You know, after all of these years My Chemical Romance is still,,, like,,, My Comfort Band. You know, like comfort food??? My Chemical Romance is a chocolate cake sitting in the kitchen, and me and my depression are two Emo Rats, that sneak into the kitchen at 3 a.m., to steal a slice of cake. Except the cake isn’t cake, it’s just Gerard Way screaming about vampires and how he wants to die.

Look 👀 alive 😃😄 Sunshine ☀️😎 109 in the sky 🌤️☁️ but the pigs 👮👮‍♀️🐖🐖 won’t quit 😤😤😤 You’re here with me 🤙 Dr. Death Defying 😏😏 I’ll be your surgeon 😷 your proctor 👨‍🏫 your helicopter 🚁 Pumping ✊⛽ out the slaughtermatic 🔪💀 sounds 🔉🔊 to keep you alive 💯💯🤯 A system failure ☠️😠 for the masses 😢👨‍👩‍👧‍👧  antimatter⚛️👩‍🔬 for the master plan 📝💣 Louder 🔊📣 than God’s ✝️ revolver 🔫🔫 and twice ✌️ as shiny 🌟🌟 This one’s 1️⃣ for all of you rock'n'rollers 🤘👨‍🎤 All you crash queens 💥👸 and motor babies 🏍️👶 Listen up! 🗣️🗣️🗣️📢 The future ⌛⏰ is bulletproof! 🔫✊😲 The aftermath 🌋🚧 is secondary! 2️⃣‼️ It’s time ⏰ to do it now 😆 and do it loud! 😈😈 KILLJOYS 😂☝️MAKE SOME NOISE! 😄😤‼️🥁🎸💥🌡️🎵🎶🌠⚡🔥🔥

Kinda scared for 2019 because theres gonna be a bunch of emos sitting in their rooms with brightly dyed hair and nerf guns eating refried beans out of a can while checking there phones every 5 seconds for a mcr reunion thats not gonna happen

If You’re Crying And You Know It, Clap Your Hands 👏👏

If You’re Crying And You Know It, Clap Your Hands  👏 👏

‘Cause Your Ships Aren’t Canon, Favorite Bands Are Disbanded,

If You’re Dying And You Know It, And You Really Wanna Show It

If You’re Dying And You Know It, Clap Your Hands  👏👏