The case of Lars.

I’m actually really happy there are many posts out there “defending” Lars. Not because I particularly like him, but becase he IS the most realistic human on the show.

Personally, I strongly dislike Lars, and I get why people do as well: He’s a self absorbed, egoist and extremely insecure person governed by his own fears and, so far, he hasn’t even proved to be somewhat useful in the face of adversity, like Sadie has.

BUT- and it’s a big but- I know why I dislike Lars so much, and it has to do with the theory I have that regarding certain things, we despise on others those traits we also have, and hate about ourselves. The reason I don’t like Lars- and maybe the reason some of you don’t, either- is because he is SO desperately, intolerably human, that he embodies the sheer vulnerability we all have and despise in ourselves.

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In a narrative, the spectator is supposed to empathize with the protagonist, and we perform that role gladly: Wether it’s the sassy anti-hero that unconventionally saves the day; the righteous hero whose bravery and determination will outcome every obstacle; the antagonist that outsmarted everyone and won the game, we are expected to look at them, live through them, and ultimately, identify with them, therefore attributing those desirable traits to ourselves. Are you more a Snape, or a Harry? Which Crystal Gem are you? Which Madoka Character represents you best? In all of those, we can- and want- to believe we are as smart, as brave, as cunning and as strong as those figures, when adversity strikes, we can hold our own and we can win, because we are that great.

Lars…reminds us that is NOT the case. Lars is a human and a troubled teenager, and so he displays the angst the teenager mind goes through (especially if he interpret him as a trans character, just IMAGINE the amount of angst that adds). He doesn’t have any special powers, he’s not trained in anything that can help him, he goes to extensive- and somewhat ridiculous- lenghs to conceal the good things he DOES have going on for him, and if you’re perpetually starving to be something you are NOT (popular, traditionally cool), and negating what you are, it’s no surprise that most of the time you are going to be paralysed by fear, frozen with doubt, and with your sense of self worth downer than The Cluster.

Lars is insecure of himself and he remind us how we would most likely act in the face of true fear: one- some say the- most human fear, the fear of death. Lars shows us the self preservation instinct that would likely govern us in the situations the show presents, and we also shows us how powerless we could feel, how hard we would struggle before actually jumping to the unknown. We are, after all, only human.

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That’s why I think Lars being in the show is so important, he doesn’t only offers a powerful contrast and mirror to the spectators, he’s the one that represents the most raw potential of growing. Lars’ arch can be develop to what Rose woud most admire: A human being. Troubled by his own thoughts, constantly struggling with himself, but constantly learning, constantly evolving. Just like us, mere mortals, do.

But you know, it’s fantasy and nobody wants to admit that, even to ourselves.

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look, i love that the studyblr community is so encouraging! everyone here wants everyone else to do their best, and that’s wonderful to see. but the focus on challenges like 100 days of productivity isn’t always as productive as you think, so here are three reasons i’ve decided to stop - plus some alternatives you can try!

1. not everyone’s honest with it!

of course everything you see on this website is curated to show the “best” possible situation - i do it myself! but i’ve spoken to so many people who felt so pressured to produce something every single day that they’d just lay out all their rewritten notes at the weekend and take seven sets of photos so that they could keep up with the challenge. now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that - everyone’s entitled to post what they want on their own blog, after all. but that sets a benchmark that just isn’t realistic to follow.

instead, try: being open about your blog!

if you’re worried about spreading a false image of yourself, show people what actually goes into your posts! for example, this “aesthetic” post that i made has hundreds of notes, but in reality? it’s staged for the #studyspo look. posting things like this makes me feel less “fake” about arranging my photos. especially as someone with a lot of younger people following me, i’m working on being more honest about what goes on “behind the scenes”!

2. you need a break!

some people can work constantly for 100 days straight, and my hats go off to them. but for most of us mere mortals, working so hard for so long will lead to burnout. trying to work without any kind of break or relief for over three months just isn’t healthy - you need to let yourself be human! this goes double if you’re making the studyspo-type notes that are popular here - you can’t spend every single day of your life striving to reach an unrealistic aesthetic.

instead, try: giving yourself days off!

if you still desperately want to do 100 days, give yourself five or six days a week to work and one or two off. you’ll still get to that 100 day milestone, but you won’t have to sacrifice your mental or physical health to do it.

3. bad days happen!

sometimes you’re not in a place to work. maybe you’re going through a rough relationship, or your pet is sick, or you’re getting over an illness. either way, the 100 days mentality can make it seem like you have to work even when this happens. that’s not a healthy mindset, and you shouldn’t force yourself to do that. sometimes work can help you distract yourself from these things, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.

instead, try: 100 days of intention!

tumblr user @maryplethora came up with a fantastic alternative to the 100 days of productivity challenge, called 100 days of intention or 100 intentional things. the basic concept is doing something that will benefit you for 100 days as opposed to studying all the time. this is a far healthier way of motivating yourself, and recognises that not all of life should focus on your studies!

* of course, not everyone has this experience! however, these are the reasons that i personally found it unhelpful after a time. everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and you’re more than welcome to tag me in any responses you might have!

Mrs. Barnes

Requested by: @lokiandbuckyaremine
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: Fighting, swearing, angst

A/N: This will just be a mini series, as I’m going to include this scenario into an upcoming fic series

Okay, I just really like my writing in the first 5 paragraphs

Your breathing quickens as you keep your eyes trained on him, making sure to watch his every move and try to predict the next. He doesn’t appear to be out of breath at all, and that made your laboured breathing all that more embarrassing. In a split second, you see his muscles tense, and the next moment his body is on a trajectory with yours. The metal whirring of his arm gave away more than he’d like, and you’re able to dodge it. It barely misses you, blowing back the hair that framed your face. Every time he took a swing at you, it made your heart rate speed up and more adrenaline to flow through your veins. Too much longer and you’d be too freaked out to be able to think fast enough to dodge his attacks.

