Well, this is interesting. After EXCLUSIVELY learned that Louis has been leaning on Harry, following his breakup, 1D’s tour rider allegedly leaked — and it seems like Louis has been relying on Harry so much that they may even be sharing a room on tour.

Harry Styles, 21, has been supporting his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, 23, ever since he broke up with Eleanor Calder, EXCLUSIVELY learned. And Harry seems to be taking his role as Louis’ “brother” very seriously. They may even be sharing a room while on the road together. Maybe Louis just can’t handle being alone yet.

One Direction’s Tour Rider — Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson Sharing Room?

One Direction‘s tour rider has reportedly been revealed, according to OceanUp. And it allegedly shows that the band only requires four rooms for all five of them, which potentially means that two band members share a room.

Obviously, Zayn recently left the tour in order to take care of his relationship with Perrie Edwards back home. But this tour rider was likely made before he left.

We’re not suggesting — at all — that Harry and Louis share a room for romantic purposes. What we think is that it’s very sweet of Harry to stay by Louis’ side during this difficult time in his life — if that is what he’s doing. After all, we have no idea why they only requested four rooms. But we do know that Louis is leaning on Harry.

Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles Relationship: Bonding Since Eleanor Break Up

“Louis has definitely been leaning on Harry during his breakup and considers him his brother. Harry has been an amazing friend to Louis and really been lifting his spirits,” an insider shared.

That’s so sweet! We love that they take care of each other.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you glad that Louis is leaning on Harry during this difficult time? Vote in our poll and tell us how you feel!

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In case you haven’t heard – and at this point in the media blitz, it’s hard to imagine you haven’t – Chris Pratt lost quite a bit of weight to play the chiseled-abbed superhero Star-Lord in “Guardians Of The Galaxy.”

See the full hilarious interview that details Pratt’s strict weight regimen here.
Liam Payne From One Direction Might Be The First Band Member To Go Solo & Here's Why It Could Work

ALEX KRITSELIS | December 15, 2015

One Direction’s hiatus just started, but one band member doesn’t seem to be taking a break: Liam Payne might be going solo. Whoa. As soon as 1D’s hiatus was announced in August, the guys made it clear that they would be free to pursue outside musical projects, and many people (myself included) suspected Harry Styles would be the first singer to strike out on his own. Instead, Payne appears to have beat him to the punch!

As Complex reports, Payne and rapper Juicy J have recorded new music together — and it’s supposedly coming soon. The former Three 6 Mafia MC broke the news on Twitter Monday, much to the surprise of casual music fans. (However, hardcore Directioners likely saw the announcement coming: As Complex points out, Juicy J posted a studio pic with Payne on Instagram all the way back in January.) Juicy J told MTV that he had recorded seven tracks with Payne during a red-carpet interview at the Grammys in February. It’s currently unknown if they’ve worked on more material since then.

Now, Payne has used the monikers “Big Payno” and “DJ Payno” to remix other artists’ songs for a couple of years now, so it’s entirely possible he acted solely as a producer for Juicy J, and his vocals won’t be featured on their collaborations. But, it’s also entirely possible that he’s preparing to launch a solo career. After all, Juicy J is no stranger to the pop world: his 2013 single with Katy Perry, “Dark Horse,” was a massive, No. 1 hit!

If Payne is, in fact, going solo, here are three reasons why the venture could be a huge success:

He Has A Fantastic Voice

I was sad when vocal powerhouse Zayn Malik left One Direction in March, but I took comfort in knowing that Payne would still be around to belt out those killer ad-libs at the end of each of the group’s power ballads. As a solo artist, his impressive vocal chops would certainly make him stand out (and I think his voice would suit a variety of styles and genres, too).

He’s Pretty Damn Charming

Yes, Payne does seem to have a habit of putting his foot in his mouth, but it’s hard not to be charmed by his sweet voice and his off-the-charts adorable smile. I mean, c'mon, just look at this dude:

He definitely has ~***star power***~, that’s for sure.

He Has A Musical Mind

As I mentioned, Payne moonlights as a DJ/producer in his spare time — but he’s a gifted songwriter, too. Payne has co-written songs for One Direction since the very beginning, including hits like “Story of My Life” and “Night Changes.” On the band’s latest LP, Made in the A.M., he co-penned six tracks: “What a Feeling,” “End of the Day,” “Long Way Down,” “Wolves,” “A.M.,” and “History.”

If Payne does try going it alone, securing a skilled management team to help him navigate the tricky transition from “boybander” to solo artist would probably be essential. But, I bet having a keen ear for top 40 pop and a clear creative vision would be crucial, as well. Fortunately, I think Payne can bring both assets to the table.

So, will Payne become one of 2016’s breakout solo stars? I think he has what it takes! Rest assured, I’ll keep an eye out for further developments.

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Watch Rand Paul Explain to a Female Reporter How to Ask a Question

“New presidential candidate Rand Paul’s post-announcement media blitz took an unsavory turn Wednesday morning, when the Kentucky senator decided to play journalism professor with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie.

Paul repeatedly interrupted the Today co-anchor, who was challenging him on sensitive policy matters, then snapped at Guthrie when she followed-up and pressed for answers.

Guthrie held her ground as Paul twice accused her of “editorializing,” or injecting personal opinion into what were really pretty simple, legitimate questions about his positions on aid to Israel and the Iranian nuclear negotiations. (He has shifted on both questions, hence the cranky responses.)

Paul responded by offering the veteran political reporter and former White House correspondent some unsolicited advice on how to do her job:

Not the first time: Wednesday’s exchange mirrored another short-tempered performance, during a Feb. 2 interview with CNBC’s Kelly Evans. Paul shushed Evans after becoming irritated by a series of questions about tax policy and comments he’d made about anti-vaxxers.”

Read the full piece and watch the interview here

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