The real Q is a woman, British chief spy reveals
Sir Alex Younger, speaking at Women in IT Awards, says James Bond films give MI6 a global profile – but their stereotypes are not entirely accurate
By Ewen MacAskill

Although she was not identified by name, MI6’s head of operational technology is a woman. This news came as part of a keynote speech that MI6’s chief, Alex Younger, gave to a group of women in technology, encouraging them to join the agency:

“If any of you would like to join us … the real-life Q is looking forward to meeting you and I’m pleased to report that the real-life Q is a woman.”


Summary: You work at the MI6 Headquarters for Lady Smallwood. You love your job, but one day someone shows up and things get a little bit weird.

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader / Mycroft x Lady Smallwood

Warning: None

Word count: 1.548

A/N: Even though it was really hard to write, I think I made justice to the plot. Enjoy

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MI6 Headquarters, London

It was Monday, all the staff returned to the daily routine and you did it too. Working for the MI6 was tiring, yet it was the best job you could have ever gotten. You’ve been looking for it for a long time.

You worked as Lady Smallwood’s assistant every time she was visiting the establishment. According to you, Lady Elizabeth ‘Alicia’ Smallwood was a confident, powerful woman, and she was not easily shaken. Smallwood was extremely professional in her job, and that was why you admired her. Elizabeth never gave up. Even when her husband cheated on her and then committed suicide, she was still strong and determinate. She was like a role model to you.

“Lady Smallwood, Mr. Holmes is arriving,” you informed her boss after hanging up a call. 

“Thank you, Y/N,” she smiled to you as she kept walking towards her office.

“Could you make me a favour?” 

“Yes, of course,” you nodded. 

“Tell him to come into the office as soon as he arrives. This is serious,” she stated as she turned towards her office. 

“Of course, Lady Smallwood.”

What was the matter? What was going on? Was the country in danger or it was all about their strange relationship?

Mycroft Holmes, the ‘British government’, was her new interest. It was a very strange relationship. She tried her best to flirt with him, but he seemed not to notice it. Anyway, she kept trying.

But who were you to judge their relationship? After all, your love life was not normal either. That was something that you had to accept a long time ago. However, you were happy and that was all that mattered. Wasn’t it?

You were sitting by your desk doing classified paperwork when the door eventually opened and a tall man in a suit came up. He headed towards you and you quickly rose from your chair to greet him.

“Mr. Holmes, thank you for coming. Lady Smallwood wants to see you as soon as possible,” you gestured with your hands to your boss’ office. 

“Thank you…” he raised and eyebrow trying to remember your name. 

“Y/N Y/S, sir,” you said. 

“Y/N,” he frowned. “Oh, yes, Y/N,” you smiled shyly. “Alright, excuse me,” he said politely and walked towards the office.

The door shut and silence reigned the room again. You sat down on your chair and resumed your work. It was not hard but boring. It’s been a while since Mycroft Holmes entered the office, it was surely an important matter to discuss. Anyway, it was none of your concern. You should be working, not thinking about other’s matters. Therefore you focused again on the big amount of paperwork placed on your desk. But you knew that as long as nobody disturbed you, you would finish quickly.

It had been three hours since you started doing your paperwork. It was almost finished and you were excited. There were just five files left to classify. Everything was going according your plan until a tall man entered the room. You decided to ignore him so you could finish your work but suddenly the man came and leaned against your desk. You turned your gaze up and saw him. A tall man with curly hair, crystal blue eyes, sharp cheekbones, wearing a dinner jacket, a black coat and a blue scarf. It was definitely Sherlock Holmes.

“That’s mine,” he said as he took the last file you had to classify. 

“Sherlock, what are you doing here?” You exclaimed alarmed. 

“Shhh…” he shushed you and frowned “they can hear us.” 

“What are you doing here?!” You whispered angrily. 

“Why do you think I am here?” He asked you with a ‘you know why I’m here’ look on his face. Then, you rose from your chair and faced him. 

“Sherlock, they can fire me,” you whispered angrily. 

“Mmhh…” he tilted his head and pursed his lips as he looked away. “Don’t think so.” 

“There are security cameras all around the building and they will arrest us because of this stupid parade. So, I beg you, leave. I’ll see tomorrow.” 

“The cameras are not working anymore,” you frowned “Someone owed me a favour,” he smiled. You tried not to but couldn’t resist it. 

“Please,” you begged. 

“Didn’t you miss me?” He asked playfully. 

“Stop it!” You exclaimed as you giggled. “Seriously, what are you doing here?” You calmed yourself down and asked him. 

“Take a guess,” Sherlock whispered in your ear. 

“Please,” you said and he came back to his previous position. “I miss you too, but I have to work now,” you sighed. 

