The Manila International Book Fair is happening this week and I am excited. I may have not saved up as much money as I’d hope to but, I still have a few more days to save as much as I can and I to motivate me with my saving, I listed the down the books that I want to buy this year:

1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This book has been on my wishlist ever since it got released. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of this book but every time I try, something happens. It’s either I don’t have enough money or the book or the store I am in doesn’t have a copy of the book. This book is definitely on the top of my list and I will do everything to get my hands on a copy of it.

2. Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

I feel a bit bittersweet whenever I read a Ned Vizzini book. He’s writing is so relatable and contemporary that it consoles me but once I finish the book, I feel a certain sadness since I know that there will never be new Ned Vizzini books in the future. He’s only written a few books and I vow to read all of them which is why I want to buy Be More Chill.

3. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

I feel like a total loser. The movie adaptation of this book is coming out this week and I still haven’t read it yet. It’s not because I’m not interested enough but rather because I feel the need to read the physical version of the book. From what I’ve heard, it seems like it’s an amazing book and I think I wouldn’t do it justice if I would opt for the ebook version. There are just some books that are worth reading and buying.

4. Catcher in Rye by J.D. Salinger

I’m not really into the classics but I really want to be. Catcher in the Rye has been on my book wishlist for about two years already. There’s so much controversy surrounding the book that it intrigues me. It want to know what’s the fuss all about. I feel like I’m decades late but nevertheless, I still want to read this book.

5. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Another classic read that really intrigues me. It’s been featured in many books and even movies, that it fascinates me. The first time I heard of the book was when I was reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower. I just feel something really good about this book, I don’t know what it is but I hope that what I feel isn’t wrong.

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Manila International Book Fair

It was so overwhelming. Before I went, Ive already prepared a long list of books I wanted but I didnt expect to find almost everything on my list.

It stressed me out tbh.

It stressed me out that I couldnt buy everything. Especially seeing the stock of Irvine Welsh and Charles Bukowski titles. Whenever I go to the bookstore to find books from those authors I always end up unsuccessful but here they are at the book fair piles and piles of them at the national bookstore aisle. They were holding them out from me! And now that they were just inches away from me I was so frustrated that I couldnt buy as much as I wanted. Its like Ive been deprived.

What really made my day was when I found a copy of Daniel Handler’s Adverbs. Ive been looking for that book since I was 16 when I learned that my favorite author, Lemony Snicket was actually a fictional character made by the man behind that pseudonym, Daniel Handler. That information ruined my life, and ever since that day Ive been trying to find books by Daniel Handler but they’re so hard to stumble upon, it took me this long to finally get a hold of a copy of Adverbs. The only other time I saw a copy of this book was in the library back at college and I really wanted to steal it.

Now that I have a copy of my own, I can finally die happy. And yes it is highly likely that I will die next to a pile of books Ive been meaning to read.

The 34th Manila International Book Fair

1. Angela and I had a lot of catching up to do, but because of the heavy school works, we planned to have a date set after the Buwan ng Wika activity at school. Exactly after that, there’s the MIBF on going so we decided to go there!!

2. We met at MCDO Olivarez on a Sunday, Angela and her parents picked me up there. We had a drive-thru breakfast on the car + talked about the yay and nay on school and college stuff with the help of her parents!!

3. Got to SMX just as it opened and we were in awe of the sale and books. Angela got the newly designed Harry Potter books and I got some novels from Fullybooked. I also got this book called “The Filipino is Worth Blogging For” from the UP Publishing. I found it really cool and it was an ultimate good buy!

4. After 3-4 hours of staying in there, we decided to meet her parents and ate lunch at Teriyaki Boy.

5. After having lunch, we decided to roam around the mall but bought nothing for ourselves. To all our kwentuhan, it felt like MOA’s such a little place because we can’t find a place to go already.

6. We decided to go to Fullybooked, got a book, sat on the floor and talked even more. We even tried to take pictures because we had none since the morning because we were very busy eyeing the books and sharing stories, but a staff saw us so yeah.. let’s just get back to talking.

7. Went back to the parking and drove home. When we were on the car, we realized that we had no pictures taken because of how busy we were catching up and checking out the books. Had a really fun Sunday!

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I’ll be waiting for your tweets, randomly choosing the winners on the 6th of September (that’s a on Friday!). I’ll be announcing the winners here. So stay tuned!

All the best to everyone,


The 34th Manila International Book Fair

You guys have been hearing me blab about the book fair for the past month or so and since it has finally arrived, there was no way I would miss it.

This year I went alone since my friends are kinda busy right now and since I’m stuck with this awful schedule for this semester. I was kinda bummed that I only got to go today. I really wanted to go on the first day so that I could get the best deals first.

Anyway, I was still happy to be there. To be surrounded by so much books and so much bookworms. It’s like a bibliophile’s paradise. There were already a lot of people when I arrived and I have been anticipating this since it’s a weekend. I have to admit I wasn’t able to cross everything out of my list. A lot of books were already out of stock. I really need to go on the first day next year haha! 

I know the place was filled with a lot of different booths but, I was only able to buy books at two booths namely National Bookstore and Fullybooked. Most of the other booths were selling religious or academic books. 

Last year I was able to buy most of my haul from National but this year things took a turn and I purchased more from Fullybooked. One of the reasons being that most of the books I wanted were not sold at National Bookstore. 

