“Why is he in a boat, Elise? Dead people go in boats.”

I, a Merlin veteran and fan since I was nine years old, made my close overseas friend watch the show. Here’s her wonderful and traumatically relatable reactions to the last episode.

I’m so evil.


Can we just take a moment to imagine what would have happened if Draco had believed the rumors and articles about Harry and Hermione dating in fourth year? Like, yes, he knows that most of Rita Skeeter’s articles are made up, he’s one of her sources after all, but what if this one is true? And no, of course he’s not jealous, how can he be jealous of Granger? But damn it, they’re together all the time and it makes him sick, thinking about what they’re doing while they’re walking around the lake day after day.

So Draco comes up with a plan. A foolproof plan. He snatches a few strands of hair from Hermione’s robes one day after class and makes sure she’s headed to the library. He gulps down the Polyjuice Potion he prepared and hurries to find Harry. He runs into Viktor Krum, who won’t leave him alone and Merlin, why is he holding Draco’s hand? Sweet Salazar, he just kissed Draco’s hand! He’s extremely flustered and confused when he finally finds Harry.

There’s a quick exchange of,
“Hermione, I thought you wanted to go to the library?”
“Oh, I changed my mind, let’s take a walk around the lake.”

Draco smirks to himself when he and Harry are finally alone. He gets a bit irritated when Harry still hasn’t taken his hand and keeps blabbering about the Triwizard Tournament. Seriously, when does the snogging start? They’ve already rounded the lake once and Potter is still talking. Draco knows he’s running out of time, so he stops walking, grabs Harry by his robes and starts kissing him furiously. Harry lets out a gasp and freezes as Draco attacks his mouth.

Why isn’t Potter kissing him back? He still looks like Granger! When Harry still doesn’t move a muscle, it suddenly dawns on Draco that - Oh! Maybe they really haven’t done that before! Maybe Granger isn’t his girlfriend after all. Shit, what if Draco just made Potter realise he fancies Granger? As it turns out, Draco needn’t worry about that, because when he pulls back, he can see his reflection in Harry’s glasses and oh no! His hair! It’s not bushy and brown, it’s well groomed and blond! Without another word he turns on his heels and runs back to the castle.

In the following weeks, he refuses to meet Harry’s eyes and tries to avoid him as much as possible. On the day of the second task, Draco feels even more foolish. So Granger has been dating Krum? And Weasley is the most important person to Potter?

The next day, Draco is on his way to breakfast, when somebody suddenly grabs his wrist and drags him into an empty classroom. Draco blushes when Harry closes the door behind him and looks at Draco intently. Oh Merlin, is he finally going to confront him?

“You stupid prat,” Potter suddenly exclaims. “What have you done to me? Seriously, because all I could think about in the last few weeks was that bloody kiss!”

Draco just stares at him, not sure he’s comprehending what Harry is saying.

“And last night I dreamed you were the one on the bottom of the lake, not Ron.”

Draco’s brain registers the words, but not the meaning.

“What?” is all he’s able to say.  

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake,” Harry bursts out. He reaches out and takes Draco’s face in his hands. Draco has no time to react before Harry presses their bodies together and starts kissing Draco feverishly. After a few moments, Draco makes a high-pitched sound that he should probably be embarrassed about, but who cares? This is an even better outcome than he had hoped for!

Not that he doubted it would work for one second. His plan was foolproof after all!

  • Harry: Okay, so for this plan, I'm assigning everyone code names.
  • I'm seeker 1.
  • Harry: Ginny's "been there, done that"
  • Ginny: *smiles cheekily*
  • Harry: Draco is "currently doing that"
  • Draco: Fuck yeah *kisses Harry*
  • Harry: Cho is "Never again"
  • Cho: *mutters* Cedric was a better kisser anyway
  • Harry: Hermione is "If I had to choose a girl"
  • Hermione: *high fives Harry*
  • Harry: And finally-
  • Ron: Merlin-
  • Harry: Ron is "Seeker 2"
  • Ron: Oh thank Dumbledore

“I really have to go now,” Merlin whispered into his ear, nuzzling his nose into Arthur’s hair. Arthur sighed and pulled back, only to be drawn back in for a short but meaningful kiss.

