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Pretty Little Liar! Ashton

Words: 3.3k

Warning: Smut, Ashton kinda fucks you with a lolly. But it’s ok I swear.

Summary: Y/N had been getting text’s from ‘A’, threatening her to sext and send nudes. Only to find out he was going to be at her very own Halloween party, so they will meet face to face and be face to face with other parts of the body. (69 if you catch my drift;) 


I reached my hand in my pocket, feeling my phone buzz and ding inside the confinement. I was currently setting up for my halloween party that I was holding tonight and I had been getting all sorts of messages. Mostly people confirming the time and if they can bring booze, well duh. I placed my thumb on the screen opening up my phone and clicking onto messages. I sighed and tapped onto the message, it was yet another message from ‘A’. ‘A’ had been texting me for the past couple of week’s, they were a nightmare. 

They had been sending through messages asking for nudes or asking me to sext and if I didn’t they threatened me with video files that could get me into trouble. Last year wasn’t my best year and someone had caught it on tape. So as anyone would I reported it, but the person behind ‘A’ leaked a video of me stealing a file from our headmasters office. It was one of my friends medical file, but they gave me a week detention as I had no proof it was hers. And breaking into the headmasters office was frond apron. So since then I’ve been dealing with everything ‘A’ tells me, other wise other things will spill. 

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You Could’ve Killed Me // C.H

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Pairing: Calum x Reader

Halloween themed imagines: Luke’s - Ashton’s

Description: Who forced you into a haunted house? Your boyfriend. Who’s going to pay for it? Your boyfriend.

You held Calum’s hand tighter and intensely tried to pull him away from the haunted house, but unfortunately, he was way stronger than you, and he didn’t even notice your constant tries to get him to turn around and walk away.

“This is going to be FUN!” Calum screamed in excitement, as you walked up the stairs to the entrance. You then let go of his hand and watched him turn around, confused about the sudden lack of your touch.

“What’s wrong, babe?” he questioned with furrowed eyebrows. You felt like a baby, as you stood there in the middle of the entrance, refusing to go in with your boyfriend.

“I don’t like it,” you murmured and Calum’s face instantly softened at your weak words. He took a huge step towards you and wrapped his strong arms around your waist. You pouted and observed him with wide eyes.

“It’s not that scary, Y/N. I promise.” He whispered, his brown eyes shining as the night was getting closer. You grunted and looked away from him to think about it.

“It’s scary, though,” you mumbled and looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact. He pressed a finger to head and held your chin high, so your eyes were locked on his.

“I’m here when it gets scary, sweetheart,” he said in a calm voice filled with loyalty. You sighed, knowing that your little cheeseball had convinced you to face your biggest fear.

“You suck, Hood,” you said with a frown that instantly turned into a smirk. Calum grinned as he pushed you into the dark mansion. You followed Calum’s steps, making you as small as possible. He walked over to buy some tickets and it only took a second before you were both let into the haunted part of the house.

A darkness slowly laid around you as you entered. A violin was playing a little, scary melody in the background. You almost couldn’t see anything, but the shadow of a couch and some chairs appeared in your sight, making you realise that this was some sort of living room. Goosebumps grew down your back as you felt Calum pushing you further into the room. Suddenly, a girl dressed in white stood behind the couch. Blood was running down her cheeks as if it was tears. Red stains covered her filthy dress as her black eyes widen as she saw you. A small mumble escaped her lip, a mumble about a warning. You felt like you were going to puke any minute. Calum kept pushing you out of the room and into the next, which wasn’t better.

