anonymous asked:

Hi...if possible. Could you make those gifs of the camera rotating around pearl into one? Like i need a looping gif of it for my blog sidebar please! ♥♥♥

ehhh I’m not sure because of Tumblr’s MB gif limit. The scene has a ton of frames but I’ll try my best in a bit to make it small enough that tumblr can handle it

margairytyrell  asked:

hey, I'm trying to upload 250px gifs in tumblr but appears a message saying ''upload error'' and the size of the gifs is less than 2mb. Please help me I don't know what's happening to me gifs :S

The tumblr does not support a gif larger than 2mb. Sometimes the gif is small, but the way you did it, may have been larger than 2mb. Gifs very bright and colorful are usually large relative to mb. Before saving the gif you did look at the size of it. IMAGE EXAMPLE HERE. Remember tumblr only supports below 2mb =)