The real Q is a woman, British chief spy reveals
Sir Alex Younger, speaking at Women in IT Awards, says James Bond films give MI6 a global profile – but their stereotypes are not entirely accurate
By Ewen MacAskill

Although she was not identified by name, MI6’s head of operational technology is a woman. This news came as part of a keynote speech that MI6’s chief, Alex Younger, gave to a group of women in technology, encouraging them to join the agency:

“If any of you would like to join us … the real-life Q is looking forward to meeting you and I’m pleased to report that the real-life Q is a woman.”

Ex-MI6 agent so worried by his Donald Trump discoveries he started working without pay
Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who investigated Donald Trump’s alleged Kremlin links, was so worried by what he was discovering that at the end he was working without pay, The Independent has learned. Mr Steele also decided to pass on information to both British and American intelligence officials after concluding that such material should not just be in the hands of political opponents of Mr Trump, who had hired his services, but was a matter of national security for both countries.

“Mr Trump’s campaign team had agreed to a Russian request to dilute attention on Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine. Four days later Mr Trump stated that he would recognise Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. A month later officials involved in his campaign asked the Republican party’s election platform to remove a pledge for military assistance to the Ukrainian government against separatist rebels in the east of the country. … There seemed to be little progress in a proper inquiry into Mr Trump. The Bureau, instead, seemed to be devoting their resources in the pursuit of Hillary Clinton’s email transgressions. The New York office, in particular, appeared to be on a crusade against Ms Clinton.”

libbyangelofthelord  asked:

What if mycroft had a daughter and she was a top agent in MI6 and she ends up in a situation where she has to die to save the day and maybe the others like Greg, John and Sherlock are in the room during the last words they exchanged with one another like I love yous.

John could not help hold back his tears as he watched Mycroft say his last goodbye’s to his only daughter Cassandra from behind the aquarium like glass.

It had been a case where Sherlock needed MI6 agents to help him take down a faction of Jim’s old web and Cassandra, a newly minted agent wanting to prove herself eagerly applied to help.

She had studied what had probably been her whole young life just to be a ‘Bond’ agent for the crown. It had been everything Cassie ever wanted to talk about as a young girl.

Cassandra was determined that she would be an MI6 agent. She tirelessly trained for it, harassed Sherlock for gadgets (to which he sometimes supplied), harassed her father for information and begged Greg to get in some training with the yard to beef up her resume.

“Dad, I’m sorry,” Cassandra cried brokenly from the other side of the glass. Her hand pressed hard against where Mycroft’s hand was placed, “ I thought I could do it but I was wrong and you were right. Dad, please forgive me.”

Mycroft of course was set against this from the start not because she was a girl but because Cassie was his baby girl.
“You needn’t start on such perilous missions in your first go,” Mycroft had urged her when Cassie expressed interest in their case, “stick with some safe ones to get your grounding.”

Cassie of course didn’t listen and now she was stuck behind a glass wall where a timed radiation bomb was set to go off. The glass room had been sealed but at a great cost. For to get it secure so that way the surrounding 50 mile radius wouldn’t be infected it had to be closed from both sides.

Sherlock had offered to be the one to close it from the other side, Greg had argued that he had to and John was so busy trying to keep them both from doing something stupid that he didn’t realize that Cassie had snuck by him to close it from the inside.

Cassandra,” Mycroft uttered her name with such sentiment that John was sure that he was about to break down crying at any second and pressed his forehead closer to his crying daughter,“ This is not you fault but mine. I should have pushed you away from this more-if anything I failed you.”

The worst part is that they couldn’t open the door to even save Cassie’s life now that it was sealed. No amount of hacking from Sherlock or kicking from Greg was going to open that door to save her from the radiation poisoning. 

Cassandra Violet Marie Holmes was going to die in a most painful manner before their very eyes and there was nothing they could do about it.

“Dad…dad I’m sacred!” Cassie cries as the numbers on the bomb are getting closer to single digits.

“So am I Cassie, please, stay with me. Look at me and not the bomb,” Mycroft begs her hoping to see her face one more time and see it not painted in fear.

Cassandra is hysterical now as the numbers are going into the final ten and even Sherlock has stopped trying to break into the room in order to stare at his niece with Greg.