Deciding it’s time to try and end the fight before he gets to you, you seize an opportunity to spring off of his strong thigh. In a swift movement, that had taken you months to master, your legs come to clamp around his head. You’re allowed a millisecond of optimism before you realise he’d been expecting that move; he’d seen it too many times.

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please don’t (L.L)

a/n: is this bad? i feel like this is bad. the gif is mine, if u want to use it you DONT need to give credit :))

who?: loki lmao

summary: your life in exchange for the tesseract, based off of the IW trailer

The light faded from around you as you felt yourself slip between consciousness and unconsciousness. Thanos’ towering figure hung above you before you hit the ground.

Loki brushed his hair back before stepping towards his old ally. Once they stood together, both hoping to control the nine realms yet Loki now stood in front of him, preparing to fight. Thanos had requested Loki, and only Loki, to join him on his planet.

“Well hello my old friend,” Thanos’ maniacal voice echoed through empty space, “I need you to retrieve something for me.” “And why would I do that?” Thankfully Loki was the God of Mischief otherwise it would have been obvious how terrified he was. You had been missing for hours, Thor tried to console him, telling him you must have been caught up in the fight with Thanos’ minions. So between you practically disappearing and the looming threat of the nine realms being taken over by the ‘Mad Titan’ he was quite the nervous wreck. “Oh how pleased I am that you asked,” a smug expression engraved onto his face.

“You see I have something that you’re missing.” It was like a switch being flipped, Loki’s face twisted while a uncontrollable rage poured into his body. “If you dare hurt her I’ll-“ “You’ll what?” Thanos mocked. Both knew that Loki couldn’t harm Thanos alone. “Where is she?” Loki could practically hear his heart beating out of his chest, his blood boiling with each second that passed. This is what he was most afraid of. This is why he didn’t want to let you close to him. He had so many enemies who would do anything to hurt him and you were his biggest weakness. “Not so fast, I need you to agree to this task before I can even show you her.” “Fine, I’ll do it.” Loki spat. “You don’t even know what it is yet!” “I said I’ll do it!” He screamed, his patience growing thin. He needed to know you were safe. Worry flooded his mind as he thought of the countless possibilities of what could have happened to you. “You petty, petty fool,” Thanos cackled, “look at what a mere mortal has done to you.” “What is this task you need me to complete?” “I require the tesseract.”

Of course he did. It seemed obvious that he would need Loki to retrieve it. After all, Loki had hidden it and it would waste precious time if Thanos looked for it himself. What could Loki do though? If he handed it over everyone would be wiped out anyway. He knew that you would rather sacrifice yourself than have the whole of the universe destroyed. But he couldn’t just let you die when you had done so much for him. “I know what you’re thinking,” Thanos snapped Loki out of his thoughts, “I’ll promise you, her and your brother safety in return.” “And the rest of the Asgardians.” Loki demanded, they were his people too, no matter if he was from Jotenheim or not. “You’re an ungrateful man Loki Laufeyson.” “Me, her, Thor and the remaining Asgardians,” he reiterated. “Very well.”

Your seemingly lifeless body was cast down at Loki’s feet. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you close to him, “is she-“ “What, dead?” Thanos chuckled, “not yet.” Loki wanted to pick you up and run. He wanted to get as far away from here as possible. His hands shook as he pushed the hair from your face. “I don’t know if you can hear me but I-I promise I’ll fix this, I’ll make sure we’re safe,” Loki’s voice wavered with every word spoken. Within seconds you had vanished from his arms causing anger to ripple through him once again. Loki stood, his frustration fuelling his motivation to kill Thanos. Maybe he could get Thor to help save you. Then he wouldn’t have to hand over the tesseract. “No one must know about this,” Thanos added as he walked towards his throne, “now leave!”

You woke up on the rocky, barren ground. Coldness crept over your body as the frost grew towards you. The unclarity of this situation distracted you from remembering what just happened. Your last memory being Thanos walking towards you, however, Loki’s voice rang through your ears. His exact words remained unknown yet the despair in his voice haunted you. Your legs shook as you stood, a nauseous feeling swirling in your stomach. Craters and rocks stretched for miles while the air seemed to minimise with every breath you took. There was no escape, no way off of the planet. Did anyone even know where you were? Loki was bound to know you were missing by now. But how long had you even been here for? You wrapped your arms around yourself before cautiously walking towards a crater. Sitting and waiting seemed impossible. It felt like you had walked for miles before a flash of blue consumed you. Your body hit the ground as you fell back into unconsciousness.

The tesseract was the only thing standing between you and Loki. Thanos had sent for Loki, expecting the tesseract to follow. Yet Loki remained uncertain of handing it over. You had helped him become a different person. Your purity and goodness radiated from you, changing Loki from the moment you met. He couldn’t risk causing the universe’s demise just to save the two of you. He was certain you would hate him to put you above every human, creature or god. As long as he didn’t see you he would be able to go through with this. Then again he really did love you more than anything. You were the only thing he needed to protect and what good would it be if he stood by and allowed you to die?

