They put me in charge of the book display for the beginning of the year! Go learn about tarot, How To Become A Good Dancer (this is an actual book we have. It’s probably the most informative thing ever), organic chemistry, Chinese Kites: How to Make and Fly Them, moths of the British Isles, trainwrecks, the geographical history of Africa, how to be a Good Citizen, how plants communicate, and more! Seriously there are just a lot of weird books, it’s great.


When: Tuesday Nov. 12 – Thursday, Nov. 14
Where: The Library, 9 am – 10 pm 

NOTE: Sale is open to STUDENTS ONLY from 9 am to 1 pm on the first day of the sale (Tuesday). After 1 pm Tuesday all are welcome. 


There is a ton great material to choose from: art books, literature, non-fiction; VHS tapes, DVDs & magazines, all specially priced to move! This is a sale you don’t want to miss…. 



This week’s Book Spotlight focuses on Fond, a beautiful example of drum-leaf binding and slipcase craftsmanship from Sarah Bryant of Big Jump Press. A fond is defined as “a collection of documents organically accumulated by a person or institution,” and Fond examines what it means to collect and recollect memories through explorations of image and typographic abstractions.

Fond is a great book to study for artists interested in experimental uses in letterpress, box construction, label insets, and working with different types of hardcover bindings. Bryant’s craftsmanship is precise and delicate, with smooth transitions between spine and cover, insert paper and book cloth, slipcover and object. For more information on Bryant and her practice (including some very well-documented tutorials), visit Big Jump Press’s website here.

After that, start your weekend off right by stopping by the Library to view Fond in person. Happy Friday, everyone!

– Allison, MFA ‘16 (Painting/Drawing, GA – Artists’ Books Collection)

NOW ON DISPLAY: From Point A to Point B: Snippets of Barbara Schulz’s Hitchhiker Vinegarettes In Progress

During her 2012 sabbatical at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium, Comic Arts professor Barbara Schulz created Hitchhiker Vinegarettes. It is a sequence of comic vignettes, written by Deb Balzer, described as follows in the book’s colophon:

Hitchhiker Vinegarettes is a series of childhood memory sketches expressed through the graphic art form. These comic art shorts are a play on the literal vignette and emulsified vinaigrette creating poetic visual stories infused with some damn sour, often absurd and memorable moments.

Professor Schulz has generously shared with the Library her in-progress sketches and inks from various points in the production of the book.  These along with a copy of the finished book from the Library’s Artists Books Collection are now on display through the end of the semester in the main reading room. Whether you’re deeply interested in the innermost workings of how a comic book is made, or you just need a bit of rest and relaxation before the beginning of the end of the school year, come by the Library to check out From Point A to Point B today!

– Allison, MFA ‘16 (Painting/Drawing, GA – Artists’ Books Collection)

The End is Nigh...

If you are like me, your head is expanding at a far greater rate than growth can contain and feel ready to explode!

With trying to finish final projects and cram for final tests we all need a breather here and there. Here are some things going on at MCAD and Larson Art Gallery:

Basu Open Mic: Appropriation Aprecition

Saturday, April 25
College Center
7:00–9:00 p.m.

Library’s Spring Booksale

Tuesday, April 21–23
The Library
8:30 a.m.–10:00 p.m.

Holly Streekstra Exhibition: Bardo

Friday, March 27–Thursday, April 23
Larson Art Gallery
St. Paul Student Center
University of Minnesota

Gudrun Lock: Matter, Form, and Bedsheets

Thursday, April 23
Auditorium 140

We support all programs at MCAD because you never know where you find a source for inspiration for a project!

ES and Advertising blog is looking for writers, photographers and stories for this summer. We are specifically looking for students in the BSc Entrepreneurial Studies or BFA Advertising majors, if you are interested contact Scott Werner for more information.

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photo credit: All Hail the Wendigo (aka Chuck Wendig)