Lingua Flora; Taemin/Key; R

Title: Lingua Flora
Authors: unbirthdaysong & heteroshinee*****
Pairing: Taemin/Key (with Taemin/Kai, Taemin/Minho, Taemin/Onew, Taemin/Jonghyun)
Length: 19,000 ish
Summary: A meddlesome plant seems to know a lot more about Taemin’s relationships than Taemin ever does.

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four]

***** - written as part of the shinee duets 2015 run, so please show support to other participants whilst you’re there if you have time

But the truth is, it’s not the idea, it’s never the idea, it’s always what you do with it.
—  Neil Gaiman

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I would be in If/Then with Anthony Rapp (as Elizabeth) because he seems like he has so much fun onstage and has great chemistry with everyone he works with!

Anthony Rapp is a God among mere mortals. Like, Anthony is so cool and so flawless and I really just wanna go get some hot chocolate and eat cookies with him.


If you could be in any musical with any broadway actor, who would it be, what show would you choose, and why?
what characters would you play?

As 1D fan I  have to say:

If you and I, mere mortals can have a date, why Niall’s (king) cannot? Of course we have the right to be jealous but can not cross the line. If any of us were in the place of this girl (Melissa) we were going to enjoy every minute with him, especially knowing that in a few days he’d be in another country, to another show. And cmon, we still have no confirmation that it’s a dating. He has the right to enjoy life as anyone else. We as fans have to hope that she is a good person and make him happy above all. We do not need to like her but we must respect his choice. Likewise most of the fans respect Perrie, Eleanor and Sophia.

It’s just my opinion.


You can expect legends to be strong people, people who faced tough enemies, or even the fate. Legends make any other mortal mere… mortals. They’re over the humanity, they’re amazing and incredible.

But… Not at all.

"He’s a legend. He’s the one who beat Belial Vamdemon."
"Really? He looked like different in the mosaic." 

They were looking at him, expecting him to do amazing things… But he was a mere human. The mysterious man stopped in front him, carrying a black and golden Xros Loader. His smile showed some gratitude to meet the said legend. 

"Welcome, Golden Heart. I hope you don’t mind to borrow your power to save this world from a threat."

Golden Heart. He frowned; the silence was his answer, and the old man approached from him, now pointing the rod to the boy.

"I did my best to bring you here, and to cheat the system. See? You’re still an adult, but your soul is still a child. Child at heart, something that a few humans can keep through the years… Motomiya Daisuke the Heart."

"Who are you?" - Daisuke asked, holding the digivice— Xros Loader. He didn’t expect his digivice to change or evolve from out of the blue.

"There’s no time to talk about who I am and who you are, my child. You have a job to do, and I’d like if you could cooperate with me. I will tell why you’re here, but first I ask you patience and cooperation."

"That’s crazy!" - Motomiya shouted - "Why do you want from me?! Are you chasing the Chosen?! Are you our enemy?!"

"I am just a person trying to protect this world, and only Kudou Taiki isn’t enough" - explained the man - "Sadly, I couldn’t bring the others in time. I wasn’t the only one looking for them, and you and Kudou Taiki are the only ones now. And that child… Ah, Akashi Tagiru."

"If you aren’t enemy or aren’t going after the Chosen Children, why am I here?!"

"I want you to keep an eye on Akashi Tagiru. I want you to lead him and teach him about his hidden power" - the old man stopped in front Daisuke - "You’re his senior, Motomiya Daisuke. You and Kudou Taiki must lead, teach and help him to face the real enemy who will try to beat him before he finally unlocks his grand power.”

"I’m not babysitter, and I will not help someone who kidnapped me!" - Daisuke clenched his fist (almost breaking the Xros Loader) while he pointed to the man with the other hand - "I refuse!"

"You have no choice" - the man turned his back on Daisuke and walked away - "You will do it anyway, because it’s the choice of your heart, your heart of gold. I will let you take your own conclusions, and then you will decide if you want to help Kudou Taiki and Akashi Tagiru to protect this and your world.”

The man disappeared and Daisuke was left alone, with some curious digimons watching him… 

The DigiQuartz was a dangeous place if you’re called as legendary hero. 

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You think Benjamin loves you? What a joke. You'll never compare to Jennifer nor Hatter and he's just leading you on.

Send my muse lies about people they care for.

      — You, you think I don’t know that?! God, I do, I know.
I’m nothing like them. And I will never be, I’m just a mere mortal
from this realm. But I am a mere mortal that can show him love,
a mere mortal that loved him despite all the broken pieces he
had turned into, the one that opened him up, made him trust again
at the same time that he took time to fix me. You can say I can’t
compare, and that’s true, but you cannot say that he doesn’t love me.
I know much better than that.