Thanos stepped into the light. “Well,” his voice echoed around the room, “I trust that you brought it, just as I brought this.” A pale blue light appeared in front of Loki before vanishing. Your curled up body left in the middle. The fog in your mind began to lift as you opened your eyes. “Oh thank god,” you sighed while reaching up to Loki. His arms tightened around your waist, trying to pull you as close to him as he could. “Your not hurt are you?” Loki mumbled into your hair, “he didn’t harm you?” Before you could answer your body was ripped from his by one of the Black Order, yet you couldn’t see who. Thanos howled with laughter, “you didn’t think I would be so stupid as to give you her without receiving the tesseract?” “Loki please tell me you aren’t giving him it,” you begged. After all this time, had he even changed? “I’m doing it for you!” he exclaimed, “or he was going to murder you.” “I would much rather have that than him be closer to controlling the realms!” The thought of your life being prioritised over everybody else’s made you feel sick. It was your life in exchange for billions upon billions and that could simply not happen. “Loki I swear if you hand that over I won’t speak to you again, I can’t have this on my conscience forever.” “Times ticking,” Thanos murmured as began to walk towards you. “I need to y/n, I can’t let you die after everything you’ve done for me,” his voice became desperate, “you’re my everything.” “Oh how hopelessly romantic,” Thanos stood in front of you, reaching down to pick you up. Your body appeared to shrink as he held you, “okay, this really is your last chance Loki.” Trembling, he reached out one hand. The deep blue of the tesseract illuminated the chamber.

Fear consumed Loki as he took a step towards Thanos, he knew this was the best thing to do. At least you would be safe. It didn’t matter if you never so much as looked at him, you were safe. “Loki please don’t,” you writhed hopelessly. He simply shook his head but it was obvious he was mortified. His eyes were masked with guilt and terror. Waves of panic crept up on him with every step he took. He began to doubt his every thought, question his every movement. “Just stop Loki,” you pleaded but you knew it was no use. Thanos’ grip grew tighter, his patience dwindling. Your lungs compressed making it hard to breath, it didn’t take long before you were gasping for air. This was all Loki needed to solidify his agreement.

The tesseract was placed into Thanos’ other hand. His face embraced a wide grin as Thanos’ wild laugh crept through you. “What a foolish, stupid man, all of this for a human.” Thanos lay you down at Loki’s feet, “but I stay true to my words so bring your brother and the Asgardians to the third planet to the left and I’ll grant you a safe haven.” Loki picked you up, your body limp as you tried to gain as much oxygen as possible. You wanted to fight against him, disgusted at what he had done, but you were too fragile to move. The constant teleporting and blackouts had wore you thin. He turned to walk away while he kept you pressed to his chest. Loki whispered something about never letting you out of his sight before he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

forgive me
there are days
breathing is a task
thoughts of stopping it
is a fantasy that dance
in a wave of rush in flash
to clash with reality

forgive me
if i am undeviating
as these thoughts demand it
my heart is flooded
but my eyes show none of it
i have eliminated my mere mortal self
in more ways than i have lived
in countless states to my being

forgive me
if i cannot hold a conversation
and i cannot respond
as quickly as you would wish
i am trapped
locked inside
a flower pot
buried as a seed
enclosed in darkness of despair
which i know not of its origin
if you are patient enough
sometimes i blossom
and quickly wither away
in light of a burdening pain

so forgive me
if my breathing is a task 
if my heart beats faintly at life’s mayhem


Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Sixteen

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5703
Warnings: Swearing and Lauren’s horrid family.

They were on the back lawn playing a game of croquet with the children after their break for refreshments when Cissy sauntered out on the patio in a pair pink shorts. Her tank top was peach and so tight Lauren could tell she hadn’t bothered with any sort of brazier. Cissy had always had breasts perky enough to be envious of, but that didn’t excuse her flaunting her assets - the shorts barely covering the cheeks of her behind - in front of Lauren’s beau.

Her dark hair was piled high on her head, thrown into a casual top knot, but Lauren knew better. Cissy had likely spent hours making it look effortlessly arranged. Her makeup was artfully done creating cat eyes which enhanced the blue into a near cobalt, while high heeled sandals the same color as her top lifted her butt and elongated her legs.

The little hussy was doing it on purpose.

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Tale of Two Princesses

So, people keep to write me that well-written, relatable, developed beyond “I love Noctis” heroine with her own story is impossible for game with POV of male protagonist.

First of all, I don’t hate Luna, I want better for her. Everyone in this game deserved better.

I hate situation, when developers can write a heroine, who was raised to serve a male protagonist, who was killed for him; who hasn’t anything in her life beyond him, and people praise it as “strong female character”, because Square Enix said so. 

I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t write fics or draw fan art with Luna. Give this girl some love and better story, because Square Enix deprived her of anything. They may say otherwise, but I wrote this post, because I want to show how could be written female character in game with male POV, when developers don’t treat her like total garbage.

I don’t get this logic, when people blaming someone for “hating” female character, but at the same time they think she must be sacrificed on Altar of Man’s Story and everything else is bad storytelling. 

I hate situation, when developers can cut important story content from game, sell it as Season Pass, and people would defend it as unique artistic desicion and example of good writing, because Square Enix said so.

It’s not like there are dozens of other games, including previous Final Fantasy entries, which managed to have deep, complex characters without selling their story arcs as DLC. 

It’s not like one of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling open-world RPG is story about man, who is looking for woman with her own important duty to fullfill.

And this heroine isn’t written as empty husk, who exists only to cry about her love for protagonist, because he is POV character. 

Meet princess Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, main heroine of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

[it’s even funnier, concidering that Witcher 3 has reputation of very sexist,  misogynistic dudebro-simulator on tumblr, because it shows some tiddies.] 

