MC Frontalot


MC Frontalot - “It Is Pitch Dark”

Aight well here’s a practice animation I got carried away with.

I think it would behoove me to keep doin’ small stuff like this, so I think I might try to make it a regular thing to make simple animations for musicians I like.

This one’s MC Frontalot; he’s far from my favorite rapper, but some of his stuff is pretty solid and he’s got a crazy vocabulary. imho his best song are this one, this one, and that one.

FPA (Frequently Provided Answers)
  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Let me get back to you on that
  4. To get to the other side
  5. Three, I think because two of them have to hold the ladder
  6. Sure, why not
  7. We’ll play it by ear
  8. Forty-two
  9. Fuck off
  10. That’s a decision you’re going to have to make for yourself
  11. Uh… I don’t know
  12. I said I don’t know
  13. If I told you, then I’d have to kill you
  14. You’ll find out the hard way
  15. Because I’m not that kind of girl
  16. Your mom
  17. You’ll understand these things when you’re older
  18. Because I said so
  19. Read the FAQ
  20. Okay, but make sure it’s plugged in
  21. Okay, but I don’t swallow
  22. You’ve got to be kidding
  23. Mind your own business
  24. No thanks, I’m trying to cut down
  25. That’s not funny
  26. Of course I love you
  27. Too bad
  28. It’s very complicated; you wouldn’t understand
  29. You don’t want to know
  30. What a stupid question
  31. I don’t know what you’re talking about
  32. I’m so glad you asked
  33. That depends on how you look at it
  34. Only if I have to
  35. If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you
  36. It’s all relative
  37. It’s all in the wrist
  38. (stunned silence)

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Nerd Versus Jock
MC Frontalot

I’m not saddened to describe: you never mattered to me much. You were the beautiful ones on the schoolyard who were quick with a punch, who were fast to point a flincher out for ridicule and derision, who could operate athletic equipment with all precision, who held no superstition about doing unto others. Therefore I just avoided you. Jackets in school colors weren’t difficult to spot you in. Don’t associate — solved. In fact, in retrospect, you barely bothered me at all. So I bear you no ill will, our eternal rivalry notwithstanding. You were always the IBM; I was always the Tandy. Any nerd who couldn’t accept the social order was a cur. Other nerds would ostracize him. Yet all agreed: we knew for sure that US > YOU, despite appearance. Look at now: demand for nerds. Old jocks: stock on clearance. Scratch potbellies and weep about the elbow and the wife. I guess I am a little saddened to describe you  but I’m going to be all right. It’s cool. I’m not going blame you for saddening me.

Oneonta (Eli Porter)
MC Frontalot/YTCracker/MC Lars
Oneonta (Eli Porter)

"I'm sitting by myself in the springs, Colorado
Well, not alone, with my shadow, I battle
Thoughts from the cattle so I dig in my saddle
Deflect the mess with my Atari paddle
Control the flow, these bits is second nature
Paper what I make by pushin' data
Thank the maker blow out like a circuit breaker
Check my facebook man, I'll see you later."

MC Frontalot - Spoiler Alert