Theory: The Framework

The Framework is an alternate reality where our team lives in a world where their biggest regret is wiped off so it got me thinking after watching the revelation by the end of 4x15.

Starting with Coulson: His biggest regret was joining SHIELD and being in the center stage of everything that happened. So in this reality, Coulson became a professor instead of an Agent which meant he was not killed by Loki thus having the Bus Team wiped out as well. 

This would also mean that May never met with Coulson and having the possibility of being roped in Hydra as there is no one to keep her on her feet.

With the Bus Team never forming, this would also means that Skye remained as Skye, a hacker for The Rising Tide. At some point, she met the version of Grant Ward that Daisy Skye Johnson fell in love for : One that is loyal and brave. Probably not a Hydra Agent.

Without Coulson and the Bus Team, the fallout of Hydra was much much worse and amidst the chaos, Our dear Jemma Anne Simmons was ‘killed’ by an enhanced that Hydra released to takeover the Academy 

Scarred by abandonment, Fitz’s biggest regret was his Father and never being good enough in his eyes. So naturally in this reality, his father never left him and he became the intelligent son he has always hoped to become. Upon finishing his studies, he took over the company his father and business partner Holden Radcliffe started together and got engaged with Radcliffe’s Daughter, Agnes Kitsworth Radcliffe or better known as Dr Aida, her alias when working for Hydra.

Because losing your child pretty much beats every single shit that happened in your life, Mack is now in a world where he works as a mechanic and lives in a cozy farm house with his wife Nicole and his beautiful 11 years-old daughter Hope Mackenzie.

Melinda and the Gnomes 1/?

Hey everybody this is part one of a story inspired by a question asked by jaeger-bombastic-was-takenWhat if, sometime in the future, a Mizar actually became the queen of the gnomes?Well this is how it happend and what Mizar did with it. Happy Birthday TAU!!!!

The woman raised the hood of her black robe over her head as she turned to look at her husband emerging from the door to the basement.

“Is everything ready,” she asked.

The man nodded grimly, “are we sure this is necessary?”

“I told you, you fool,” the woman snapped at him. “The greater the perceived sacrifice the greater the rewards. Why do you think I spent the last five sixths of a year getting this thing ready. Or did you imagine that I actually wanted a weight around our necks as we go about our lives.” She pushed passed him and made an impatient ‘Come on’ gesture.

“Okay,” the man said doubtfully. He raised the hood of his own robe, picked his month old daughter up off the couch, and followed his wife down into their candle lit basement.


Alcor laid on his back in the Mystery Shack enjoying the peace and quiet. It had been about a year since he had been summoned by any sort of cult, and he was hopeful that people had finally realized that it was a really bad idea to worship demons.

Another reason he was enjoying the peace was the fact that he had just spent a week being bombarded by questions from Fords latest reincarnation. He was a scientist again, and he was studying magics effects on various chemical reactions. Ford had traded the hearing in his right ear for the answers to every question relevent to his research he could think of. Alcor had let himself be cheated on that particular deal, Ford did not realize it yet, but once he thought of more questions he’d simply have to ask.

Just then he felt the tug of an unusually powerful summons and let it take him.

Alcor emerged in a blaze of black fire. He looked around to find himself in a basement lit by three hundred blood scented candles arranged in careful circles around his perfectly drawn circle in the middle of the room. In front of him was a couple in their mid thirties, clad head to foot in thick black robes. The man seemed to be holding something behind his back.

Who Dares to Call Upon Alcor the DreamBender.

The woman stepped forward and raised her arms in supplication. “ Oh mighty Lord Alcor, Oh great and powerful Twin Star, my Husband and I beseech thee.”

Alcor frowned, Stop the fancy talk, just tell me what you desire.

“My Lord,” the woman continued, “we seek mystical power, power to dominate others, power to do as we choose. The Power to rule the world if we wish it!

Alcor sighed internally, he’d heard it all before.

“In return for this power we offer you our daughter Melinda, body and soul.” The woman gestured and her husband revealed what he’d been hidding:

It was a sleeping baby girl covered in arcane symbols, painted on her skin with what seemed to be Goats blood.

A baby.

But not just any baby.

It was Mizar


And these selfish fools offered him her life and soul, and their own daughter too.

“We have concieved, born, and prepared this baby just for you my lord, all so-“


The woman took a step back, her husband let out a whimper.

Do you know who this is!!!

“Our daughter, who we-”

This is my Mizar!!!!

The two gasped and try’d to run the husband tossing the sleeping baby at Alcor as he went. The Demon caught the baby, set her down than gave chase. He caught the woman at the top of the stairs and ripped out her heart. The husband almost made it to the front door when Alcor swept down on him from above, he skinned the man alive and left him there to die before returning to the basement.