[This is big post. If you are impatient and have some questions already (”why are you comparing Western Game with JRPG?”), you can read ending part, where I explained some things further]

 Ciri is former princess of Cintra, small country annexed by Nilfgaard Empire when Ciri was little girl. She is heir of Elder Blood and Lady of Space and Time, who must stop The White Frost and save the world. Her fate is intertwined with fate of main male protagonist, her adoptive father Geralt. They had been separated for several years before game events, but in Wild Hunt Geralt finally got an opportunity to find her, while Ciri is on her own jouney to prevent new Ice Age.

Story is shown from Geralt’s perspective strictly and until certain point Ciri appears only in flashbacks told by other people. And by saying “certain point” I mean - not all developers support the idea that killing female characters is mandatory way for making story more tragic.

This is very first promotional shot of Witcher 3:

This is how this scene looks in game now (second screenshot from PS4 version, don’t mind quality). Sorry, Geralt, you might be protagonist, very masculine and stoic bearded white dude, but our girls important too.

Look at Geralt’s expression. He is very proud of his daughter.

Square Enix hadn’t been bothered with adding second throne chair for Lunafreya in ending scene. She seats near King Noctis on the floor. After all her sacrifices she deserved only to merely stand near male protagonist on her knees.

For further humilation Noctis can show her photo of Cidney’s double D’s as the most beautiful memory of his mortal life.

[You don’t need another 10 years of developemt to copypast single chair in 3D modelling soft. If you care about your main lady, of course.]

Instead of forcing Ciri into poorly written romance with someone she met once in 12 years right before passing into the fridge, CD Project give player an option to keep her bisexual (I can’t deny her romantic relationships with men in book canon).

Male protagonist didn’t stop Witcher 3 from passing Bechdel test. The first flashback of Ciri’s journey showed how she saved little girl from wolves. They also discussed about girl’s problem in family (not all little girls exist only for telling protagonist how much heroine loves him) and later Ciri helped her to find new home and made a spinning toy for her.

During her journey Ciri made a lot of friends. Former princess is very familiar with common people. Yet she isn’t flawless angel, who is too good for you. She is hot-headed, very stubborn, she can’t control her abilities properly, she can steal horses for her friends of kill someone for self-defence. Ah, and she is messy eater.

No one in Witcher 3 perfect, but these people still capable to built deep  relationships with each other, without being attached to protagonist only.

[I don’t think that 2 lines, which depicted that Ciri good at carving and with kids, took half of TW3 budjet.]

Her mother, Yennefer of Vengerberg worked for Nilfgaard Empire as Advisor of Empreror, who lead the Slaughter of Cintra. But CD Project didn’t give her role of Evil Stepmother, who treats her daughter like nothing, because Geralt must be only prominent figure in her life.

Ciri’s best friend, Triss Merigold is former agent of Lodge, very shady organization, which planned to use Ciri as pawn in their political intrigues. Despite Triss dark past, Ciri still calls her sister, not a lapdog.

Also, I want to add that Triss and Yennefer actually protected Ciri from Wild Hunt during battle in Kaer Morhen unlike Gentiana, who was somewhere offscreen, when Ardyn stabbed Lunafreya. Why mortal woman can do this, but immortal Goddess can’t?

[On my screens Ciri interacted with women more than Luna in whole FFXV]

Ciri has friends and family, even her biological father in game is way more caring person than his book version.

CD Project RED didn’t degrade Ciri into pathetic Pity Sue, surrounded by abusive jerks, in case of making her bonds with Geralt more meaningful and making male protagonist The One Nice Guy Who Can Understand and Support Her.

I don’t think that every character should have 12 siblings, 2 fathers, 3 mothers and 10k followers on tumblr. Character’s loneliness, insecurities, desire to have friends could be major part of their personality. But Square Enix saved this type of development for Prompto, Luna doesn’t have interest in anyone, who isn’t Chosen King.

[ When I’m writing that Luna did something wrong, it doesn’t mean that I blame her, she is fictional person. I blame her writers]

Ciri doesn’t need Chosen King to fix the world, she can be Empress of Nilfgaard herself and restore peace and prosperity by her own hands.

[Keep in mind, according to tumblr this game made by evil sexists]

But she is still Geralt’s daughter, his child of Destiny. They are bound to each other, but Witcher 3 doesn’t push flowery words about Fate and Great Love down to my throat in every cutscene. And it is primarly Geralt, who talks about Ciri. He shares stories about their past, memories of their best or dark days. CD Project didn’t waste Ciri’s limited screentime for crying about Geralt in corner. Of course, she talks about him too, but she is her own character with her own journey and developers showed me this journey.

[There is even snowball fight mini-game. Can you believe these two dorks are almost century old battle hardened witcher and future saviour of the world?]

Meanwhile in FFXV. Little kids having fun times and bonding over… nevermind.

Ciri can have some fun, but she is still Lady of Space and Time with great responsibilities. Ciri’s duty to save the world from White Frost is important and a lot of people sacrifised their lives for it, which caused her emotional breakdown at some moment. You can fail to achieve any of good endings if you don’t let Ciri to properly bury and mourn guy, who helped her to hide from Wild Hunt. She knew him for couple of hours, but she appreciated his sacrifice deeply. How many times Lunafreya mourned Nyx, king Regis? I don’t blame her for it, it’s not even Lunafreya’s problem - lack of grief is common problem of FFXV characters, but Luna has note book. If you run out of budjet and time for rendering cutscenes, you can write sorry letter from your heroine to Noctis. But I guess, I spent more time writing this post on foreign for me language, than Luna’s writer spent on her character. 