After hours of searching this is what I ended up with:

1. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn

This book wasn’t on my initial book fair list but I just finished reading ‘Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares’ which is by the same authors, a few days ago and I still cannot stop thinking about it(Will post a book review soon).I just need to read another book with a similar concept and what better book to choose than one that is by the same authors. 

2. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

A wrote a blog post a few weeks back about being intrigued by this book. This book was definitely on the top of my wishlist. I’m very much into contemporary light-hearted novels now and this looks like a perfect match for me. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about this and I sure hope that this book won’t disappoint me. I’ve got a good feeling about this book!

3. Divergent by Veronica Roth 

Funny thing about this book, I didn’t exactly buy it at the book fair. I was scouring the shelves of Fullybooked and National but all I could find was Insurgent, which is the sequel of this novel. I spent like an hour looking for this and I felt kinda bad when I couldn’t find a copy but then I remembered that every time the book fair is in town, the Fullybooked branch in MOA would also hold a 20% off sale. So instead of sulking I went straight to Fullybooked and I luckily found the last copy of Divergent. 

I’ve been wanting to read something adventurous and since this book has been compared a lot to the Hunger Games trilogy and is also about to be a film, I decided to give this book a shot. 

4. The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

I had no intentions of buying this book. It’s not even on my wishlist but I admit there really is something about this book that intrigues me. I’ve encountered this book a lot at Booksale and I even came close to purchasing it once but there was always something that stopped me from doing so. But what made me purchase this book today was its price. It only costs 99 Bucks! I could not let this go. It costs almost double the price at Booksale.

5. Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

A book written by two of my favorite authors, John Green and David Levithan. I like how both them write so modernly without sacrificing the content of the book. I’ve read books by both of them before and I have loved them but I haven’t read anything that they collaborated on. It’s like a dream come true. It’s not everyday that two great authors collaborate on something. I’m pretty sure that this book is amazing!

6. It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

I have been eyeing this book for more than a year now. Just the title alone intrigues me. I’ve tried looking for this at the book fair last year but they were all out at the time. Every time I would see this book at a book store I would pick it up at tell it that I will buy you someday. Weird eh? Anyway, I’m just so happy to get my hands on this book. I wanted to scream when I saw it today. I’ve already read a few chapters of it and I can say that it is indeed interesting.


The 33rd Manila International Book Fair (09/16/12)

First time bingo MIBF with Bestbud Anzoi! SMX became sweet glimpse of heaven for book junkies and bibliophiles. We got drowned by numerous titles at very affordable price not to mention the freebies being given away, too. Cheers to my wallet and book taste buds.

I was supposed to buy one of Papa R’s (Ramon Bautista) books but they were already out of stock since it’s already the last day. Lesson learned, I’ll go earlier next year. Swear! Anyhoo, The highlight of our visit was the photo opportunity with Raimund Marasigan and his wifey Myrene. #FANGIRLFEELS!

Awesome and worthwhile MIBF experience :)

Manila International Book Fair.

I just got home from the MIBF, and I’m really tired but it was all worth it! There were lots of great stalls from different publishing houses and book stores showcasing their wide selection of books. A few of those who participated were National Bookstore, Goodwill bookstore, OMF, CSM, Elsevier, etc.

I have to admit that I am REALLY a book worm. Ever since I discovered our home library when I was 5, I never stopped reading different books of all titles. Now that I’ve become a christian I found the gravity of constantly being instructed and guided by christian books. The dilemma of the absentee leader(also called the busy leader) is rampant in our world today. But thankfully, I can have spiritual leaders that constantly teach me practical faith and leadership, through the books that they write. :)

So, here is my goodie loot! 

Assaulted by Joy - Stephen Simpson, original price P650. I bought it for only P95 pesos!! Great deal! It’s all about joy, and how it can work miracles in the lives of people.

Who you Are When No One’s Looking -Bill Hybels, original price is P672 (online), but I bought it for only P100!! Super great deal too! This book is all about character and deals with one of the greatest questions in life–who we really are when people don’t see us. 

This one is a bible study material that I bought to help me in discussing and knowing the heart of Peter. Also, I actually really wanted to buy this as a small group material for me. Original price is P150, bought it only for P50 pesos. HihiBRRR :)

This book slapped me. Seriously. I am in this season of developing and growing my leadership skills and it’s so hard to do it on a ‘trial-and-error’ basis. I am handling lives here, potential leaders and beloved people! Like an answered prayer, this book came to me when I needed it the most. Originally priced P400-600 online but bought it for only P100 pesos! yihee!

and.. a new bible! YEY! I’ve been wishing for a new bible ever since forever because my original bible is so heavy and burdensome to carry around on an everyday basis. Original price is P700, bought it for only P300 pesos. :)

Other stuff that’s free and pinabili lang sakin. Attributes of god is not mine, the other one was free. :)

So here’s my little sistor, Trishia, with me after a super exciting day!

(sorry blurred)

Here’s trishia’s loot:

SOSYAL NI TRISH!! Puro Maxwell titles binili, ano? haha.

Anyways, super fun day! I really had to discipline myself with this book sale craze. Thank God for the Holy spirit who reminds me to be self-controlled! Wuhooo! 

Anyways, if you have any thoughts and questions, message me here.