Things you should NEVER say to fangirls:

Whovians: I skipped nine.

Potterheads: They’re just books.

Tolkienites: Why didn’t the eagles just drop them off?

Merlinians: You must have known it was going to end like that.

Hunters: I skipped the first three seasons to meet cas.

Sherlockians: I hate Mrs Hudson.

Hiddlestoners or Cumberbabes: But he is ugly.

All fandoms: Its not real. Its only a stupid story.

Things you should never say to a Merlinian

“You should have known it would end like that.”

“Aren’t you a little too old for magic and knights?”

“Colin Morgan is ugly!”

“The Great Dragon gives good answers”

“Arthur is the dumbest and most arrogant king ever.”

“Hunith is a bad mother.”

“Bradley James is stupid.”

“Humans AMC - Leo Elster”.

Derwent and Derwent Artists watercolour pencils and a little bit of white acrylic paint on pastel paper.
Time of work: 2 days.
Size: 15 x 13 cm.

“Everything that ever happened to me made me what I am now.” © Leo.

16. 07. 2015.

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Arthur and Merlin's relationship:

Merlin:  Arthur do not do this thing.

Arthur:  *Does it anyway*

Merlin:  I told you not to do the thing Arthur…

Arthur:  Oh shut up Merlin what would YOU know?

Arthur, Camelot or someone Arthur loves:  *Suffers magical consequence*

Arthur:  You really think this is because I did the thing?


On September 20th, 2018, there will be a Ten-Year Merlinian Meet-Up at the Chateau de Pierrefonds, the castle Merlin was filmed at. This is in honor of the ten-year anniversary to when the first episode, The Dragon’s Call, was aired.

The plan is to get as many Merlinians as possible to come to the event to celebrate and relive all the memories from the show. They would also like to invite all the main cast members and directors/producers!

(Please keep in mind that if you were to plan on attending, you would have to pay for your own airline tickets and lodgings and food etc.)

This was announced at least 3 years before the event to give you all time to secure lodgings, raise money, and plan everything else.

For more information, go to their Facebook page or their Twitter page.

Please repost this and share with all Merlinians you know, and thoroughly consider going to this event in 2018! It might be the best day of your Merlinian life…

Does anyone ever think about the fact that Gwen lost everyone she loved, was barely given time to grieve, and was left to rule a kingdom, in a place that would surround her with memories of all the ones she lost?  Yet, the last time we see her, sitting on a throne she only accepted to be with the man she loves, she holds her head high, determined to lead Camelot into its golden age, and refusing to crumble under the weight of the crown on her head?