I don’t have problems with crying woman, but I think that emotional events should lead character to realizing something. When Ciri’s uncle Vesemir joined uncle Ben in Dead Uncles Heaven it was major turning point for her character development. It is important to help her cope with his death properly by realizing who Ciri is. After this part of story, when she went through the different stages of grief, she grew as person a lot and started to be more proactive.

Lunafreya’s tragic love for Noctis and her desperate desire to see him again didn’t affect her personality beyond just crying about him in every cutscene. She missed every opportunity to see him, she didn’t start to question her or his fate, she is still pawn of destiny. Unlike Ciri, Lunafreya suffers just for pure sake of suffering, because Noctis needs something to be sad about.

But not a single woman had been killed to provide Geralt external sourse of man pain unless you failed as father. Not a single one. CD Project RED doesn’t treat their female characters as plot-devices, which exist only to love male protagonist, serve him, support him and die for him. Geralt can have sex with several women, but none of them would ever say that staying behind him is sole purpose of the existance. Witcher 3 has plenty of problems with visual sexualization, but women in this game have they their own goals, duties and story arcs.

Ciri was written by Andrzej Sapkowski, Lunafreya is original FFXV character: Technically, books are prequel, Ciri was young teen during events of Witcher saga. In game she is grown up woman and basically new character, written by another people. Good prequel/sourse material doesn’t automatically mean that further story progression couldn’t ruin character. E.G. Lunafreya was somewhat tolerable in Kingsglaive, in game she is catastrophe.

You think that Ciri is strong heroine, because she is fighter: During this wall of text I never pointed her ability to fight as advantage (and her gameplay sections were kind of tedious). I made focus on her emotional development, presentation and amount of resources, which devepors spent on it. 

FFXV went through development hell and Square Enix hadn’t enough time and resources: In which universe Polish developers had more money and resources than freaking Square Enix. They had enough resources for making quest about Cup Noodles. They had enough resources to release 2 fanservice updates (Carnaval in Altissia and Assassins Festival) and several demos. Their had enough resources to develop Noctis date with Iris. They just don’t care about Luna.

But game told from Noctis point of view (here we go again): Geralt is protagonist of Witcher 3. Story shown strictly from his perspective. Male protagonist isn’t excuse for garbage writing of female characters. There are a lot of games (uncluding FF titles) with male protagonists, where women aren’t portrayed as useless plot-devices. Final Fantasy XII starred male protagonist Vaan, but Princess Ashe is here. Final Fantasy X starred Tidus, but Yuna in spite being love interest, still her own character. All of the listed games are well-known for complex stories without attached to them paid movies and paid DLCs, unlike glorified hot mess early access FFXV.

Lunafreya doesn’t have enough screentime. Sad, but true. Somehow, Ciri’s flashbacks, including short playable sections are ~1hour long. Lunafreya has 25 minutes of pure cutscenes, half of this time (not to mention her screentime in Kingsglaive and cameo in Brotherhood). Alas, she doesn’t have 1/10 of Ciri’s development. But I don’t think that lack of screentime is biggest problem, because quality>quanity. Another TW3 heroine, Iris von Everec has the same 25 minutes, but it was enough to show one the most tragic, beautiful and relatable stories in history of videogames.  

Square Enix will fix Lunafreya’s story with DLC: I refuse to support unhealthy DLC politics by buying content, which should be in game since first day of release. “Games as services” must die. FFVI World of Ruin was part of the base game. Previous FF titles managed to have characters arcs in game. But I’m going to said it again, Lunafreya’s role in game broken beyond repair (so, free update isn’t panacea too). She is still sacrificial lamb for Noctis Man Pain, who was groomed to be sacrificial lamb since age 4. 

Square Enix cut off several cutscenes about Lunafreya’s dark past, because they were afraid of SJWs: It’s unconfirmed rumor, very popular one, because it’s easy to blame feminists instead of terrible male writers. If Square Enix didn’t want to provoke feminists, then why Cidney’s bikini is still here? Why Lunafreya was beaten in almost every FFXV universe media peace (Omen trailer, Dawn 2.0 trailer, FFXV)? And I think something is very wrong with statement and over obsession with idea that woman must be raped or abused, so, she can have character development, and this is only possible way to write strong heroine.

You are misogynist, who hates only Lunafreya. Male characters are poorly written too. FFXV writing and narration just sucks. Most of my FFXV text posts and reblogs are critical. Not only me, but fandom discussed a lot about problems with Gladio’s development, Noctis lack of agency, Ignis lack of background and more so. But it was first update in 10 months (if I exclude several lines in Episode Prompto, where Luna played role of guy’s mentor again) with glimpses of Lunafreya. Square Enix had 10 months of players feedback to do something better than another 15 seconds of “I love Noctis”. 

You are one of those Witcher-fanboys. Witcher 3 isn’t flawless, there are a lot of problems with pacing, main conflict was resolved by deus ex machina and it struggles from standard issues of open-world games, when you can go and collect all the Gwent cards in the world instead of story progression. I’m not even fan of Ciri, she isn’t in my top-5 list of favorite TW3 girls, but I can’t underestimate developers love and respect for her. 

Lunafreya got neither of it from Square Enix.

You can’t compare Western role-playing game and JRPG.  They are built upon different traditions, have different sourses of inspiration and Japanese developers don’t care about Western audience and Western gaming in general:

They learned nothing.