“Since when you like working?” You rolled her eyes and grinned. 

“Go back to work, bastard mine,” she said and touched his nose his her finger.

He chuckled and then kissed you on your cheek. You couldn’t resist it, he was so sweet so you had to do it. You put your arms around Sherlock’s neck and kissed him tenderly.

“Better?” You asked him and then bit your inferior lip as you looked him in his eyes. He nodded and then kissed you again.

Suddenly Lady Smallwood and Mycroft left the office. As soon as Mycroft saw his dear brother kissing you, he sighed. Elizabeth, who was closing her office heard someone giggling. She looked over her shoulder and saw the young couple. She glanced at Mycroft, who had now a palm on his face.

“Is that he?” She asked him. 

“The one and only,” he sighed. 

“So…” she said. 

“What?” She turned to her raising an eyebrow.

She tilted with her head to them. Mycroft took a deep breath and then cleared his throat. Instantly, you released Sherlock. They both opened their eyes at the same time and looked at each other in the eyes. You were worried but Sherlock…Sherlock was irritated.

“Unwise decision, brother mine.” 

Sherlock closed his eyes and pursed his lips. He sighed and looked at you. 

“Mycroft.” he said calmly and turned around to face his annoying brother.

“Sherlock, could you please behave for once in your life? This…this is…” he gestured with his hands 

“Inacceptable? Inappropriate? Impolite? Rude? Against the rules?” He scoffed.

“Unexpected.” Lady Smallwood finished the sentence and all of them turned to her. “This is unbelievable, I never thought this could happen.” 

“I…I can explain this,” you intervened. 

“No, you can’t,” Sherlock stopped her. 

“Sherlock, this is disappointing,” Mycroft scolded. 

“Disappointing? Really?” He scoffed. “That’s the best you can do?” 

“So what would you call this? Making fun of us? Kissing a stranger?” 

“She’s not a stranger,” he replied sharply. 

“So what is she?” He asked smirking. 

“She’s my girlfriend,” he said as a you began smiling. 

“You? A girlfriend? How…how can be that possible?” Mycroft laughed. 

“Well, I should be asking you the same,” Sherlock glanced at Lady Smallwood.

“Whatever you are thinking, dear little brother, is not true,” Mycroft denied firmly.

“Oh, I see. So you’ve never noticed about when Lady Smallwood flirts with you,” he smirked as Elizabeth’s eyes and mouth were open. “Look at you, brother mine. Funny, isn’t it?” 

“Sherlock Holmes, we were here to talk about the security of the British nation.” 

“Security?” He asked and raised an eyebrow. 

“Actually, it was all about your sister, Mr. Holmes,” Elizabeth added. 

“Euros?” You asked him; you were confused. 

“I bet she doesn’t know anything about Euros. Don’t you…” 

“Y/N,” Sherlock finished his brother’s sentence. “She knows everything about Euros.” 

“It’s a private matter,” Mycroft scolded. 

“Well…it’s not anymore,” he replied to him. 

“This is family,” he whispered sharply. 

“She is family!” He yelled as his brother. Both locked eyes for a moment.

“Sherlock, don’t,” you whispered. 

“You are family as well as John, Mary and Rosie.”

Sherlock looked over his shoulder as he pronounced those meaningful words. You smiled and so did he.

“Mr. Holmes,” Elizabeth interrupted. 

“Yes?” Mycroft and Sherlock turned to her and said simultaneously. Then, they exchanged gazes. 

“I think we had enough,” she said politely. 

“Sorry?” Mycroft asked her. 

“Didn’t you hear her? This is enough. You should stop and walk away,” you stated and glanced at Lady Smallwood, who grinned. 

“But…” Sherlock pouted. 

“Sherlock, please,” You asked him calmly. 

“Fine. I’ll let you keep working,” he said as he headed to the exit. 

“Sherlock, wait!” You shouted as you ran towards him. You got closer and turned his collar up, and grinned. “There you go.” 

“What? Why?” He asked. 

“It makes you more…you,” you looked each other in the eyes. “Tomorrow, I promise. I’ll be there,” she whispered. 


“Tomorrow,” you nodded and give him a quick but sweet kiss. Sherlock chuckled.

“Ok,” he exclaimed. “Goodbye, blood,” he greeted as he walked out of the room.

Elizabeth stared at you proudly. Even though you broke the rules, you knew how to ask a man to do something for you in a confident and gentle way.

Mycroft glanced at you and then turned his gaze at Lady Smallwood. He raised an eyebrow and then nodded. Both ladies could see him exiting the room.

Once the Holmes siblings were gone, both of you looked at each other and chuckled.

“Men,” Lady Smallwood stated as she headed to her office. Then, she looked over her shoulder at you. 

“Men,” you stated as she softly laughed.

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