I was bawling my eyes out. Why did they give you so much hope and then kill him. I already knew what would happen ,just not how. I am so emotional.

I am still crying

@blueanathema I need some tissues

@halfshavedgiraffe maybe a hug

They did such a good job. All of them. I felt so much pain. Even when Morgana and mordred died. And gwaine. And Arthur my poor arthur. And merlin was so heart broken.

And oh my God the “just hold me” part.

I need to go lie down


This scene is incredibly well thought out, and I’m amazed that the writers of the show were able to put so much meaning and depth behind Arthur’s last two words.

I wanted so badly for Arthur to say, “I love you.” I wanted it more than I can say, and when he didn’t, I was disappointed for a few moments. But then I realized that Arthur’s “thank you” can almost mean more than an “I love you.”

By saying, “Thank you,” Arthur- a dying man- says all of the things he doesn’t have time to say: “Thank you for always staying by my side.” “Thank you for being my friend all these years.” “Thank you for saving my life all those times that I didn’t even know it.” “Thank you for trying to save me.” “Thank you for loving me.” With that thank you, he might as well have said “I love you.”

The finale of the show was devastating and heartbreaking. None of us will ever, ever, forget it. 

But neither will we forget how much it meant. 


Merthur!au : After a heavy blow to the head, Merlin finally regains consciousness. But it turns out Merlin has forgotten everything about his life at Camelot. Arthur tries his best to help him remember : he tells him how they met, where they stand now, and everything in-between. As it doesn’t work, Arthur suggests Merlin should resume to his usual chores, that maybe the routine will ring a bell. But as time goes by, Merlin still can’t remember anything and Arthur starts to think he’s lost him forever. However, and as always, it is when you expect it the least that the sun comes out….