Strange Birds

Zavala x reader | Drama/angst | G-rated | Reader with small child | Gender neutral | Spoilers for Destiny 2

This story was inspired by the idea of refugees on the Farm mixing with Guardians a lot more than they did in the City. I’ve also been thinking about how Guardians would have a hard time adjusting to not having their Light, both physically and mentally. And I was inspired by Zavala’s smiles in his Origins trailer, and how he clearly loves children. His smiles are the best smiles.

You’ve never been around so many Guardians in your life. They’ve always been like birds of paradise to you in their strange robes and armour, except that none of them are singing now. They’re sad and wearied on the Farm, nursing injuries with puzzled looks and hollow eyes. It’s the refugees who are able to get on with things. People like you, who are used to the blisters and twisted ankles and trials that make up the days of a human life.

‘I want a throwing knife.’

You look down at your daughter, Nova, all two feet of dirty overalls and tangled hair. She’s watching a Hunter by the Cryptarch’s hut absent-mindedly tossing a dagger in one hand.

‘Do you now, poppet. How about this firewood you were supposed to be helping me with?’ Helping is flattering her. At four years old she can barely lift any of the logs in the wheelbarrow but it’s good for her to feel useful. And it keeps her out of trouble.

She looks at the logs and scowls. 'I want to go home.’

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Tummy Time

Short little one shot where Will expounds on the wonders that is Hannibal’s tummy.  For all you fellow Mads’ tummy enthusiasts.  (Also on AO3)

After a while, when newness and excitement begin to give way to familiarity, couples relax into the established intimacy and comfort of their partnership; such was the case with Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.

Each knew how the other took their coffee, what positions they preferred to sleep in, how to forgive and forget, and when the other was in a foul mood before even a single word was spoken – for Hannibal knew better than to even try to reason with Will when he would start cleaning his fishing lures and arrange them by size; and Will knew to get out of Hannibal’s way when he began humming Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique.

That was closeness. That was ease. That was love.

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I Won’t Hesitate No More, I’m Yours

Summary: Bill wants to keep his relationship with Richie a secret from the other Losers. Richie just wants to jump Bill’s bones, but he settles for being a sweet boyfriend instead. 

A/N: For my Anon who requested Bichie being in a secret relationship, and Richie being a sweet doting boyfriend to show Bill he cares, and Richie smut. Lots of Richie smut. I am sorry that it is late, but I hope you love it! 

Obviously NSFW, so it’s under the cut. 💖💖💖

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your writing for the prettymuch boys! Brandon is my main man, and i really want to read more of B🐝 Can you please write on how meeting Brandon for the first time would be like? How you meet for the first time basically

in celebration of the boys’s first tour, enjoy lovely :) 

Tour life can be hard for any artist, but it was particularly heavy for Brandon. Passionate and fully immersed in his work, music is all he has dedicated himself to for the past half a decade. Artists (including the rest of the boys) would always talk about their After Show Glow, that Post Concert High, whereas Brandon would have his eyes glued to his phone, scrolling through social media to see what the audience thought of their performance. In a way, he’s thankful that he’s in a band. Lord knows he would change the stage setup after every show if he didn’t have his boys to bring him back to Earth after he’d float away for a bit. 

Tonight is no different. The first show of their headlining tour, Brandon gave it his all tonight. Usually, he’s already on a 150% anyway, but tonight he was on an entirely different level. It was great for the stage, the boys shared his chemistry and they were bouncing off of each other’s enthusiasm. Backstage once the light dims and the screaming stops, however, gets a bit trickier. 

As he waits for Nick and Austin to change out of their stage outfits, Brandon slouches in the corner of the couch in their dressing room. His nervous leg is drilling a hole through the concrete floor, and the excited chatter has become background noise. 

“Yo B, you’ve gotta quit stressing.” Edwin nudges his jittering leg. 

“Huh?” Brandon looks up from his illuminating phone, briefly confused. “Oh, nah. Was just checkin’ Twitter.”

“And they loved us, right?” Austin asks rhetorically, a half playful and half comforting smile on his lips. 

“Yeah…I guess,” Brandon rolls his lower lip between his fore and middle finger in a pondering manner. “I did miss that high note on that last one, though.” 

“Bro, we’ve all been there. Hell, sometimes I miss all of my notes. Remember that MTV performance?” Zion snickers at himself, but Brandon knows he’s just as earnest. 

The boys join Zion’s half-hearted laughter, but all Brandon can muster is a meek smile. 

“How ‘bout you get some air?” Edwin suggests, jutting his chin towards the door.

Brandon’s eyes shifts to his phone, contemplating for a second. “Yeah,” He sighs and nods, shoving his phone in his pocket. “That’s a good idea.”

“Good.” Edwin nods in return, patting him on the back before Brandon gets up and leaves the room. 

As soon as the door closes behind him, Brandon lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. People were still running about back stage, checking and packing up sound equipment. The boys used to take turns wandering backstage after shows, back when everything was still too surreal to process and they just needed time to bask in the glory of their jobs. Brandon is the only one that still does it until now. Not really for perspective anymore, but it still helps with clearing his thoughts. 

He finds himself wandering to the stage entrance. What seemed like a little world he shared with his best friends just a few hours ago is now a vast empty space. He can almost hear the echoes of the crowd’s shrill cheers that enveloped him earlier that night. It takes a while for him to focus out of his thoughts and see that there was young girl sitting at the edge of the stage, legs dangling towards the empty space the audience inhibited earlier. 

“Hey!” Brandon calls out, eyes wide in worry. “Are you supposed to be here?”

His voice startles you, causing you to lose your balance and fall of the stage edge with a little shriek. 

