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Have you hugged or tried to hug a Nargacuga? (Anyone can answer this)

It’s not very safe to try to hug monsters, even though some seem so cuddly! Unless of course they are adorable little plushies.  Then hug all you want buddy.

Hiro is referring to this [link]

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Hiro and/or Alva: which monsters only found in Roya's part of the world would you most/least like to face off against?

It would be mostly impossible for Hiro to even fight any deep water monster since he absolutely can not swim. Gobul in particular makes him cringe the most! Alva doesn’t particularly dislike any monster besides Gypceros (And those aren’t really found out in Roya’s hunting grounds). But she’d likely not want to hunt Qurupeco due to it always calling back up and flying off.