Katie McGrath’s Characters: Dedicated to @lena-lipbite-luthor and Inspired by her Character Analyses (linked here: x, x, x,) 

*Open an angst fanfiction about my OTP* -Ok, you can do’ve been through Alone On The Water and Twist And Shout and not even mention Merlin finale. This is nothing- *Start reading the fic* *My OTP starts fighting* -I can’t I can’t This is too much..I can’t- *Close the fic* *Open the smuttiest fanfiction ever read* -Oh yes, this is my world now-

I was reading “Alone On The Water” and the only think I could think about was this:

-I suppose in some sense, I am fortunate. I do get to spend the rest of my life with you-

-I want you to be the last thing I see-

And yes..I spent almost two hours crying in my room 💔😭😭


In light of recent events.

Fuck you Moffat, fuck you.


But my eyes are open
And everything still moves in slow motion
Breathless and blue, and behind your eyes, the sea
Oceans of light envelop me.


The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men. (24.12.12)

This work… oh my… thiiiiis work… thought it would be a death of me but wanted to finish it so much no matter what and finally FINALLY uh~

There was actually a sketch somewhere out here. Ah, here it is^-^) and a WIP… changed a lot, huh…