In dedication of my favourite song in the whole wide world 

Be strong and hold my hand, time becomes for us you’ll understand. We’ll say goodbye today and I’m sorry how it ends this way. If you promise not to cry, then I’ll tell you just what I would say..

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skylines and turnstiles; my chemical romance

fave lyric: steel corpses stretch out towards and ending sun, scorched and black, it reaches in and tears your flesh apart, as ice cold hands rip into your hear. that’s if you’ve still got one that’s left inside that cave you call a chest, and after seeing what we saw can we still reclaim our innocence?

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the signs as MCR lyrics

~to celebrate 10 years of The Black Parade~

Aries: think happy thoughts
Taurus: have you heard the news that youre dead
Gemini: won’t stop dying won’t stop lying
Cancer: can’t find my way home
Leo: you’re just a sad song
Virgo: we’re damned after all
Libra: well I’m a total wreck
Scorpio: When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band & said son when you grow up will you be the saviour of the broken the beaten and the damned
Sagittarius: I’m not ok
Capricorn: teenagers scare the living shit outta me
Aquarius: we’re hanging out with corpses
Pisces: push ups in drag

that lyric that everybody knows
  • fall out boy:baby, seasons change but people don't
  • my chemical romance:G, F#, B, E, D, G, C, B, E, A, D
  • pierce the veil:darling, you'll be okay
  • green day:*guitar noises* don't wanna be an american idiot
  • blink-182:i miss you, miss youuuuu, i miss you, miss youuuuu, i mi

My favourite My Chemical Romance lyrics on each album