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The Cruel Manipulators

Raven and her accomplice will pay.

That was the thought Mixxa had on her mind as she was washing off the excess mess of sadness from Mirex. It was understandable though that she would be in a state of sadness and angst, especially given what the Mantle wanted to do to her. It was bad enough she had to endure seeing Alex’s branded cheeks. But to be threatened, along with her unborn progeny? It was enough to make even someone strong like Mirex not want to see her beloveds leave.

But that wasn’t the only additional sorrow Mixxa learned. While channeling energy to aid the spectral Adrielle Jardin in tending to Alex, she overheard Flixxa mention that Raven had tampered with Gregory and she did nothing to stop it. Only later at the relative quiet of their home in the Refuge did Mixxa learn the truth that the bitch had harmed him in more ways than one and that when Flixxa noticed it, she ran. But Mixxa couldn’t be upset. After all, if her beloved had acted, what would have happened then. No, all she did then was continue to support her love as more tears fell on her body.

Only after she finished washing and getting dressed did she finish contemplating everything on her mind. She knew she couldn’t go out and fight that evil directly. No, but she could support those who would go out. While it was a dark matter, the pleasant reassurance of Flixxa’s embrace upon her and the equal reciprocation when the mistologist climbed into bed was enough to at least provide some happiness.

Raven and her accomplice will pay.

By now, Aleyanna had received word that Melinda was a priority target for those in the Order. The question was, how much damage had she done in the three seasons she was there. How many secrets did she uncover. And how many fellow members would end up being compromised as a result of her actions.

The operative thought back to that day last year when she was supposed to be taken out. But instead, the circumstances turned it into a rescue mission. She was so convincing back then, making her, Kiros, Veynn, and the rest of the Hyperchaotic Security krewe believe that she was a victim and that she would gladly go against the Mantle. How wrong they all were, especially given that now, Melinda had probably been responsible for a plethora of injuries to all of her friends. If she and her master weren’t stopped immediately, it would be catastrophic for all of Kryta.

She knew she couldn’t go out there. After all, it could probably break so many friendships and family bonds. Instead, she would do her best to keep watch here and make sure the evil of the Mantle would not seep its claws into the Reach. But that was a matter for tomorrow. For now, she would rest so she could tackle the issue with a clearer mind.

Another Trojan Horse, Another Chaotic Symphony


She awoke from her slumber and looked to the Mantle Knight who had called for her. A quick hand beckon brought her down to some holding cells in Fort Evennia. It housed all sorts of characters: captured Seraph, Mantle turncoats that had been caught, civilians, the likes. She looked to the Knight.

“So, why did you bring me down here?” she asked.

“We have an interesting plan for those Camp dwellers in a couple of days. And our specialists have managed to ‘convince’ one of the captured Seraph to help out. You know, the one in the cell next to you looks similar to you.”

“That she does. What’s her name?”

“Sergeant Francisca Calder.”

“Tell you what. Convince her that her name is Melinda Halendoorn. Have her lead a group of suspected captured Mantle to the camp and when the time is right, we spring a trap and they cause chaos.”

“It’s going to be a one way trip for them all.”

“That it is. But they’ll think they’ve finished me off. Then they’ll learn that I am that much craftier than them all.”

“You truly are a benefit to the cause.”

“Only because my master sees to it that I implement the finest ideas to make everyone on edge and cause them to lose focus.”

wadwiswell  asked:

Hey, I have a question, does Wickerbottom have a sleep aid, seen as she suffers from extreme insomnia (or at lest she does in the game)? if not, then how is she not passing out a lot or suffering from any other symptom of of sleep deprivation? if she does, what is it? my guess would be Mandragora officinarum, or mandrake in normal terms. sorry if you already answered this and I missed it.

Sebastian: She does really good though. I just feel bad since I’m among those things.


The events earlier in the evening had left Mixxa thinking about just how diabolical the White Mantle truly were. That harlot Raven had harmed another friend, albeit indirectly by getting someone called Melinda to leave marks of the Mantle on Alex’s cheeks. It was brutal, and she wanted payback. But she also had orders to follow from her fiancee.

After all, in the chaos during the holdup, Alex’s staff and helmet were left behind. These were valuable Mist related gear that if left in the wrong hands, could be catastrophic. So with one quick waypoint to Rurikton, the mistologist rushed back to where the incident took place, and to her fortune, everything was still there.

Not wishing to spend any second longer than need be, she gathered the gear and spirited back to Rurikton towards the Cartwright Estate. When she knocked, she was greeted not by Renita, but by Aleyanna.

“Excelsior, Denton. Something has happened.”


“Magister LaCoria was harmed by the Mantle out at Lake Doric. Some mastermind called Raven was behind it, but Exemplar Eskara believes that someone in the Order called Melinda may have been the one to do the damage….”

“Wait, what did they do to her? And did you say Melinda?” Aleyanna asked quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone.

“They branded a cheek and carved the other one with insignias of the White Mantle. Countess Jardin mitigated some of the damage, and they’re at the Refuge. I’m going back tomorrow to return Alex’s gear that was left behind. And yes, her name was Melinda.”

Aleyanna nodded as she thought back to last year when that girl was rescued. She claimed to be going against the Mantle. And she had played them all. With a grumble as Mixxa went upstairs, the operative began sending out a message that would be delivered to Camp Dam and the Chantry.


Melinda Halendoorn has been suspected of harboring true loyalties with the White Mantle. She has passed herself off as an Agent of the Order of Whispers, and should be considered extremely dangerous. If discovered, do not engage unless it is certain she will be taken down in one blow. She is suspected to be working with a member of the White Mantle that calls herself Raven. They have been spotted in Lake Doric.

Caution is advised when dealing with one or both of them. They are manipulative and will lead any unsuspecting individual into a trap.

With the notice on its way, Aleyanna finally went and rested. She hoped everyone at Camp Dam would take heed of the warning. Otherwise, more lives would be at stake.