According to who they are standing/sitting next to, this is how I relate Mblaq and Beast.

91-line Maknaes - Mir & Dongwoon
- the big babies that look nothing like maknaes, often bullied by anyang boys & group appas

Anyang Boys - Seungho & Junhyung
- the group amma’s who nag everyone and say they have no aegyo; comes with luscious lips

Muscle Pabbos - Lee Joon & Gikwang
- the first ones you notice because they are usually shirtless, are known to be the clueless members

Pretty Boys - Lee Joon & Hyunseung
- the cute but sexy at the same time boys, also known for being clueless & daydreamers

Visual Maknaes - Cheondoong & Yoseob
- the squishiest members of the group, that seem to never age

Group Appas - G.O & Doojoon
- collaborate with anyang boys to take care of the group, and make sure maknaes get a daily dose of bullying

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Talking about girl groups & Joon just talks about BEAST.
  • Joon: I am a fan of BEAST. Really, nothing is a lie, really.
  • KHC: You are a fan of BEAST?
  • Joon: Yeah I am a fan of BEAST
  • KHC: If it's BEAST, then it's a male group. ~Mystery mystery~
  • Joon: That is correct
  • KHC: That really is a mystery then.
  • Joon: But I was really a fan, and I'm still a fan. I used to be a fan of Yoseob before but not too long ago there is this guy named Yoon Doojoon.
  • KHC: So are you saying..
  • Joon: No really. I like him more than a girl!

I couldn’t just do either or so I decided to combine the two. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! I miss the days when they used to interact so much with each other. And what with what’s going on with MBLAQ these days, things seem kind of gloomy. BUT~ as a B2UTY and as an A+, I support both groups and love them both! MBLEAST forever~! OT11 forever~! Here’s to another 5 years~!