MBC Missing You


“Where is she?”

“You promised me!”

“You said you would find her!”

“You said you would bring her!”

“You said you would save her!”

Where is she?!


I didn’t even know that this had happened!

It’s so cute and hilarious


Congratulations After School for your 6th anniversary!

The graduation system is tough on the fans and the recent departure of Jooyeon is a sad event indeed.

Fortunately, the admission of new members balances this out nicely. Because of this, After School has had lots of member changes throughout the years with many tears for the leaving, and appreciation and applause for the joining members. But After School is still After School.

Make the year 2015 your own, show yourselves from your best side as you always do, and bring us much more lovely music, amazing concepts, and the insane huge effort you put into everything you do, just as you have done for these past 6 years. Thank you.