Going Around Bangkok (Malls) - Day 2.1

Going Around Bangkok (Malls) – Day 2.1

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After spending half of our day at the Grand Palace we hired a taxi to MBK mall for 250 THB. It accommodates all of us, this time not splitting into two groups. We’re used to heat as we also live in a tropical country but Thailand’s weather is super! We’re all sweating hard as we tour the Grand Palace. So all of us can’t wait to be confined in an air-conditioned room – malls! Bangkok is home to…

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Sunday Funday.

After a lazy morning in bed, I finally decided to socialize with people. We went to MBK mall and did two activities that are universally proven to be a good time - bowling and seeing a movie.

Ixchel, Lesia, Tommy, Andres, and I bowled two rounds. The alley looked exactly the same as one you’d see in America, complete with neon flashing lights and loud music. I won the first game with a score of 112 and then lost miserably the second round with a score of 68.

The girls left to return to their apartment (they teach at a nearby university called ABAC, or Assumption University), and the boys and I stocked up on popcorn and soda and saw Deliver Us From Evil, a scary exorcism movie loosely based on real events. Tommy and I held hands, and his squeezes and jumps scared me almost as much as the movie itself!

Today’s grand total for all of these activities was about $15.00! It’s crazy how cheap Bangkok is and sometimes I stress about spending too much baht. But then, I do a money conversion at the end of a fun day and it gives me a great deal of relief and happiness.

Give me some Bangkok madness, Day Two!

We had booked two half day tours with asiatravel and the first one was scheduled bright and early. We had to be at the lobby at 630am! The madness! However, seeing how holiday me is different from the usual me, I didn’t really mind being up and about so early… Wanted to check out the breakfast, but judging from how much Thai people love their ham and bacon, we didn’t dare touch any of the rice or noodles. We happily hovered around the cereals and croissant area which pretty much was our breakfast for the next four days. 

The van came and our tour group had a party of three from London and another couple from Singapore who stayed at Amari Hotel. The hotel looked so nice and was pretty huge and within walking distance to the malls, so definitely something to check out the next time. (talk about futuristic me!) 

So, we were heading to Damneon Saduak Floating Market which was one of Bangkok’s more popular tourist attractions. It’s about 100 kilometers at the southwest of Bangkok and was roughly a 45min drive from our hotels area. (Plus, we had a driver who seemed to be descendant of Lewis Hamilton and drove at an insane speed which made me feel like I was on the mini version of Battlestar Galatica!) 

We had to take this long tail boat to get to the floating market, and I’ve always liked water traveling so the whole boat ride was pretty fun though Didi Ina and the girls were squirming because we had no life jackets whatsoever and the boat tend to tip to one side a lot throughout the journey.  

I saw a lot of signs that showed photos of snakes with thai words written in red, maybe they were just warnings that no snakes were allowed in the floating market. Ya,that was prolly it! I mean, it couldn’t be that there were actual breathing living snakes beneath those waters where I free spiritedly and busily snapped a dozen photos at right?  :/ So when we reached, we had  around half an hour to roam around and it was more shopping to be done. Though I had already some research  before  coming and  most of the stuff were way pricier than any other parts of Bangkok so we did not buy anything much. Most of the stuff were souveniers though and i’ve seen them at Pratunam which was way cheaper!  

Anyhoots, Bhut (our tour guide) told us we would be taking the van back to mainland. A boo hoo for me because I would have loved a second time on the long tailed boat but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. So, guess where our next stop was? 


OK! I guess I have to explain the reason behind the excitement is because I have a deep love for elephants! :D My first elephant ride was in Jaipur on an eight month old Letchmi. So, even though the elephant ride was a little expensive ( around 15SGD ), I still had to take the ride!

It was a different experience this time round because the journey was longer and my elephant even went underwater! It was almost completely submerged in the lake and we had our photo taken there! Very touristy but I just had to! 


So, after bidding a short and quick fellow to my haati, we headed to a wood crafting emporium. That’s the sucky part of all these tours I guess. They will insistently drag you to such places where I assume they get a hefty commission upon every purchase there! Nevertheless, every opportunity is a photo taking opportunity and my bro and I toured the wood crafting shop and my oh my. They had some of the most exquisite crafting there, most of it were idols or statues of worship but still pretty amazing stuff. 

That marked the end of our half day tour and we were sent back to the hotel where we already starving! So, a quick fresh up and we took the BTS Skytrain to MahBoonKrong Mall! Their skytrain was pretty similar to our SMRT but I have a thing about checking out different countries’ public mode of transportation. I guess as touristy as these holidays get, this is about as close as you get to having a peek at their day to day lives. 

By the time we reached MBK Mall, I think we were ready to gobble up a horse. I couldn’t even really reel in the magnificent vastness of the mall because I was too fixated on the sounds of my rumbling stomach. Thanks to yours truly impeccable research,we dined at Yana’s Restaurant (Level 5) and had an awesome awesome Thai dinner. Am & I shared the Tom Yum which was pretty out of this world. The funny thing was, Tom Yum in Thailand wasn’t as spicy as it is back home but it had a thick taste. Really awesome food! 

After that much needed fueling, we were all systems go to shop at MBK! The girls, Am and myself raced from shop to shop! There were crazy bag shops that was literally stacked with bags from ceiling to floor and everything was going for 199Baht! I had to control myself and just buy one because I knew I wanted to look around some more. Two tops,one bag, one (awesome totally loving it) iPhone cover, later we were done and ready to retreat back to the comforts of Best Western Mayfair! 

Fast-Footed Dance Champion Struts His Stuff in Bangkok

Harrison Martin was holidaying in Bangkok and came across this fast-footed Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) expert whilst visiting MBK Mall.

This guy was so good at DDR that Harrison couldn’t help but stop and record the moment. Watch as he dominates the game and attracts a few interested onlookers. Credit: Harrison Martin

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teman2 bantu tawar2in juga kalau ada link pembeli.. Mksh.. – View on Path.