Mizar had somehow slept peacefully through all the yelling and screaming, Alcor picked up the baby girl and gently rocked her, crying softly. “Oh Melinda, how could your own parents do this to you, he said removing the bloody symbols. Don’t worry my little Mizar, I’ll take you to someone who will look after you, and of course your big brother will always be there for you.

Cassie was living alone by a National Park this lifetime and desperately wanted a child. She would make a good mother. He took a quick look around the house only to find no baby things whatsoever. That horrible woman really had given birth just so that she’d have a good sacrifice.

With a snarl of disgust, Alcor took baby Melinda from that terrible house forever.   

The Devil You Know Master List

Summary: Being on the run was always hard, but being on the run while the dead walk the earth, was even harder. Melinda and her daughter have been running for what it seems like forever. They’ve been running from a psychopath that would slaughter anyone in his path to have them back.

One day, they finally manage to escape his grabs. Melinda try’s to build a life for her and her daughter, while being on the road alone. A life that is short lived when they run into a man that wields a baseball bat, cover in barbwire. A man that is know as Negan, the leader of The Saviors.

Will Negan be another psychopath that Melinda and her daughter have to escape from? Will Negan be the savior he claims to be and aid them? Only time would till, if Negan is an angel or another devil in disguise.

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Melinda and the Gnomes 2/?

Sorry for the wait everyone Since I’m still new I’ve been going through all the old stories and Art. It’s to your guy’s credit that I’m not even half way through yet. Anyway here’s part 2 of my first multi chapter story.

Cassie was delighted to receive baby Melinda buy wanted to know why Alcor didn’t want to raise her like he had some of the other Mizars. He explained that after she had had such an awful start to her life he wanted her to live as normally as possible, while still being close to him. He produced some forged documents which said Melinda was Cassie’s daughter in exchange for permission to live  in one of her guest rooms, then the two went out and got every baby thing Melinda would ever need.


Melinda grew into a happy cheerful little girl, every sunny day she would go to play in the national park with either her big brother or her mother to supervise. Cassie worked as a graphics designer and was usually able to work from home, and spend time with her daughter.  Melinda loved to run, draw and to color pictures and it seemed like every month she’d request a new coloring book and more paper. He true passion however came when Cassie bought her a home weaving kit for her seventh birthday. She quickly used up all the string that came with it and her delighted mother had to get more.

On her ninth birthday, she made a deal with her brother for the ability to weave with light itself. She could use any color she wanted and the more effort she put into a piece the longer it would last before disapearing. She would often weave some strands or a simple image into her clothing before school, which would fade before the day was out, and yet she would create tapestries that might last for months or even years. When she wanted to make someone a present however, she would ask dipper for some wool from The Flock so that picture she’d create would last forever. The one concern her family had about her was that at school, Melinda tended to keep to herself, she had a few friends, but no one she was really close to.

During the summer of her of her eleventh year, Melinda was playing Lawn Darts with dipper in the National Park when her brother got a summons from someone he could not ignore.

“Melinda I need you to go home while I deal with this.”

“Oh come on Bro Bro, I’m almost twelve, thats old enough to be by myself for a while!”

“I don’t know-”

“Come on pleeeasssse! Its not like we’re in a strange place, I know every inch of this park!”

“Fine,” Alcor sighed, “stay on the trails, or in the fields this shouldn’t take to long.”


Melinda hugged her big brother tightly until he disapeared from her arms. She sat down in the grass and began gathering a ball of light, in order to start a new project. Maybe three little Alcors doing the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil thing she thought.  She was about half way through when she saw a pointed red hat speeding through the tall grass, curious she dropped her project and ran after it.

For a while she thought that she’d lost it, but than she heard a boy crying. Melinda followed the sound to a small grove of trees where she saw a very short boy sitting on a tree stump. “Whats wrong” she said approaching slowly.

“My mom yelled at me, she said I disrespected our queen. All I d-did was say she was getting old.

“Your queen?” But this country is ruled by a president. Melinda looked more closely at the boy, and took in his big head, short limbs and seeming lack of a neck. “Oh, your a Gnome!”

“Are you gonna hurt me?”

“No, of course not. I’m not one of those Pro-Nat weirdo’s. My name’s Melinda by the way, whats your’s.


“I haven’t seen you around school, do you go?”

“No, my tribe home schools us, but I’ve always wanted to meet a human. We don’t leave the park much though.

“Well now you have a human friend,” Melinda said matter of factually. “Want to play hopscotch?


The two played togather for hours, they only stopped when the sun began to set and Jake heared his mother calling. The two agreed to meet again the next day and Melinda ran off home. She ran straight into the kitchen and chattered happily about her new friend. Cassie and Dipper were both delighted that Melinda finally had somebody who might become a close friend, the fact that he was a Gnome did cause Dipper some concern, but than again his niblings had often played with the Gravity falls Gnomes without any trouble. None the less he vowed to keep and eye on them from a distence, he didn’t want to scare the boy off after all.