”

“No, I-“ He stands up straight- and sways slightly. His hand moves to his side, and you see a flash of pain cross his face. Your anger vanishes, and you move around the table so you’re beside him.

“Lie down.” You order, pointing at the table. He opens his mouth to argue, but seems to lack the strength.

“Doesn’t look too comfy. I think I’ll pass.” He flashes a smile at you. You don’t smile back.

“Now. Or I’ll get Craig to hold you down.”  Craig looks up, grinning at the sound of his name.

Jake seems to weigh up his options…


He lies down on the table. He doesn’t look happy, but you don’t care. Michelle gets to, moving Jake’s shirt out of the way so that she can see his wound. Your stomach twists as you get a look at it. A deep gash runs across his side, bleeding sluggishly. Michelle tuts, grabbing a towel and pressing it against the gash.

“Hold it down.” She directs you. As you press down, Jake lets out a grunts of pain, and you feel him flinch slightly. Michelle continues to work- glancing at you when she finds scratch marks down his back. You give her a look of innocence, and she shakes her head. A sudden light touch on your hip makes you look down. Jake’s eyes are locked on you, his hand now resting on your hip. You smile down at him, and he smiles back. You notice how pale he looks, and how a faint sheen of sweat covers his forehead. You feel guilty that you didn’t notice before.

“Hey, Princess.” He mumbles. You smile, reaching out with your spare hand, brushing a lock of hair out of from his face. Slowly his eyes begin to close and you look over at Michelle. She looks at you, giving you a gentle smile.

“Let him sleep.” She whispers. You move out of the way as she moves to check the gash, bandaging it. . “If it starts bleeding again, I’ll stitch it.” She walks off, heading to the sink. You sit back down, this time near Jake’s head. Your reach out, your fingers gently curling in the Pilot’s long hair. He seems to relax at your touch, and you can’t help but relax yourself.

“Hey, M/C.” You don’t bother looking over.

“Yes, Craig?”

“Zahra and me wanna know- How long have you and Flyboy been doing the nasty?”

You hear the sound of someone being slapped.

“What? It’s not like I asked for details!” you hear Craig hiss.

“I will literally murder you.”

(You decide not to answer the question.)

Elevator Hug - part 3

Hey guys, this is a continuation of ‘Elevator Hug parts 1 and 2, but this can also be read separately as a oneshot. Enjoy! ;)

You can read parts 1 and 2 here:



This is based on on the promo and synopsis of 13x23, about Owen receiving some life changing news and Amelia being there to support him. This is also based on a prompt I received, with some modifications made.

Prompt : You’re an amazing writer! Do you think you’d be interested in writing a fanfic based off the synopsis for ep 13x23 where “Amelia supports Owen.” She hears from another doctor that some bodies were found(including Megan’s) and has a bad feeling & runs thru the hospital and eventually finds Owen in an on call room and she holds and talks to him?

P.s  I know in the show and based on the promo Amelia hasn’t returned back home and Owen would go to Meredith’s to probably meet her. But for the sake of my ‘Elevator Hug’ series- Amelia is already back home in this fic. However the main point remains- it’s Amelia’s time to support Owen :)

P.p.s  In this fic, Amelia finds Owen at home, not in an on call room

 Thank you to the amazing @jia911 for helping me to proofread this!


It had been a very busy day so far for Owen Hunt. There was an influx of patients in the ER due to a huge pile up involving a bus, a van and several cars. He and April Kepner had been kept occupied.

It didn’t dampen his spirits though. It had been 2 weeks since his wife, Amelia Shepherd had returned home, and almost 2 weeks since he had the first glimpse of their baby. All was well in the world again.

He was humming to himself, discharging a patient who was under observation for a syncopal attack when he heard his name being called.

‘ Hunt.’ April approached him. ‘ I’m attending to the patient in bed 6 who has upper GI bleed. Can you attend to the patient in bed 3 who was just brought in? The paramedics said that she was in a car accident and suffered head trauma.’

‘ Ok,’ Owen answered. ‘ I’m just about done discharging this patient.’

As he walked towards bed 3- he stopped in his tracks. It couldn’t be her. He knew his mind was playing tricks on him, but from a far this patient looked rather similar to him. The red wavy hair, the slim body.

Keep reading

Home- Part 3

“So what are you going to do?” Your friend, Michelle, asked you.

When you heard that Harry was seen with Nadine, you told Anne you need air and called Michelle to meet you at the coffee shop around the corner. When she got there, you told her everything.

You shrugged. “I don’t know,” you sighed. “I don’t want to believe that he was seen with Nadine, but it’s plastered on every damn magazine. ”

She grabbed your hand and squeezed it once. “I think you should fly back to London and talk to him. ” she spoke softly.

