As a part of their media blitz surrounding the release of the Dreamcast, Sega partnered with Limp Bizkit in 2000 to serve as one of the tour sponsors.

“Those who attended the shows had the opportunity to face off against a musician from Limp Bizkit in the Dreamcast version of Ultimate Fighting Championship, a session which was broadcast on a jumbo screen to an audience of fellow concertgoers. Signed Dreamcast systems were given away as prizes.”

Evidence (and a Prediction)

Let’s play around with a few TST puzzle pieces.

So we have Lestrade and Hopkins bagging evidence in 221B (or bringing it there, but like, that seems odd). Let’s say this happens earlyish in the episode.

and here is a page with a header matching Hopkins’ folder, along with a sticky note that let’s us know John is in need of an alibi. 

And then we have the Miss Me? disc presumably used to broadcast Moriarty’s image

in a beat up envelope…another piece of evidence found in 221B, bagged by the DIs? Okay, sure. Actually, that makes sense. Lestrade and Hopkins are looking into Moriarty’s media blitz return, they’re gonna end up searching Baker Street at some point.

Two interesting tidbits:

1. The third track of this episode is Murder This Time, which seems like a great track title for a juicy murder case being brought to Sherlock’s attention. But Moriarty’s return isn’t murder (yet). Unless…

2. It’s an exact parallel of this.

Two Miss Me? tags. The one in Sherlock’s MP was indeed a note left on a murder victim. Is there a murder victim involved in Moriarty’s return? (Well, that wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it?) (Bonus points if they intended a modern/Victorian pun with this time.) (I hate this show.)

Hmm. So in the process of bringing Moriarty back, someone died. And we always start with motive, right? Who would want to bring Moriarty––and therefore, Sherlock––back more than anyone? Well, one might say Sherlock. But he was in solitary confinement the entire week before killing Cam and Moriarty’s return. And this disc was (again, speculating) found in 221B.


John Watson. Suspect #1 needs an alibi. Presumably, John was with Mary that week, getting sonograms and being all happy domestic family. *cough* So…his alibi is…Mary. Yikes. Sorry John. 

John takes the fall, Mary goes off the grid. (Ooh, track 4: Agra!) Now we get TRF but flipped: John’s wanted by the police, so he and Sherlock flee (tracks 5 and 6: Absolute Trust! Running Away!) They track down the person who actually brought Moriarty back and committed murder in the process. And surprise surprise…

Cheating. Sharks.