His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 4 

Can you forget all what i’ve done to you?

Haileys pov

“I can’t stay away from you”

My eyes widened at his words.

He can’t stay away from me?


What the hell does that mean?

He moved closer making me walk backwards but I didn’t get very far, it reminded me of earlier in the storage room..

When he kissed, he was so close and the way his lips felt against mine.

His face was so close to me I couldn’t take my eyes of him.

“What do you mean?” I asked quietly

He smirked and his face leaned closer to me and he said

“ I mean I can’t stay away from you and these lips..”

He ran his index finger along my bottom lip twice as he smirked at me, my heart was racing so much

“Luke…” I said but I was stopped when he forced his lips on me making me grip onto the counter behind me as his hands gripped my waist pulling my closer even though I don’t know how we could get any closer

“I really want to fuck you” he said between kisses and then he moved his lips from mine and started kissing down my neck.

The temperature in the room and the adrenaline I was feeling made me forget all what has happened and I focused on his lips and the feel of his hands on me.

I never thought I could feel this way towards someone, no one has ever touched me like this before and I didn’t want it to stop but reality hit me and I pushed him away from me breathing heavily and so was Luke.

“all you want is to fuck me so you can brag to your friends you finally fucked the virgin” I said to him feeling all this anger I had earlier all at once

Luke wiped his lips and then he said “you think I’d tell my friends about fucking you?”

His words got to me.

He’s right.

He wouldn’t because who would believe him?

“Get out” I said to him and then I pointed to the door

He moved closer to me but I couldn’t go anywhere, I hate when he does this.

“C'mon things were just getting good” he said smirking

Is he for real?

He is such a dickhead why did I ever think I could like him

“Get out and leave me alone, go fuck someone who wants to fuck you back” I said to him

He stopped and looked at me confused and said “ Why do you think I have someone to fuck?”

Is he for real? He’s Luke hemmings the biggest womanizer I know, I bet he’s lost count of how many girls he’s fucked.

“You’re the biggest womanizer in the school of course you have someone to fuck, You’re Luke hemmings” I said to him

His face changed into a look I have never seen before, his body language changed and I felt like I shouldn’t have said what I said but it’s the truth..


“You’re just like everyone else” he said and then he turned and walked away leaving me the confused one now.

I couldn’t help but follow him, he just got to the front door when I spoke

“What do you mean I’m just like everyone else?”

His hand was on the door handle but he didn’t open it, he didn’t move at all actually not even to turn and look at me.

“It doesn’t matter” he whispered he probably figured I wouldn’t hear him but I did and then he turned the door handle and left.

I stood staring at the door for a good 5 minutes.

He is so confusing.

Luke’s Pov

I thought she was different, I thought she didn’t see me as everyone else does but I was wrong.

But it is my own fault, everyone has different opinions of me and that’s fine I never care what people think of me.

But I care what Hailey thinks of me, I don’t know why I really have no clue, up till a day ago I didn’t care but so much has happened.

I meant what I said to her.. I can’t stay away from her

I don’t chase girls, I never have but Hailey’s different.

i really want to get to know her better not just sexually.. but i’ve never done that before.

I don’t know how to just be around a girl if it doesn’t involve sex.

I am so angry right now, I couldn’t get Hailey’s words out of my head..

She’s wrong and I wanted to turn around and tell her that but she probably wouldn’t care.

i haven’t fucked a girl in weeks which isn’t usual for me but i only fuck girls if i’m drunk or high at a party but she doesn’t need to know that, she clearly thinks she knows me.

How wrong she is.

I looked out of my window and then I saw Hailey walk into her room, I couldn’t take my eyes of her.

I hate that I have these thoughts about her..

I think I need to fuck a girl tonight maybe that will change things.

Hailey’s Pov

I stood looking at the front door for ages after Luke left, I gave up on eating I wasn’t that hungry anymore.

I walked up to my room and sat down on the bed

What a day it’s been.

I closed my eyes but all I could think about was Luke’s touch and lips.

This is driving me insane!!

I got up out of bed but i couldn’t help but look out the window, I saw Luke sitting on his bed and then he looked up and we made eye contact.

I knew I should look away but I couldn’t, the way he looked at me was drawing me in and then he got up and he walked out of his room, I started to panic thinking he was going to come over here again.

But I watched him walk out of his house and he got on his motorbike and drove away leaving me watch him speed off..

I walked into my bathroom and I stared at the razor that I have kept hidden for very long.

I just stared at it until I pulled my sleeve up.

…Next Day…

i didn’t hear from Luke all night but I didn’t expect to.

I didn’t eat last night not even when my mum came home, I just didn’t feel hungry.

These bad thoughts were back and I had a bandage on my arm from last night, it was still sore but I can deal with the pain.

I just hope this goes away all these thoughts.

I decided on a pair of leggings I haven’t wore in so long and a long sleeved grey top that I matched with a scarf. So I can hide my scars.

I decided to walk to school, Luke’s motorbike wasn’t in the driveway so I guess he is already at school.

I haven’t talked to Sophie or Lauren all night, I didn’t really look at my phone and I don’t have it with me today so I don’t know if I have any messages but I know they won’t let it go when I get to school.

I just got to the gates and I could already see Luke and his friends at their normal spot.

I had so many bad thoughts I have no room left in my brain to think of Luke or what happened yesterday so I just continued walking but when i walked past them Calum decided to speak

“Look the virgin has legs”

I heard them all laugh and I just continued to walk into school, I saw Sophie and Lauren waiting by my locker not looking too happy to see me.