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Dreams//Ashton Irwin smut

Rating:PG 13
Warning: just smut
Written by: S

You woke up to a whimpering noise from beside you. It was coming from your boyfriend, Ashton, and you figured he was having a nightmare. Until your name and a soft groan fell from his lips, causing you to smirk. You sat up and swung your leg over him so you were straddling his crotch, the beautiful blonde still snoring and occasionally moaning softly. You sat your hips down onto him and began to rock them slowly, feeling his semi, his green eyes immediately flitting open and growing wide at the sight he’d just woken up to.
“Goodmorning babe,” you said with a smirk as you continued to grind on him, feeling yourself becoming more wet.
“Goodmorning babygirl,” he said with his raspy morning voice.
You leaned down and started leaving kisses on his collar bones and jaw, sucking a few hickeys there as well.
Ash suddenly stopped your movements and flipped you over, leaning down to suck a hickey right where he knew your sweet spot was, causing you to let out a soft whine.
“Babygirl you took such good care of me last night. I couldn’t stop fucking dreaming about you riding me, your tits bouncing in my face,” he whispered into your ear, turning you on further. “Let me take care of you now princess,” he said as he slipped a hand down to pull his band tee off of you.
“God baby you’re so….fucking……perfect….” he praised as he trailed kisses down your neck and onto your chest. He kissed circles around your right boob as his hand massaged the left and finally took the right into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud while he pinched the other.
You were trying to hold back your moans, biting your lip, and Ash could tell. He stopped what he was doing and looked you in the eye. “Don’t hold back princess,” he began as he trailed a finger down your body, “I wanna hear those beautiful sounds you make for me. I wanna know you’re mine.” His finger halted as his words did right when they hit the bottom of your navel. You began to squirm, wanting, needing, him to touch you.
“All you have to do is tell me what you want me to do and I will,” he coaxed, circling his finger around your navel and trailing it softly over your hip bones, leaning down to kiss either one and nip at the skin as he waited.
“Ash……baby…..fuck….I need…..I need you to touch me…..” you managed to strangle out as he teased you.
“Touch you princess?” he asked, resting his hands on your inner thighs, slowly dragging his fingers up and down, coming close to your core but never touching it.
“Shit Ashton I need your fingers in me please baby,” you let out shakily.
You quickly felt a calloused finger tracing your lips, still teasing you.
“So wet for me princess……damn,” he said as he ran his finger up and down your slit.
“Shit…..please don’t tease baby,” you moaned more than spoke.
You then felt him spread your lips with one hand and dance a finger of the other around your entrance. “Ash baby pl…..” You were cut off by two fingers ramming into you and feeling his tongue flick over your clit.
“Shit…..that’s…..fuck,” you moaned out, causing him to hum in approval onto your pussy as he pumped his fingers in and out, the vibrations making you moan again. He then pulled his fingers out, causing you to whine, before he quickly replaced them with his tongue. As it flicked in and out of you you could feel yourself getting closer. “Ash…baby I’m..fuck,” you stuttered out as he curled he sucked at your lips while his tongue curled inside of you. To let you know he understood, he hummed against you again, and sent you over the edge, moaning his name and various swears as you came into his mouth while he licked you clean. “Thank you Ash that…..”
“Princess I didn’t say we were finished, did I?” he cut you off with a smirk. “No princess I’m not done with you. Kneel over there,” he demanded, pointing to a spot on the floor, his dominance turning you on again. He walked in front of you and smiled down at you.
“Such an obedient girl for me princess,” he said, “You know what to do now, yeah?”
You knew, but you decided to tease him a bit. You ran your hands down his bare chest to the band of his boxers, slipping your fingers beneath it as you flicked your eyes up to his. You popped the band back onto his stomach, causing him to groan. Then you pulled down his boxers, his hard on popping out. As you reached to grab it, you locked eyes with your boyfriend, looking up at him as you kitten licked the tip, making him throw his head back and let out a soft ‘shit’. You licked a stripe up his length, grabbing his balls as you did, making him whimper. “Princess stop teasing and suck me already,” he groaned. You took some of him into your mouth and bobbed your head while swirling your tongue around him. “Fuck princess you’re…’re fucking good at that.” He wound his hands into your hair and pushed you further on to his length, causing you to gag around him as he let out a strangled groan. You did that a few more times, loving the sounds he made, before he pulled you off of him and stood you up. “Princess if you’d kept going I would’ve come before I could fuck you,” he whispered into your ear. “Well we wouldn’t want that, would we,” you smirked at him as he reached behind you and pulled a sheet off of something. “Baby girl turn around and kneel,” he said and you obeyed, suddenly seeing your body staring back at you in a mirror and seeing the blonde kneel behind you. Without a word, he slid into you, causing you both to moan as he grabbed your jaw. “Eyes open princess, I want you to see how beautiful you are while I fuck you,” he said into your ear as he slid in and out of you slowly while he kissed and nipped at the crook of your neck, groaning into it. He soon picked up his pace as you began to rock back on him. He used his other hand to tweak at your nipples, both of you moaning and swearing as he fucked up into you from behind. You clenched around him while he was moving since you were close and you knew that drove him mad.
“Shit princess do that again,” he groaned. And you continued until you felt him twitch inside you. He moved his hand down to circle you clit, wanting you to come first. “Come for me yeah princess? Is my beautiful girl gonna come for me?” He taunted into your ear, rubbing his finger faster and pumping into you faster until you hit your high. “Shit Ash I’m…….” You managed before you came undone around him, setting off his high as you felt him release into you. Both of your moans mixed together, along with various 'oh shit’s and 'fuck’s.
Both of you collapsed onto the floor and looked at eachother as you ran your fingers through his blonde hair, both of you smiling.

“Everyone Keeps Telling Me You’re the Bad Guy” - M.C.

A little schoolboy!michael for y’all :)

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy…”

           Stereotypes. The one word you would use to describe your high school. The popular girls were usually the cheerleaders, who spent their time following around the jocks. The nerds, the druggies, the “bad boys”, and then there was you. You didn’t exactly fit in with anybody, to be honest. You and your friends were always called the “outcasts” for that reason, but it never bothered any of you. You sure as hell didn’t want to be the popular girls, all chasing after the same boy. You strayed away from all of the cliques in your school every year until earlier this year of grade 11. A grade 12 boy had approached you, and you two hit it off. Michael was definitely a part of the bad boy clique, for his excessively long fringe, leather jacket, black jeans, well- black everything, actually. You didn’t care, he expressed interest in you and you played along until you caught yourself falling for him, too.

           Your relationship caught a lot of stares in the halls, along with a lot of whispers.

           “Who is she?”

           “Is she new?”

           “Why the hell would he be with her

           “Poor girl, she’s going to get destroyed. He’s not a good guy.”

You tried your best to ignore them, but sometimes it got hard. After school let out one day, you had asked Michael to meet you so you could talk. He usually drove you home, so you just invited him up to your room.

           “What’s up, Y/N? What did you want to talk about?” he says, innocently.

           “Mikey, I don’t know if I can keep doing this…” your words trail off into a whisper.

           “What? What do you mean? Are you trying to break up with me? What did I do? I can fix it I promise.” He panics, making your heart ache more and more.

           “No, you didn’t do anything. It’s just… everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. I don’t want to get hurt, you know that.” You say, avoiding eye contact. Michael cups your cheek with his hand, and forces you to look up at him.

           “Of course I know that, Y/N. I’m not going to hurt you, I swear. And I’m also not going anywhere. You’re my baby, I’m not losing you over the dumbfucks at school who are too jealous to admit it. I love you.” He kisses you as you smile, reassuring you that you picked a good one.