Vacation time on a planet filled with fighting (Closed RP)

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How lucky are they to head to a Planet Vegita that isn’t destroyed in a timeline. Granted it was just Koga and Aries, which his firned Jinbu teased as a pre-honeymoon. He only just turned eighteen yesterday, which in this weird flux of timelines and universe hopping doesn’t mean a whole lot.

They rented the capsule corps ship, the very same Goku used to train, and guess what Koga is doing? Training, who to thought. He was throwing punches, elbow slams, leg sweeps and high jump kicks. His reflexes being quick and precised. What he war us the under spandex suit of Vegita’s Frieza saga battle suit and boots matching the pattern of the stomach bit.  

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“When did you get that?” (blue-mccn)

Montage was shirtless, training outside near the forest as he noticed the prescence of an anon coming forth.

“On my back? This is a special tattoo I got three years ago. It’s a golden cross with my mom and dad tattooed on it. It’s a memory of them being deceased when i was a child.”


nail biting | throat clearing | lying | interrupting | chewing the ends of pens | smoking | swearing | knuckle cracking | thumb sucking | muttering under their breath | talking to themselves | nose picking | binge drinking | oversleeping | snacking between meals | skipping meals | picking at skin | impulse buying | talking with their mouth full | humming/singing to themselves | chewing gum | leg jiggling | foot tapping | hair twirling | whistling | eye rolling | licking lips | sniffing | squinting | rubbing hands together | jaw clenching | gesturing while talking | putting feet up on tables | tucking hair behind ears | chewing lips | crossing arms over chest | putting hands on hips | rubbing the back or their neck | being late | procrastinating | doodling | shredding paper | peeling off bottle labels | forgetfulness | running hands through hair | overreacting | teeth grinding | nostril flaring | slouching | pacing | drumming fingers | fist clenching | pinching bridge of nose | rubbing temples | rolling shoulders

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Today was a huge day for the Channel Frederator Network as it announced the welcoming of Simon’s Cat (YouTube’s second-biggest animation channel) to the newly launched network. Articles from Deadline, Variety, Tubefilter, VideoInk, The Wrap and Kidscreen all covered the news.

Simon’s Cat is in good company as the network consists of over 140 channels, 6 million total subscribers and over 500 million total views and growing.

Channel Frederator uploaded a brand new trailer to help launch the network highlighting some of the creators who have also joined up.

Click here for more information on the Channel Frederator Network.

Thank you to everyone who covered and broke the news!