He smiled at Merlin when they finally parted and held onto his hand as long as he could,  while Merlin slowly turned and walked towards the check-in gates. He squeezed Arthur’s fingers one last time before he let go and fully turned away.

Art by: @lao-paperman

Story by: @sara-bocchan

>>>Chapter 3 on AO3

>>>Art master post on AO3

Are those whiskers?

Pairing: Wolfstar

Warnings: Drinking, mild smut, all the feels 

Remus was cold, again. Even under his bed covers and surrounded by books. It was as if the transition had sapped the warmth from his body, even days later. He drew the covers closer and tried to ignore the empty feeling in his bones. His eyes were beginning to droop closed, and he might even have fallen asleep if it weren’t for that thumping noise drawing closer and closer.

“YOU!” The dormitory door screeched in protest as it banged open. 

Books and papers slid across his duvet as the curtains of his four poster bed were whipped open.

“Where have you been?! I’ve been looking for you all night!” The deep voice bordered on theatrical. Remus didn’t have to look to know who it was. 

Instead he dived to save the large tome that was about to fall on Sirius’s foot. 

“I think you have the answer to that one Pads, I’ve been here.”

“And what have you been doing here?!” Accused Sirius, unperturbed.

Remus looked about the room, affronted. 

“I thought I’d work on the map…Sirius, have you been drinking?” Questioned Remus, frowning slightly. 

“Of course I’ve been drinking Moons.” Sirius’s voice had become a little throaty, Remus thought. It sounded kind of good.

Sirius swung around the four poster bed, and Remus just about managed to sweep the rest of his books aside before he collapsed on top of the bed, sighing deeply.

Remus was suddenly aware that he was wearing little more than a pair of boxers under the sheets.

“The question is, why weren’t you drinking Moony? You're​ missing the party of the year. I only left because I couldn’t find you.”

Remus concentrated on piling the books onto his bedside table.

“Pads, what party are you talking about?” He said to his nightstand.

Sirius rolled onto his stomach, pushing Remus across the bed and propping up his head on his hands. Remus did his best to ignore the way he could feel Sirius’s warmth at his side, even through the sheets.

“Sirius, what party?” Remus pushed, if only to distract himself.

“What party?!” Sirius’s exclamation turned into a frown, as he fell deep in thought.

“Actually…it was sort of impromptu…” He admitted. “I’m not entirely sure how I got there if I’m honest.” Sirius’s eyebrows knitted together.

An exasperated smile was creeping across Remus’s face. “And…why do you have…I mean, are those cat whiskers?”

Sirius gasped and nodded somberly, drawing himself even closer, so that Remus could see the smudged face paint quite clearly.

“I saw those two Hufflepuffs we tricked into doing our potions essay last week….I needed a disguise.” Sirius raised his eyebrows, as if he expected Remus to be impressed.

Remus couldn’t help the snort that escaped his lips. “Yeah, well… they don’t suit you. You’re a dog, remember?” 

Sirius slapped a hand across his face, as if he’d somehow managed to forget this fact about himself. 

“By all means” He smirked, “take them off.” 

Remus smiled, he couldn’t help it. “Maybe I will.” 

He reached into his bedside drawer, pulling out a towel and wetting it with his wand. “Stay still.” 

Sirius smirked, pushing back his hair and closing his eyes ceremoniously. 

For a moment the thought flickered across Remus’s mind that it would take just a few centimetres for him to close the gap between their lips. 

Instead he sighed and pressed the towel to Sirius’s face. His free hand drifted to Sirius’s jaw, holding him in place. It was hard not to spread his fingers out, not to slide his hand back and lose it in Sirius’s hair. To pull him forward and…

Remus shook his head and moved to the other cheek, working quickly now. 

When he moved his hand away Sirius followed. Did he imagine that, or did Sirius just lean his face into his cupped palm? Remus stayed frozen, mesmerized by the trust of Sirius’s closed eyes.  

He dropped the towel, and took the liberty of running his fingers across Sirius’s newly clean cheeks. When his eyes flickered open Remus dropped his hands guiltily. 

“All done.”

Sirius smiled. “Back to my beautiful self.” 

Remus’s snort was quickly replaced by a gasp as Sirius rolled over and wriggled under the covers.

