Theory: The Framework

The Framework is an alternate reality where our team lives in a world where their biggest regret is wiped off so it got me thinking after watching the revelation by the end of 4x15.

Starting with Coulson: His biggest regret was joining SHIELD and being in the center stage of everything that happened. So in this reality, Coulson became a professor instead of an Agent which meant he was not killed by Loki thus having the Bus Team wiped out as well. 

This would also mean that May never met with Coulson and having the possibility of being roped in Hydra as there is no one to keep her on her feet.

With the Bus Team never forming, this would also means that Skye remained as Skye, a hacker for The Rising Tide. At some point, she met the version of Grant Ward that Daisy Skye Johnson fell in love for : One that is loyal and brave. Probably not a Hydra Agent.

Without Coulson and the Bus Team, the fallout of Hydra was much much worse and amidst the chaos, Our dear Jemma Anne Simmons was ‘killed’ by an enhanced that Hydra released to takeover the Academy 

Scarred by abandonment, Fitz’s biggest regret was his Father and never being good enough in his eyes. So naturally in this reality, his father never left him and he became the intelligent son he has always hoped to become. Upon finishing his studies, he took over the company his father and business partner Holden Radcliffe started together and got engaged with Radcliffe’s Daughter, Agnes Kitsworth Radcliffe or better known as Dr Aida, her alias when working for Hydra.

Because losing your child pretty much beats every single shit that happened in your life, Mack is now in a world where he works as a mechanic and lives in a cozy farm house with his wife Nicole and his beautiful 11 years-old daughter Hope Mackenzie.


Kelseys dream had always been to go into the science career. That had been the plan before the talk of babies had surfaced. Now that the twins were getting older Kelsey finally felt like maybe she could. 

Kelsey - Babe, what do you think about me finally going for my dream.

Finn excited - I think that is a wonderful idea. The girls birthday is coming up and I think they can be left with a babysitter or a daycare now. You should really go for it. 

Kelsey - I love you. Thank you for the support.

Finn - Anything for you. Forever and Always.