In short, I’m just a girl in her third year of university trying to figure her shit out like the rest of us, heading new directions without a set path either. •
There’s this idolization people have for themselves and many have for others. Why? On the most basic level of life, that’s all we are - people. •
When we put ourselves or someone else on a pedestal, that sense of humanness dissolves and that person becomes an entity for that idolization. And with watching eyes, the idolizers fade away from who they are, blocking out the immensity of who they may have been if they had simply been themselves. There is talent, there is passion, and there is heart in every single person on this planet - whether or not we have found out what that might be yet. •
We will figure it out. But give yourself the chance to find that talent that is inherently yours. Let yourself try, screw up, and learn. We’re all just wandering trying to figure out where the hell we are going. Wander and get lost in the world through your own eyes rather than trying to live it in someone elses. •
• 📷 I am lucky to get lost with you @sir.brendan

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