Suddenly Sirius’s body was against his bare skin. Sirius was in his bed. Remus tried to control his erratic heartbeat, but he was only wearing boxers and Sirius was in. his. bed. Tingles burned across his skin as an oblivious boy flicked off his shoes and socks. 

“Why is your bed so much comfier than mine?!” He asked, throwing his head onto the pillow dangerously close to Remus’s face and staring at the ceiling.

“I…I thought our beds were the same.” Muttered Remus weakly.

He was suddenly intensely aware of how the back of his hand was brushing up against Sirius’s.

“Nope, yours is definitely better than mine.” Sirius said decidedly, letting out a contented sigh.

After a few minutes pause, in which Remus tried desperately to control his heartbeat, he broke the silence.

“So…you’re just going to sleep here are you?” He tried to keep his tone light as he stared determinedly at the ceiling.

“If you want me to move…” Sirius yawned, clearly crashing after his busy night, “…you’ll have to make me.” He turned his face towards Remus and closed his eyes, putting out the light with a lazy flick of his wrist.

Remus didn’t want Sirius to go anywhere, so he kept his mouth shut. If he stopped staring at the ceiling and turned his face sideways he would be practically nose to nose with Sirius, and he couldn’t decide if that was a brilliant idea, or a terrible one. Remus closed his own eyes and sighed. There was a comfortable fuzz of warmth and tiredness creeping over them.

The back of Sirius’s hand was still touching his, and one of his legs was now hooked over Remus’s. There was a steady wave of tingles rolling back and forth across Remus’s body, and he thanked Merlin Sirius hadn’t taken any clothes off, because he was pretty sure his body would have exploded.

“You’re drunk.” He murmured, as much for himself as Sirius.

“Not as drunk as you think I am.” Came the low reply.

Remus’s heart leapt, but his mouth couldn’t quite form any words.

Sirius lapsed into a sleepy silence, until, quite naturally, Remus turned his face to the side. Even though his eyes were firmly shut, he could feel Sirius’s hot breath on his lips. Sirius must have felt him too, but he didn’t move an inch. Was he asleep? Was he just drunk?

It was then Remus realized that their fingers had become intertwined. It was subtle, almost accidental, but it couldn’t be a mistake. Could it?

With his heart in his mouth, Remus made the tiniest of movements, dragging his pinky finger in the smallest of circles across Sirius’s skin.

Sirius’s wordless reply came quickly, as he mirrored his movements with his thumb, which had found its way to the top of Remus’s thigh. Nerves and pure excitement coiled in Remus’s chest. Was this really happening? He couldn’t be mistaking these signs.

Still, no words passed between the boys, and Remus stayed frozen to the pillow. But the tension in his chest kept building as the circles Sirius was teasing on his upper thigh grew bigger and bolder. With each circle he knew he couldn’t be mistaking it.

This was it. He had to do it. He wanted to do it, Merlin he wanted to do it so badly.

Hiding behind closed eyes, he inched his lips closer and closer, pulse hammering in his ears. It took almost a full minute until Remus was so close he couldn’t possibly go back. Still, he wasn’t quite sure who closed the gap, but it was happening

Sirius’s lips were soft, teasing. Remus felt the tension in his chest expand into something like euphoria. He was lost in Sirius’s musky smell, the soft feel of his hair, the press of his body, his lips, Merlin his lips. Why hadn’t he been doing this his whole life?

Remus all but moaned in protest when Sirius broke the kiss.

Finally. Merlin, I’ve been waiting so long to kiss you.” Sirius said, his voice deep and raspy.

Remus tried to form words, but Sirius’s hand was travelling along his waist, tugging their hips closer together. What left Remus’s mouth was more like a growl.

Sirius let out a chuckle that was quickly stifled by a kiss as Remus’s hand slid to his face. He leant into the touch, releasing a wave of something excitement that flooded every nerve in Remus’s body. He was greedy now, every inch of Sirius was a too-long forbidden place he could finally explore.

Their mouths came together harder and more desperately this time, and after a few moments Remus tugged at Sirius’s bottom lip, sucking and grazing his teeth over the soft skin. Before he knew it he’d let out another soft growl of satisfaction.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He murmured.

Sirius’s grin was visible even in the half darkness. “Oh I might have an idea.” He replied, sliding on top of Remus and grinding gently onto his hips. 

He leant down to Remus’s ear, “There are a few things I’ve been waiting to do to you.”