“Well hello stranger..” Lauren said as I got to my locker and Sophie just crossed her arms and stared at me

“I know I know I didn’t text back, I didn’t feel well so I went straight to bed and slept all night” I said to them

They didn’t say anything so I closed my locker and turned to look at them

“what’s going on with you, you’re very quiet and you ditched school yesterday” Sophie said

I knew they would question me

“I just don’t feel well that’s all” I said to them hoping they would drop it and then Lauren whispered

“is this like before?”

I knew what she meant

I shook my head and I just walked away as the bell went to go to my class which was Art.

I was not looking forward to this but I wasn’t going to ditch and I wasn’t going to let them get to me.

I sat down on my seat but then I heard Luke and Calum’s voice, Michael wasn’t with them he must not be in so it’s just them two great..

I didn’t look up but I could feel eyes on me and I bet they were Luke’s but I didn’t want to look at him.

Throughout Art class I got paper thrown at me just like before but I never picked them up, I couldn’t be bothered with what they wanted today.

The teacher announced that she had to leave class for a couple of minutes and that’s when I heard Calum move of his seat and he walked over to me

I rolled my eyes waiting for him to say something but then he sat beside me, I turned to look at him he was smirking.

What the fuck does he want?

I just stared at him waiting for him to say something eventually he did

“little virgin you look kinda cute today” he said and then he moved closer to me and then I felt his hand on my thigh

I looked down at it wishing this wasn’t happening right now and then he started moving it up my leg but I stopped him, he wasn’t doing this to me.

“Stop touching me and leave me alone” I said to him

He held his hands up in defense and smirked at me and said

“Feisty one, you have some grip on you I’d love to feel your hand on my cock”

He is a sick pervert!!

He’s worse than Luke!

I stood up from my seat as quick as I could and I said “ Don’t ever think that I ever want to touch you even in that way, god knows what I would catch”

I was out of breath but then the door opened and the teacher spoke

“Miss Wilson go calm down outside and Mr Hood back to your seat or you will find yourself at the principals office with that language”

I didn’t look at him but I made eye contact with Luke, he wasn’t smirking at me which I thought he would be and then I turned and walked out of class and made my way to the bathroom.

Once I got to the bathroom I locked a stall and I sat on the toilet seat and cried.

I had enough today, what makes Calum think he can just touch me like that.

He really makes me sick, I can’t wait to hear what Lauren and Sophie will say about this.

Then I heard the bathroom door open and I stopped crying hoping whoever it was would just go and then they spoke


What the fuck?

Why is Luke in here?

I stayed silent hoping he would just leave and then he knocked on the stall door

“I know you’re in there” he said

“What do you want Luke?” I said to him

Why can’t he just leave me alone, I’m actually surprised he’s here.

“Let me in” he said

Is he for real?

There is no way!

I got up from the toilet seat and opened the door but not for Luke to come in, I walked out and walked over to the sinks and looked in the mirror had my red face.

“Are you okay?” Luke asked as he came up behind me

We looked at each other in the mirror, I wasn’t going to admit it but I was kinda glad he was here and that he cared.

“Like you care? Have you come to finish what Calum started?” I asked

I know I shouldn’t have said it but it’s Luke..i can’t just forget how he use to treat me just because he kissed me a couple of times.

He looked angry and I looked away from his angry stare and then he said

“No! You seriously think that’s why I’m in here? Can’t you believe that I care about you and how you feel”

To much has happened for me to just believe he suddenly cares for me all of a sudden.

To much has happened for me to just believe he suddenly cares for me all of a sudden.

“then why are you here? Why do you care all of a sudden?” I asked

I locked eyes with him and then he looked away from me but then I felt his hands touch my waist but not in a sexual way like the other times and I knew I wasn’t going to push them away.

I have been thinking of his touch all day.. Like as if i missed it.

“I’m not very good at this stuff but believe me when I say I do care about you and what Calum done is out of line, he finds this funny but I don’t, yes I harassed you but I wouldn’t treat you like that” Luke said

He has a point, yes Luke has done some terrible things but he hasn’t done what Calum done, I’m starting to believe maybe he’s right.

“Why are you friends with him then?” I asked him I couldn’t help it

He smiled but not at me and then he spoke “ Me and Calum have always been friends, he isn’t a complete dickhead all the time”

The bell rang meaning it was break time


The teacher will be mad that I didn’t come back to class

“we need to go” I said as I went to walk out but Luke stopped me

He grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers and I walked backwards to the wall not breaking eye contact with him

“can we start again? Can you forget all what I’ve done to you?” He asked

His face was so close to mine, all my bad thoughts were gone and I was only focused on him

Was he going to kiss me again?

I want him to kiss me again.

I want to kiss him again.

I nodded my head and he smiled at me and then his lips pressed against mine

Our lips moved together but slower than before it didn’t feel forced or hard.

It was different than all the other times we kissed, our hands were still intertwined and I felt Luke smile against my lips.

No tongue was involved, it felt nice just kissing him and then the bathroom door opened and me and Luke moved so fast into a stall.

We tried to me silent and then the girl got into the stall beside us


What are we going to do now?

Break last 15 minutes

I’m locked in the girls toilets with Luke hemmings

What the fuck are we gonna do??

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Just Like That - The Coronas (Think I sent you this one before but yeah)

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