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Sir E.U - “Nike Boy” (prod. N.O.M.A.D)
dir. Unkle Luc

Manipulation of Negativity. M A D A G A S C A R 10/32/14


Mustardseed - Dope

could be nsfw, depends where you work i suppose.

Plue Starfox - “A D A Wong”

Acclaimed New Orleans producer Plue Starfox makes his debut as a rapper with a new self-produced track, “A D A Wong”. While it might sound like an easy feat to some, it is very rare to hear producers harness their own individual voices since they work with so many others, but Plue accomplishes this almost effortlessly with a clear understanding of his ethereal style of production. His raps sound like his beats, as weird as that sounds. Anime references are all over this joint, but where most Anime-influenced rappers use this approach to very corny results, Plue and his menacing vocal presence take this to another level, much in the same vein of Miami Anime-influenced rapper Robb Bank$ but more overwhelming. Looking forward to hearing Plue’s progression as an emcee.

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A d o p e remix of Radiohead-Reckoner

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