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Mike still had the phone number, scrawled on a yellowing piece of paper from god knows how long ago. Are you allowed to call someone after like, two years? Should he try? Mike took a deep breath. He shouldn't be so intimidated by this idea. ..Maybe he should try that texting thing. He's gotten himself a flip phone with a keypad, but he can only hope his old friend could afford something similar--or better. [TXT; hello is this iris sorry] Sent. And now.. he waits. (( hope this is alright !! :O ))

((this is great! It’s lovely to see you again!))

On the other end of the line, a phone vibrated and a chirpy tune played from its speaker. A more modern and accessible phone, by that, and it was quickly picked up and checked on by the same fair-skinned, black-haired woman. She found herself gasping in surprise when she saw that she still had his caller ID saved in her phone; perhaps transferring his number over the few phones she had bought over the past couple of years was worth it after all. She immediately and excitedly texted him back, clearly happy to hear from him once more.

[TXT; :ooooo!! MIKE!!]
[TXT; it’s been sooooooo long how u been? im so happy to hear from you!]