For those of you who aren’t familiar with art school life, I studied at a prestigious design school internationally ranked the best. As soon as I got there, I was surrounded by hundreds of others from all over the world (but mostly from Korea and for some reason, New Jersey) who were just as skilled, if not better than me and it was intimidating.

Imagine having a limited time to use all your wit, brain-power and research skills to come up with a concept as fast as you can, and then spend HOURS crafting, designing, measuring, illustrating, building, creating. Whether you’re proud or unhappy with your work, when the time is up you have to display in front of your professor and peers and listen while they talk about everything that’s right or wrong with it. And if they ask you questions, you have to arm yourself with intelligent, non-defensive answers. That’s just for one studio class. You’re taking three (sometimes four if you have a time turner) every semester along with writing essays, reading Machiavelli, and memorizing art history dates. That’s more hours of work than someone with a 9-5 spent on projects that might just get criticized when you only want praise and validation. Could you handle that?

Yes you could, if you separate judgement from critique. When you receive a comment, no matter how much it hurts your ego to hear, you have to try to filter the negativity and judgement from it and listen to the message. And when you give a critique, you try to do it objectively and without judgment. It’s not about developing a thick skin, it’s about taming your ego. That’s how you grow.

I’m writing this because so many of you think humility is about wearing turtlenecks and pretending like you hate yourself when really it’s about recognizing the flaws and working to improve.

My friends from BYU successfully Kickstarted the second volume of their art anthology Reality Not Included! One of the project heads, Christopher Hayes, asked me to create an 18" poster that would be given to backers.

While searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon a 1924 cover of La Vie Parisienne by George Leonnec. I knew at that moment I needed to paint its companion.

So here’s to impossible couples and finding love in strange places! Just don’t think about the logistics of this particular relationship. Things get weird. Fast.


This past semester at school I had the honor of collaborating on a thesis project with my friend & amazing artist Xanthe Bouma - we worked together to create a fantasy world & story, and then we each focused on part of the world to create our own individual work in. In addition to the 3 illustrations we each did, we also made explorer’s journals which I’ll be posting pages from in the next few weeks. Look forward to it!


Here it is in all its glory! My first Game Grumps animation! AND my junior thesis as well!

It was such a great experience putting this all together. I loved every second of it! In all honesty, I’ve never imagine that it would gain this much popularity, especially when I posted the rough animation a few months ago. I’m so fortunate to have all of you guys supporting me, and fortunate to be in an art college that let me do this (seriously though, I still can’t believe they let me do this)! Thank you everyone!

And I know this is very short, but this is the first of many to come!

This is a piece entitled: The First of Ten Serpents that I did for a show of student and faculty work I’m putting on in the Julian Allen Gallery at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

The show is called: Seance Mystery, Superstition, and the Occult, and it’ll be up for the next two weeks at least. Come by and check it out if you’re in the area (3rd floor, Fox building)!

You can see this and other great prints and originals from a bunch of very talented illustrators!

For example, here is a piece by the amazing Kali Ciesemier

And another by the incomprehensible Sam Bosma

Come on in and get creeped out! I’ll post some photos from this soon!

Speaking of prints, you can purchase the image above and many other fine selections from my INPRNT gallery!

Halloween spook-a-roo!