Merlin Modern Day MI6 operatives

Arthur and Merlin are operatives for MI6 working on project Avalon. They travel the world together Arthur as the brawn and jetsetter born into the Pendragon dynasty as his cover while Merlin, a wizard with computers, acts as Arthur’s best friend and co-partier.

Of course, the attraction between the two spies is palpable. When they are in the room together, they seem to only have eyes for each other.


6 Actresses Who Could Easily Play James Bond Or Other, Better Roles

Following the news that Daniel Craig is decidedly not interested in returning for another installment of the long-running James Bond franchise, fans have begun to rally behind the idea of a woman filling the shoes of the famed British secret agent in the series’ next, inevitable installment. Those fans rightfully demand more inclusiveness in the predominately white male-dominated industry and hope that a female Bond is a step in the right direction. So, here’s a list of six talented actresses that could easily play the iconic character James Bond—or other, much better roles.

1.) Gillian Anderson

Last week, Gillian Anderson announced her interest in playing 007 by tweeting out a fan-made poster of herself that practically broke the internet. Known for her roles on The X-Files, The Fall, and, most recently, Hannibal, Anderson has garnered a rabid fanbase that for some reason would love to see her play the tired, well-worn character of James Bond. True, the redheaded bombshell would absolutely crush it as a martini-drinking MI6 agent, just as much as she would crush a far more nuanced, actually interesting character. Like, maybe Agent Scully—her adored X-Files character who has a willingness to tackle complex moral and ethical conundrums without punching or resorting to kitschy gadgets—could get her own movie or series of movies.

2.) Emilia Clarke

On HBO’s Game Of Thrones, she’s Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother Of Dragons. But in real life, Emilia Clarke is more interested in being the Woman With The Golden Gun. She struggled to find success in the most recent installment of the Terminator franchise, but fans are still eager to see her take the reins on a British spy thriller in which they can watch her look bored in far-flung locations, drive vaguely exotic-looking cars, sell watches, and do everything else James Bond is famous for. Clarke could easily fill this role and/or a better role that hasn’t already been done more than 25 times by seven different dudes to diminishing returns.