There’s nothing they can do.

Mycroft is crying just as poorly as Cassie as the bomb hits zero and sobs even harder as the radiation starts to kill her slowly. How her skin is starting to yellow, her eyes turning red, and how she struggles to breath until she becomes silent. 

It becomes to much to bear as Mycroft falls to the ground beside the dying corpse of his daughter bellowing unashamedly.

No one says a thing.

Sherlock doesn’t make any snide remarks, John doesn’t try to offer any condolences, and Greg just punches the wall with tears streaming down his face. 

The only noise that’s in the room is Mycroft crying over the dead body of his daughter behind the glass.

Workplace Etiquette

It’s not like Q doesn’t share his work details with his parents, but being the Quartermaster of MI6 comes with certain restrictions when it comes to his work. As far as they are concerned, Q is just a mid-level IT employee in Universal Exports with some people working under him. Fortunately, Q has long learned to find ways to circumvent the issue when he really needs ranting out his work stress.

Endless scrutiny from accounting on his quarterly budget (yes, blown again by sodding 007) can be easily transformed as “internal audit”. This one is easy.

Moneypenny teasing him about the latest 00Q grapevine development - the office secretary who keeps the annoying breakroom gossip running.
Q-branch minions causing explosions (of various scale) in the lab? Junior programmers who can’t write codes properly and leaving a mess to clean up.

Tanner’s stream of emails regarding the upcoming joint operations with MI5 – server migration / hardware upgrades / debugging of the latest software update (not that his parents will understand a word of techno-jargon)

Emergency calls in the middle of a meal from M? His boss has poured coffee all over his laptop again and got the Blue Screen of Death. Better go before he causes actual human causality in the office – then Q is on his merry way to foil another terrorist attack.

Double-Os causing havoc in various locations in the world? Office idiots who browse unsecure websites during office hours and let viruses infecting the company network – yes, sorry, but he has to go to contain the virus now.

And Bond losing or breaking every piece of equipment on the field? The git who never replenishes A4 papers in the printers and somehow manages to break the damn machines whenever he comes close to them.

People who use up the paper and not refilling are most annoying colleagues, really.

Obituary, Commander James Bond, C.M.G., R.N.

Commander James Bond, C.M.G., R.N.


A senior officer of the Ministry of Defence, Commander James Bond, C.M.G., R.N. is missing, believed killed, while on an offical mission in Turkey.

Commander Bond saw active service abroad in numerous theatres of conflict. Despite unconfirmed and unsubstantiated reports in the foreign press of his often controversial means of mission handling, little is actually known about Bond’s personal life.

An unofficial source at MI6 described Commander Bond as a classic cold-war warrior, his brief entry in Who’s Who is a testament to his discretion. In it he named his career only as being in the “HM Diplomatic Service.” Described by the head of MI6 as “An exemplar of British fortitude”, Commander Bond’s legacy remains a remarkable inspiration to those serving the country.

James Bond was born of a Scottish father, Andrew Bond of Glencoe, and Swiss mother, Monique Delacroix, from the Canton de Vaud. His early education, from which he inherited a first-class command of French and German, was entirely abroad. A climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges above Chaumonix, left the eleven year old Bond bereft of both parents. Jame Bond came under the guardianship of his aunt, since deceased, Miss Charmian Bond, whom he then lived with near Canterbury in Kent.

At the age of twelve, the young James Bond passed his entry exams into Eton, transferring after only two terms to Fettes – his father’s old school, where he excelled at boxing and Judo. Following active service in the Royal Navy, aboard the United Kingdom’s last operation aircraft carrier the Ark Royal and the HMS Invincible, Bond distinguished himself with the SBS in Iraq and Afghanistan before entering the SIS.

A colleague of James Bond writes: I was happy and proud to serve Commander Bond in a close capacity during the past three years at the Ministry of Defence. If our fears for him are justified, may I suggest these simple words for his epitaph? Many of the junior staff here feel they represent his philosophy: ‘I shall not waste any days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.’ Commander Bond was unmarried at the time of his death.

James Bond born 2nd March 1968 died October 20th 2012.