I used to want to be skinny but over the years, I have found to love my body. I’m not slim, I’m plus size, I have big thighs, a belly, rolls and I love it. I think my body is cute and if you have an issue with it, you can fuck off cause you’re not worth my time. I’d rather be “fat” than be shallow.

If this offends you, I really don’t care. I’ve been called so much shit that it means nothing to me anymore haha. Thick girls ftw!

Haters can kiss my fat asss 💋

anyways talk to me:

kik: emmathatdorkykid
snapchat: emmaosgood
facebook: /emmamosgood

In today’s news, the cute guy on the bus and I actually acknowledged each other properly today by waving goodbye, rather than the usual “We both have seen each other but neither of us is going to do anything about it.”

Also, hot guy at the gym has gone missing which adds to my theory that he is a spy, and he is currently on a mission. Hopefully he comes back. I miss my eye candy.