“Shit!” Brandon swears, instantly running to you. “Are you okay?” 

You groan, rubbing your knees. “I’m fine.” 

“Here,” you crane your neck to see him outstretching his hand to you. You take it, letting him pull you up while you use your free arm to prop you up and over the edge of the stage. “I’m sorry about that. Are you okay? I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.”

“I know,” you admit, sighing deeply. “Please don’t tell Andrew I’m here. I promise I’ll get all the mic cables packed in half an hour.” 

“Andrew the tour manager?” Brandon’s eyebrows furrow. “You’re a roadie?” 

“Yes.” you look up, raising an accusatory eyebrow. “I’ve been on tour with you guys since Seattle.” 

“…What?” the crease between Brandon’s eyebrows deepen. 

“I’m the one who gave Austin the anime recommendations? I’m in charge of your in-ears..? Is none of this ringing a bell?” you ask. 

“Wait, you’re (y/n)?” Brandon finally puts two and two together. Austin never shuts up about hanging out with one of the roadies, watching new TV shows and movies. He even made the boys watch Your Name one night upon watching it with you. Brandon always thought Austin was talking about some nerdy technician. 

“Yes.” you gave him a pointed look. “Wow, you’ve really been out of it. The boys say you’re not always like this but it’s a little hard to believe, to be honest.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Brandon cocks his head to the side. 

“Well,” you reach up to tighten your ponytail. “You’ve been taking extra post show walks lately. Max tried to set up some speakers during sound check today and you almost tripped over one.” you involuntarily chuckle at the memory.

“I’ve got a lot on my mind lately.” Brandon smiles, even though he knows you’re kind of making fun of him. 

“I can tell.” you hum, squatting to sit back down on the edge of the stage. 

“How ‘bout you? Why are you sitting out here all by yourself?” Brandon joins beside you, legs freely dangling beneath him. 

“Oh, you know, just thinking about my petty technician life. Mere mortal thoughts.” you sigh dramatically. 

“No, seriously.” It elicits a few laughs from Brandon and you can’t help but smile, happy to have gotten rid of the little frown he’s been sporting the past few days - even if only for a minutes. “What’s up?” 

“I don’t know,” you shrug, eyes nervously averting to the vast space before the two of you. “Dreaming of a career change?”

“Oh yeah? What do you want to do?” Brandon asks, never keeping his eyes off  of your side profile. He was genuinely interested, if not desperate for a distraction. He wanted to know how you became a roadie, which artists you’ve worked with, where you’re from. 

“More.” you sigh. “I mean, I went to school for music engineering. I’m capable of so much more. It’s just that equipment is expensive, and I don’t even know if I can actually sing.” 

“You went to school for music engineering?” Brandon’s eyes widened in awe. 

“Yes.” you frowned, thinking that Brandon wasn’t fully immersed in your conversation. It was foolish of you to think that a pop star was interested in your problems anyway. 

“No,” Brandon’s eyes doubled in size. “I was listening. I’m just-” 

“Out of it?” you offered, a polite smile on your lips. 

“Kind of. I guess I was so busy worrying about what I do that I forgot how lucky I am to be doing this in the first place.” Brandon averts his eyes, looking out into the empty seats. Working has mentally drained him, but he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he wasn’t able to do this everyday. 

“You are extremely lucky.” you hum, longingly gazing at the empty seats. 

Comfortable envelops the two of you, both lost in thought but in different headspaces. 

“Tell you what, (y/n),” Brandon suddenly says, getting up and dusting off his jeans. 

“Hmm?” you ask, doing the same. 

“I’ll help you write a song if you help me produce it. Deal?” he offers, the trademark Brandon Arreaga determined glint returning in his eyes. 

“Are you kidding?” you gasp. 

“Nope, I’m a hundred percent serious. Take it or leave it.” he lifts his hand, offering it to you to shake. 

“Oh my god. Deal.” you take it without hesitation, suppressing a squeal in the back of your throat. 

“Great. I’ll see you on the tour bus.” he grins, nods his head as a goodbye, and walks away. 

“Okay.” you meekly reply, still dumbstruck as you watch Brandon’s figure disappear. 

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Gina spending ten full minutes talking about herself and how she always knew she’d get her own reality tv show and that she’s the world’s greatest and people that don’t already know that are going to find out

“Oh right you wanted me to talk about the bus accident. I was run over by a bus. But I am no mere mortal so here I sit, perfect as always. Also today we’re setting the bus on fire so there’s that.”

Jake gets so so excited about being on tv but when he sits down with the cameras for the first time he acts all cool and tells his best cop stories. but the camera crew actually arrived earlier than expected and caught Jake celebrating in the precinct

“Wooooooooooooo! Guys! We’re gonna be on tv! On tv! Amy do you think we’ll become famous? Oh my god, what if we became famous cops?!! We’d get to be in Die Hard 6! Which is gonna be better than Die Hard 5 because we’ll be in it!”

He’s whooping and cheering a lot and freaking out to Amy who listens patiently and holds his hands when he gets extra excited and the thing goes on for like, ten minutes probably

Amy doesn’t want Jake and her relationship to be featured on the show in case people think that they aren’t doing their jobs bc they’re too busy dating which could harm the image of the NYPD in the eyes of the public, so Jake and Amy keep their relationship under wraps when the cameras are around in the precinct

but then the cameras catch on and one day they’re following the suspicious detectives that keep flirting with each other in the precinct and Jake and Amy are holding hands on the way to the car and chatting

“Man this pretending not to date thing is so hard, Ames. I mean, I thought we were holding back a lot in the precinct already when there weren’t cameras before, but now that there’re actual cameras recording our every move I can’t do anything but act like how we used before we started dating. I hate not openly dating you. How the hell did I do it before?”

