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I just want to clear things up for all the people hating on me and Lexie for selling ‘All lives matter’ bracelets today. Now we all have our opinions and views on things I myself do have my own. And I do not feel as if I’m doing anything wrong so don’t call me names and hate and assume stuff. I have many friends that are different races I have many friends that are different shapes, sizes, color, sexuality and religion. And I believe each and everyone of those people matter. IM NOT PERSONALLY disregarding black lives mater because it still partakes in this saying. Today I sold bracelets honestly just to make money, not even thinking of the actual meaning. And actually about 6 black families bought these bracelets. People of every race almost. Because that’s what it means. I love every human being and everyone matters too me. So I’m sorry if I 'offended’ anyone for thinking everyone matters. And I will admit that black lives have gone through hell and back in our history and even today, but so does everyone. So does gay people, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans… EVERYONE goes through all the bullshit that life throws us. But you know a lot of people need to also respect others to earn respect back. Now in some situations that’s not the case… But the majority of times there’s always a reason for why everything happens. I always see and try to feel for both sides to every situation and I stand for the innocent and the accused. So if you want to unfollow me or hate on me go right ahead. But I don’t believe in doing anything wrong. I’m only put on this earth to radiate love and peace and that’s what I’m trying my best to do…

Here Comes A Thought

So, the latest Steven Universe episode really got to me. Not only was the animation stunning and the music was beautiful, but the message was the thing that got me because I’ve been going through some stuff lately.

What I got out of “Mindful Education” was this: everything will be ok.

For the past few months, my emotional state has not been the best. There has been a ton of drama in my family and amongst some of my friends. I ended up in the middle of it. I thought that this is just the way the world works, that this happens to everyone and I have no reason to complain or be hurt. I tried my best to hide my pain with smiles and laughs. But it didn’t really do much to help

This episode has taught me that thinking about it will hurt, but it’s the best way to deal with it. If you ignore it, it’ll only get worse and you’ll just dig yourself into a deeper hole. Once you think about your problems and deal with them, all of a sudden they seem manageable, at least for me.

Once I realized this, I was happier, more or less. They problems are still there, but I am able to handle them better now. And now I know that any problem you may have will not be the end all, be all. If you’re sad now, just know that things will be better. Happier days are ahead.

You may not know it, but you have support in your life, whether it be your friends, family members, significant other, or others who are close to you. No one is alone on this earth, even though you may feel like it. Believe me, I’ve felt alone multiple times. But I opened up to my mother and my roommate, and let me tell you, I felt a lot better when I let everything off my chest. Talking about it made me realize that I was over analyzing a few things and that I could deal with these problems.

So, if any of you need to talk to me about anything, feel free to message me. I’ll do whatever I can to help you through anything that is troubling you.

I’m here