When Sirius’s fingers reached down past the soft waistband of his boxers, Remus took in a sharp breath. His face must have betrayed him, because the corners of Sirius’ mouth fell. 

Sirius pressed his hand flat against Remus’s chest, and he was sure Sirius could feel his frantic heartbeat underneath it. 

“Tell me this doesn’t feel right.” Said Sirius, his voice edged and desperate.

He leant down, pushing Remus further into the soft bed, and pressing his lips to the skin of his neck. 

“Tell me this doesn’t feel right, and I’ll stop.” He breathed. 

Remus shook his head, fighting hard not to let himself go “You’re drunk.”

Sirius drew back, focusing a long hard stare into Remus’s eyes. 

“A little.” He rasped, sliding backward and pulling Remus into a sitting position.

Sirius slid his hands around Remus’s neck, pressing their foreheads together and concentrating very hard on slowing his breathing. 

“Yeah.” He breathed. “I’m a little, little bit tipsy. But I’ve been thinking about kissing you for seven years. And I’m not sure I can wait another seven seconds.”

Sirius pulled away just far enough that he could focus on Remus’s face in the dim light. 

“But if you ask me to I will.” 

Remus stared at the boy in front of him. He already knew his world had shifted.

He pressed a thumb into Sirius’s lip, trying to convince himself this was real.

“Promise me you’ll feel the same in the morning, Sirius.” 

Warm hands cupped Remus’s face, forcing his eyes back to the grey pools in front of him.

“I promise, Remus” The way Sirius said his name already had Remus leaning forward, grabbing a handful of his soft shirt, kissing whatever skin he could reach, but Sirius didn’t stop. 

“I promise.” He murmured into Remus’s neck. “I promise.” He breathed as his lips brushed against his ear. 

“I think I’ll feel this way for the rest of my life.”

This scene is incredibly well thought out, and I’m amazed that the writers of the show were able to put so much meaning and depth behind Arthur’s last two words.

I wanted so badly for Arthur to say, “I love you.” I wanted it more than I can say, and when he didn’t, I was disappointed for a few moments. But then I realized that Arthur’s “thank you” can almost mean more than an “I love you.”

By saying, “Thank you,” Arthur- a dying man- says all of the things he doesn’t have time to say: “Thank you for always staying by my side.” “Thank you for being my friend all these years.” “Thank you for saving my life all those times that I didn’t even know it.” “Thank you for trying to save me.” “Thank you for loving me.” With that thank you, he might as well have said “I love you.”

The finale of the show was devastating and heartbreaking. None of us will ever, ever, forget it. 

But neither will we forget how much it meant. 

Deamus (Headcannons)

If Deamus is what you want, then it’s Deamus you shall get!

(Posting separately from the ask)

•Dean and Seamus didn’t meet on the train; oh no. That would be too easy. They actually met when Seamus almost plowed Dean down with his trolley in his rush to get to the platform. After a huge apology and Dean SWEARING ON HIS LIFE that he is okay, the two get on the platform together and find themselves sticking to each other.

They sit in the same train compartment and Dean asks a million questions about the wizarding world, and about Hogwarts. Seamus answers them as well as he can, but he himself doesn’t know too much about Hogwarts since his mum didn’t talk about it much at home in front of his father.

•When they get to the boats, they of course go the the most crowded one (as you do), and end up with Seamus pretty much in Dean’s lap.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah…” *wheezes* “I’m fine everything’s okay yup”

•When Dean is going up to the sorting hat he accidentally trips and falls. Seamus runs to his aid (not on the stage yet) and says that he accidentally pushed him. Dean looks back at him gratefully and then walks the rest of the way on stage and is sorted into Gryffindor.

Seamus is the one who claps the loudest.

•From that day on they’re inseparable; some say that they’re even closer than Harry and Ron (and eventually Hermione as well). They do absolutely everything together, and all is well for their first year. (Save for some minor Seamus explosions and an argument about whether football is relevant)

•During the summer of their first year, Seamus’s father asks him whether he got a girlfriend or fancied anyone, and Seamus realized that really the only person he really noticed was Dean. And that terrifies him because in his house, being gay or bi or anything other than straight is considered sinful and punishable. (And Seamus knew about punishments)

On the other hand Dean’s mom heard so many good things about Seamus, and wanted so badly to meet him. She didn’t find it odd at all that the only friend her son would talk about was this Seamus fellow, and occasionally that he shared a dorm and is friends with Harry Potter, (after he explained who exactly Harry Potter is).