They discuss dinner plans then the camera pans and shows them driving off together in the same car

Terry talks about yoghurt and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in one’s life. He talks about his wife and beautiful children and his section on the show is always very healthy and pure. He even paints once

Charles has a cooking segment where he teaches how to cook certain… exotic dishes. And also a children’s cooking segment where he teaches Nickolaj simple dishes that the kids at home too, can master

Captain Holt tries to talk about important cop stuff to improve the public’s perspective of the NYPD. But when he’s asked to discuss some of his hobbies he gets going about his antique globe collection and that’s all he discusses for the rest of his time on the show

Hitchcock and Scully are just eating all the time and the camera occasionally pans to their newest meal and gross eating habits

Rosa almost never appears on the show. Its been reported that she’s punched about five cameras already that tried filming her, until she ran out of money to pay for the damages. She now tries to avoid the cameras.

The longest footage the camera crew gets of Rosa is when she’s visiting Gina at the hospital. She has a very tender look on her face as she makes sure Gina’s okay and does simple little things to help her out. The camera only stops filming when Rosa’s grabbed by Gina’s hands and they start kissing

They name the show “Linetti, Set, Go”

BOOKS READ IN 2017: a fashionable indulgence by k.j. charles

“When my namesake, the great Caesar, rode in triumph,” Julius said, “he was accompanied by a slave whose role was to whisper to him, You are but mortal. To remind him he was merely a man who would one day die like any other. If I could, I should have you at my side to remind me that I am alive, because I have not felt alive in so damned long, and with you, I do. No, I don’t want you to marry, any more than I want you to return to your dirty democrats. I want to show you the world, and see you smile, and keep you with me while my soul grows back. Don’t gape like that.”

Harry shut his mouth with an audible click.

“I can’t have that,” Julius said, more moderately. “So I don’t ask. But my God, Harry, if I could I would, and since I cannot, I will see you happy. And that is all we shall say on this.”

Spark (For a moment, I was lost part 2)


Based on one of my favourite albums “For a moment, I was lost” by Amber Run.

This part is inspired by the song Spark that is not on this album, but on the previous one called 5 AM.

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader, Howard Stark x OC!Julia

Summary: A devastating loss brings you closer to the man you are destined to be with, but a family dalliance keeps you two apart.

Word count: 2.783

Warnings: FLUFF


Disclaimer: I found these pics on Google, all credit goes to the respectable owners. I just put them together as cover art.

Part 1: Dark Bloom

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The Power’s That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Eighteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

Alexia stared at the dress in front of her. “They cannot be serious.” A dress, she could not remember wearing one in recent memory. Even for her mother’s funeral, she had worn pants. And of all the kinds; a large, heavy and uncomfortable looking one.

“We can assist you with it if you would like?” A maid smiled.

It was difficult, but Alexia kept her mouth closed, the girl was simply trying to assist her, but of course, she needed assistance with it, it was a corset style that needed to be tied from the back. She nodded instead and the maid came over smiling and began to prepare her for dressing.

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now then.

let’s get back on the topic of his memories.

he thinks every part of his old mind is destroyed. nothing left. but what he doesn’t know is there’s a small shred of his memories, his old life left in him. but it’s buried deep away, only awoken while he’s asleep. once he wakes up, it’s gone and forgotten again. sung caught onto this fact by watching his dreams, and he had an idea. what if he messed around with that? maybe… maybe he could wake it up. get him back.
he forced havve into sleep mode and shut him off, and dragged him all the way down to his lab and ripped him open.
many hours and many tears later, after lots of poking around and rewiring, he got nowhere. no progress. nothing.

he gives up. he accepts the fact that he’s alone. he’ll never get to talk to his kind, he’ll never have a chance to share fond memories or learn what his people were like.

he turned havve back on, apologized for knocking him out like that, and locked himself in his room for the night.

that night, havve dreams again. dreams of home.

but it’s different this time.

he’s aware.

he can see.

he… feels.

a feeling of longing. nostalgia. …sadness.

what was happening to him? why was he getting so emotional over a place he didn’t recognize? he was so confused. overwhelmed. he never felt this much. he was shaking. starting to get scared.

he’s never felt scared before.

he was suddenly ripped from this dream, and woke to the face of a very worried doctor sung who was shaking him awake.

he was overheating in his sleep and making very worrying sounds. sung thought he was dying.

the feelings were still there. he still felt an overwhelming sadness. he needed to know what was going on. but instead…


sung froze, suddenly scared. he explained that it just never came up, thought he didnt care-

havve stood. sung shut up.


and he did.

havve stared at the image of him. his single, dead, lifeless eye, his iris still tinted a pale green. wires hung from his face, patches of metal framing his jaw. long black, dirty, lifeless hair hung from his head in patches. faded freckles along his cheeks and nose. long pointed ears.

and then the memories came.

sudden and quick, his mind overflowed with images of his home, himself, and his family. his planet. everyone.

he stared at sung. sung looked scared. very scared.

havve broke down sobbing. sung rushed over, hugged him. asking what was wrong.


sung hugged him tighter, his core humming. havve shoved his face into sung’s shoulder, shaking.


sung explained. he was afraid havve would be angry. afraid he would leave. afraid he would break.

and he apologized. he kept apologizing. he cried as he did, an endless stream of “sorry"s and “i didn’t want to hurt you”.

havve hugged him back.