A quick note/question regarding that whole ‘Danganronpa 2.5′ thingy.. Y’know..


Well, despite it keeping the ’ス一パ一’ prefix of the second game, it looks like this story will not take place not immediately after SDR2, but instead, sometime after Hope Arc.


I can’t read Japanese (still learning, haha) but below is what was auto-translated… (thanks google)

Obviously this is a really rough translation, but what I got from it is that SDR2.5 is an original story and it will follow DR3, not precede it. Of course, because the translation isn’t exactly professional, this is just speculation, but… If anyone here who can read Japanese could confirm/debunk this for me that’d be great!

I’m tempted to write a fic about the children of the couples in ACOMAF and how much trouble they cause and how their parents just sigh forever because, they’re little shits?
There’s Feyre and Rhys’ two kids, Nesta and Cassian’s devil spawns, Elain and Lucien’s gentle fiery gardener, and Azriel and Mor’s cheeky silent shadowsinger.
Anyone want this? I don’t care. I’m doing it anyway hehe.

#stayaliveoctober: Presentation


I am your humble host, Carina - also known as Zombie, but I promise that it won’t be me chasing you through this challenge! ;)

I am 32 years old and from Sweden, and when I am not busy working or hanging out with my boyfriend I try to train for a 21k I am going to run in May 2017. THAT IS SUPER SCARY! More scary than zombs or turning grey, actually.

I owe all of my thanks to Zombies, Run! 5k for actually getting started with and being able to run. This is where my love of Zombies, Run! started, and I have been a fan ever since. It’s been a while since I used ZR! though, due to problems with my phone + external music player, so for this year’s #stayaliveoctober I have decided to reset my Abel Township and start over from scratch again. Really looking forward to get to know all the characters and the story all over again! :)) 

If you have any questions for me regarding me/my background OR #stayaliveoctober OR Zombies, Run! - feel free to send an ask and I will get back to you whenever possible!

Have fun - and make sure to STAY ALIVE!

Two sad things happened that day.

1. This was apparently a maternity top. Ya know, for preggo ladies.

2. I couldn’t afford it, even if I was pregnant.

The moral of the story is: Don’t get pregnant, if you can’t even afford cute flower tops.

I want to create things that inspire people but honestly I’m not even that good at what i do. Which is sad. But all i want to do is create change in this world. I want to do something with my life. // lame rant srry i am always sticking my tongue out oops

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