•In third year when the Gryffindors are going against the boggart, Seamus is terrified that the boggart will turn into Dean dead on the ground, or into his father finding out he has feelings for another boy.

•In fourth year, when the Triwizard tournament rolled around and the age restriction was put in place, Seamus kept trying to think of ways to sneak his name into the Goblet of Fire. At one point, Dean actually had to tackle Seamus in the Great Hall at 3am (because of course he followed his best friend, even though it could’ve gotten them into enormous trouble) and sat on his chest, pinning him down, and holding his arms above his head until he stopped struggling.

“Get off me!”

“Not until you calm down. You’re gonna get us caught!”

“You didn’t have to follow me!”

“Of course I did!”

Eventually Seamus calms down, but Dean still doesn’t get off. Instead, he finds himself frozen, hovering over his best friend and just thinking

‘Merlin, I want to kiss him’

But he doesn’t; he gets up and Seamus takes an exaggerated gulp of air.

“Merlin, finally! It felt like a giant was sitting on my chest.”

He half smiles, propped up on his elbows. Dean just rolls his eyes (though his heart is going crazy) and offers a hand, which Seamus takes and pulls himself up. Once he’s on his feet though, he doesn’t let go of Dean’s hand.

•At the Yule Ball, both boys and bored of their dates before the first dance has even ended (all they do is make eyes at the Durmstrang lot!). Not long after they find themselves dancing with each other, laughing and and being ridiculous, as usual.

Then a slow song comes on, and they find themselves in a sea of couples; many of the boys with their hands a bit too low. Dean smiles awkwardly and offers his hand.

“May I have this dance, my good sir?”

Seamus laughs a bit and takes it, putting his other hand on Dean’s shoulder, and Dean’s is on his waist. They find themselves getting closer together than friends probably should be, until-

“Fuck it”

And Seamus presses their lips together, if only for a second. He pulls away and Dean is staring at him with wide eyes, and a smile on his face.

•In 5th year, Seamus comes back from summer break with a black eye and bruises all over. When Dean asks what happened Seamus just turns away, mutters something about a broom, and walks over to Neville, leaving Dean confused. Seamus is more hostile than usual, going off at Harry and snapping at everyone who tries to help him, especially Dean.

For the rest of the year, Seamus doesn’t make any unnecessary physical contact with Dean, who is feeling pretty hurt at this point.

With Umbridge around, the war impending, O.W.Ls, and the D.A, they hardly have any time to themselves.

Dean is left confused and heartbroken when Seamus tells him that last year was a mistake and that they should just be friends.

•The next year Dean is determined to get over Seamus and starts dating Ginny. She tries to make things work, but Dean really only wants to be with Seamus. (Who is literally dying a little inside whenever Ginny leans in for a kiss)

•When Dumbledore dies, everyone knows that it’s the start of something terrible. Seamus persuades Dean to run, even though it hurts him more than anything.

•All of seventh year, through the beatings and the curses and just the Carrows, all Seamus finds himself able to worry about is Dean.

Had he been captured?

Was he even still alive?

The dorm was more than half empty every night when he went to sleep; just himself and Neville remained. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he would look over at Dean’s bed and cry because he may have lost the one person who truly loved him; all because he couldn’t stand up to his father. He couldn’t even bring himself to tell Dean that he came out to his family.

Meanwhile, the entire time that Dean was on the run or trapped in Malfoy Manor, all he could think about was Seamus and how he had to live to see him again.

•They met during the battle of Hogwarts because Dean decided he wanted to fight, and war be damned they kissed right in the middle of the courtyard.

“I’m so sorry-”

“Not the time, Seamus.”

•Seamus went back to Ireland after that year and having lived through a war, he marched up to his father with Dean at his side.

“This is Dean. My best friend.” He turned around and kissed his boyfriend. “And my boyfriend.”

His father was mad beyond belief but Seamus just casually pointed his wand at him.

“I just lived through a war. If you think you scare me anymore, you can think again.” And he walked away, hand in hand with Dean.

•Just Deamus, please and thank you