“No,” you shook your head. “No. I can’t. ”

“I’ll go with you if you want. I haven’t seen Niall in months. ” she smiled, thinking about her boyfriend.

Niall and Michelle have been dating for seven months and their relationship is perfect. Relationship goals right there. They don’t fight. Yeah, it may sound too perfect, but you’d kill to have a relationship like that.

You love Harry. Of course you do, but it’s hard when all the girls are chasing him and he’s around models. Michelle doesn’t have to worry about that.

“So what do you say?” She asked you.

You sighed and smiled and rolled your eyes. “Fine. I guess,” you stood up and 

threw away your coffee. “But, I don’t think we’ll be able to fix this. I think this is the end. ” you mumbled sadly.

Michelle stood up and threw her cup away Velcro wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “Don’t say that. You guys will get through this. I mean, I can’t promise you that, but I can promise you that Harry will never leave you. That boy loves you too much to leave you. ”

You grinned and walked out of the coffee shop. “Since I have not unpacked yet, let’s go to your house so you can pack then we’ll go to London. ” you said.

Michelle’s nodded and squeezed your shoulder. “You guys will be okay. ” she said assuringly.

Will you guys be okay? Was he just out with a friend? Harry told you that he is not one to cheat, but that’s kind of hard to believe right now. You want to believe that it wasn’t real, that there’s nothing going on between them, but it’s hard to when they are so close to each, like hands almost touching each other’s.

It hurts you, a lot. It may not be the same reason, but now you know how Harry felt like when you told him that you hated him. At least, you think you know how he felt.


“Alright baby, be safe, yeah?” Your mom said, her hands cradling your cheeks.

You rolled your eyes and nodded. “Yes, mom. We’ll be fine. ”

“Don’t worry Y/M/N, I’ll take care of her. ” Michelle chimed in. Your mom nodded and kissed your forehead before hugging Michelle goodbye and kissing her on the forehead too.

“Alright darlings, have fun. ” she waved and turned around to leave the airport.

Anne decided to stay with your mom for awhile, catch up with her. Anne told you that se was happy for what you are going to do. She could tell that you were nervous so she told you everything will turn out fine.

“Alright, you ready to go?” Michelle asked, raising an eyebrow. You took in a deep breath and nodded.

“Yep. Let’s do this, poop.” You looped an arm around one of hers and started walking towards your guys’ gate.

She chuckled. “So, I texted Niall and he said that he’ll pick us up. ”

You just nodded and gave the last your ticket.

You were nervous. You don’t know what’s going to happen when you see him again. Will he be happy? Had he moved on? Anne said that he hasn’t, but she’s probably saying that because she knows you’ll break. Does he still love you?

“Shortie,” you snapped your eyes up to meet Michelle’s blue ones. “Well look who decided to come back to reality.” She said smiling.

You rolled on your eyes and shoved her shoulder lightly. “What’s up?”

“We’re gonna be flying soon,” she said. “They want you to put on your seatbelt for safety sweetie. ”

“I know, I know. I know what they do in airplanes, Michi. ” you smiled.

She nodded. “I know,” she sighed and closed her eyes. “Now, shush, I need my beauty sleep. ”


Turns out that the boys weren’t in London but in Miami, Florida.

You and Michelle walked out of the airplane and to the luggage area to get your guys’ luggage.

“He said he’s here.” Michelle mumbled from beside you.

You sighed and groaned. “I want to sleep. Where is he?” You whined.

Michelle chuckled and shook her head. She squinted her eyes and looked forward while you were looking at a family that had a child that looked about three years old.

You want that with Harry. You wanted kids with Harry. You wanted to marry Harry. You wanted to be mrs Harry styles. You wanted to grow old with him.
But, you don’t thinks that’s possible now. 

“Shit,” you heard Michelle mutter. You looked at her and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“What?” You asked.

“Baby!” You Heard that familiar Irish voice.

You turned around and grinned when you saw your best friend standing next to Niall with his arms wide open.

You dropped your bags and ran up to Louis and wrapped your arms around his neck while his wrapped around your waist.

“Hey, loser. ” he kissed your temple before pulling away.

“Hey, tommy,” you smiled and picked up your bags and turned around to see Niall and Michelle in a heated make out session.

“Okay. ” Louis drawled out. You chuckled and shook your head. “Oi, lovebirds, let’s go. ” he said, getting impatient. You chuckled and looped your arm around Louis’ arm.

“We’re coming, we’re coming. ” Niall shouted.

“Please, don’t scream that out loud later tonight. ” Louis said, making a disgusted look.

You chuckled while Niall and Michelle blushed and started yelling stuff that you could not understand since they were yelling at the same time.

