This piece will make its opening debut this Wednesday at the (Frankie) Steinberg Museum- the reception is 5-8pm- Come see the final product-!! .. Even if I’m still soldering now…..
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Today went very fast and I cant believe its already 8. Also I’m eating Easter candy which is also wild to me. 2 months from today I will be installing my thesis. Time moves to quickly.

But today was still a good day. it was beautiful looking outside but still very blustery. So I should have worn a bigger scarf but whatever. I went to bed last night around 10 and got a really good nights rest. I don’t remember getting up at all until around 7. I reset my alarm for 830 and let myself doze for a while.

I got up and had a banana. I’m trying really hard to eat more fruits and veggies. It always makes me feel good but its hard to keep the food in my apartment without it rotting. But the banana was good. I took a shower and got dressed. I couldn’t get my makeup right. Thank Jess for that makeup removing pen. I made an egg salad sandwich with some lettuce. Then I packed up my bag and headed to my studio.

First thing I found some chairs for my committee and then went and printed out the middle section that I had edited. But our printer doesn’t print in color, so once it was printed I had to go back in with my highlighter and highlight the new passages. Which I had written in red. But black and white printing obviously didn’t print that. Annoying. But whatever.

After I finished that I went to work on fixing my ring that I resized yesterday. Its much stronger now and I’m very pleased. While I was filing that Andy, my old professor, came in. He asked in a round about way if I wanted a studio visit with a friend of his. He sort of phrased it in a “You don’t do enough studio visits” dig but its fine. I’m pleased to have a studio visit.

I also started drawing out some furniture for the backgrounds of my dioramas. Don was the first of my team to show up. We chatted for a little. Then Frenchy came. Alex was last. It was great to have the whole team there. I told them why I printed the paper and referenced some new sections. My concerns. Their concerns. The new pieces I’ve written and the ones I’ve edited out. They had a lot of great stuff to say. Frenchy is the loudest voice in the room, and the most outwardly excited about my project. Don is quieter, but no less supportive. Alex seems pumped about the project but also tries to play devil’s advocate and ask hard questions which I really appreciate. But a few times I could really feel that he wanted to say something but didn’t know how to break in over Frenchy. So I tried to address him directly and that helped. I ended p with 3 pages of notes form great things they said and observations. There was a lot of talk about scale and why things were working or weren’t. They loved the scrap book paper Jess sent me for wallpaper. Honestly there was no reason for me to be so worried yesterday because it went great and I felt really supported and challenged in a good way.

They left around 1230. I went back to working on my drawings. Then decided I wanted to go to the art store. Check the map and there was a bus just about to come. So I got myself together and went to catch the bus.

I took that all the way down the 66th to Michaels. But first I went to Marshells because when I did my laundry that other day my only good black bra broke. I tried on 7 bras, and got 4. 2 bralets that came in a set, one black and one light pink, and the others being more structured, one lacy and one plain. All for $22. Incredible.

I went over to micheals and got paint and some candy. I was sort of nauseous after that though and tired. So I went to the burger king and got a veggie burger which is sort of a vegetable? It helped me feel better.

I caught the bus again and went back to my studio. I painted 2 of the outdoor scenes and I’m very pleased with the paints. But I think I need some more variety of sky colors. But so far so good.

I biked home around 330. I mostly spent the afternoon chilling. Painted my nails dark green. I had a phone meeting for the event I’m going to this weekend. I also bought a whole bunch of diorama and doll house stuff on a Chinese wholesaler site. Amazing savings but I hope they come quickly cause some say up to 50 days for shipping and that will be cutting it way to close. But we’ll see what happens.

I took a nice bath and washed my hair. I had some pizza. Now I’m just chilling out. I think I’m going to read for a little while. I have my next dentist appointment in the morning to deal with the cavity in the back of my mouth that hurts so much. Then I hope to go the savers and my studio. Finally go to ballet. I feel like its been forever. I hope you all have a good night and do something nice for someone else.