“Lazy mornings~”

Happy Birthday Yuta Kajima~!

21 May 2015

I am officially late once again… By 13 minutes orz. I should really consider taking more of an effort when it comes to birthdays ahahaha. Just a quick little sketch for his bday!

Enjoy ~<3


Follow up to this: http://mignonnefeuille.tumblr.com/post/119533746452/rustle-rustle-whered-it-go-i-knew-i-put-it

Yuta’s Blog, 21/05/15
Y: Wife looking cute for the best birthday!
M: Wait!! When did you take this picture?! Yuta!!
Y: It’s my gift from you, right? From this morning?
M: Give me your phone! This is so embarrassing…

Yamato: Was she dreaming of food?
Saeki: Why is it face only? I want to see the rest of Mignonne.
Ren: Happy birthddddddddddddddddddddd