You guys got into the van, some fans stopping them to take pictures with them.

“Alright, let’s go to the hotel!” You yelled, excited that you get to sleep.

“Someone’s eager to get to the hotel.” Louis chuckled. You nodded and smiled. You leaned your head on Louis’ shoulder.

“I missed you tommy.” You mumbled tiredly.

“You see me what? Three days ago, maybe two?” He asked.

You just shrugged and closed your eyes. “Love, we’re almost there, so there’s no point in sleeping. ” Louis said shrugging your head off his shoulder. You whined and slapped his shoulder. “Plus, you have to go visit someone.” He said, raising an eyebrow knowingly.

You wish you didn’t have to visit that someone. You weren’t ready to see Harry. It’s been three months since you last saw him. He hasn’t even texted you or called you to tell you that nothing was happening between him and Nadine. But you guys were on a break. Still are. So you don’t know if he cheated or not.

“Do I have to?” You whined. “Can I talk to him tomorrow?”

Everyone shook their heads. “Nope. ” Niall said, pooping the ‘p’

You groaned, but nodded. “Fine, I’ll do it. ” you said crossing your arms over your chest.

“At it girl,” Michelle’s said, ruffling your hair.

“We’re here.” The driver said. Everyone thanked him and got out, the boys taking your guys’ luggage. You walked in the hotel and into the elevators.

“What room number?” You asked.

“359. ” Louis said.

You nodded and started kicking your leg back and forth. A nervous habit you got.

“Here’s the key to his room. ” Louis handed you a key and gave you a quick smile before leaving the elevator with Niall and Michelle.

You stepped out of the elevator and walked the other direction from them. Mumbling to yourself what you’re going to say.

You stopped in from of his door and took in a deep breath become nodding once. You slipped the key in and the door opened.

You stopped once you saw him sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, his head hanging low, fingers intertwined together.

“Harry,” you said quietly. So quiet you thought he didn’t hear you.

His head snapped up and took in a deep breath.

“Baby,” he said back breathlessly. You dropped everything and walked fast towards him.l and sat on his lap, wrapping your arms around his shoulder, leaning your head on his shoulder while his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Missed you.” You heard him mumble. “Missed you so much. ” he pressed a kiss to your neck and pulled back. He caressed your cheek and kissed your forehead, then cheek, then nose, than at last, your lips.

You pulled back and Leander your forehead against his. “Harry, we need to talk.” You whispered.

He nodded and pecked your nose before pulling back.

You took a deep breath. “Nadine. ” you said.

You heard him sigh and saw him close his eyes. “Y/N, I promise, we’re just friends. I would never hurt you like that. I was drunk and she was at the bar, she brought me to my hotel and that’s it. ” he said.

You wanted to believe him. You really did, but you didn’t.

“Okay. ” you nodded.

“You don’t trust me do you?” He asked.

“I do, I do okay?” You said, nodding.

You didn’t want to fight anymore. You wanted everything to go back to the way it was. To him cuddling you. Him kissing you. Him hold long your hand. Him cooking for you. Him telling you he loves you.

“Okay,” he mumbled. “Now, about what you said..” He trailed off.

“I didn’t mean it, I swear. I love you so much. Fuck, I love you so much that it scares me. I’ve never felt like this before, Harry, and it scares me. ” you said hurriedly. “When I say I love you, I don’t just say it to hear you say it back. I say it because there is not a truer sentence that could be spoken. ”

“I love you, baby, so much,” he whispered. He pecked your lips and nodded. “I forgive you.”

You sighed in relief and closed your eyes. You his your face in the crook of his neck and kissed him there so many times.

“I love you.” You kept on saying it.

“Say it again,” he whispered. You pulled away and looked at him with confusion.

“Say what?”

“I love you. Say it again.”

“Why?” You asked.

“It’s been three damn months since I heard you say that. ” he breathed out.

You smiled. “ I love you. ”

“Again,” he said, squeezing your hips once.

You rolled your eyes playfully and grinned. “I love you harry styles.” You said slowly.

He giggled adorably and gave you kisses all over your face. You squealed and laughed and pushed him away from you.

“I love you, Y/N.” He said seriously. You smiled and priced his lips once again.
You finally have him in your arms. With you. You finally have your Harry back and nothing will separate the two of you.

“Nothing’s going to separate us, alright?” He whispered. “Nothing. ”

You nodded and grinned, happy that you guys are okay. That you guys are to the way it was before the fight started. happy that you were finally home.

But your smile faded when you heard the door being opened and a person stepping in the room. A person you didn’t want to see.


Okay, so I decided to make this into a series. It’ll be called diary. I guess. Some chapters will be short and some will be long. 

hope you guys liked this part and don’t forget to request!