The Elves are burdened with glorious hair.

so you guys know that whole “fen'harel is also shartan (the leader of the elven slaves who joined andraste)” theory?

i wasn’t sure i believed it, until i went into the gauntlet for the urn of sacred ashes and got to the part where people from andraste’s life ask all sorts of riddles

and met the egg

overwatch christmas skin speculation
  • Reinhardt as Santa Claus and Ana Amari as ‘Ana’ Claus!
  • Tinsel and decorations on Torb’s turrets
  • Bastion should be draped in decorations, too. People should be able to put presents under him. There should totally be an emote for that.
  • Like, any of the Overwatch ladies as elves, I mean come on! Mercy in a sexy little elf costume??? OR MAYBE SOMETHING LIKE THIS? idk my guys, Witch Mercy has ruined me forever
  • Widow dressed up in that Mean Girls christmas dance costume, here
  • Winston needs to dress up like a reindeer, this is very important
  • Idk about the other men. I think Hanzo is too emo to wear a costume, and I’m pretty sure McCree would hit the Egg Nog hard but idk how you’d wear a costume of that
  • In a shocking plot twist, Pharah’s christmas skin is revealed to be… her raptora suit, only red and green
  • Mei as a cute snowman!
  • idk about tracer, man, I actually think it would be hilarious if she was dressed up like Santa, fake beard and all
  • an emote for getting drunk and passing out
  • dva can’t have that emote. she’s underage in the US. 
  • Pharah saying to mercy - ‘I’ve got a present for you to unwrap’.
  • And Mercy like ‘don’t tell me you’re finally going to take off that suit!’
  • Some sort of mistletoe dialogue between Widow and Tracer. Like ‘Looks like you’re standing under the mistletoe, cherie’, and Tracer’s like ‘[GASP!] NOI’MNOT’ *panicblink*
  • okay I get the last two are totally never going to happen but let a girl dream okay