Sketches of a sad Chris and Viola moment, and a cautious Toby.

The one on the left was me playing with poses and practicing characters interacting (I think the story I came up with was that she somehow sacrificed herself to save him, and all that jazz). And Toby’s just there because I actually liked how he turned out (him and Chris are the hardest for me to draw) XD


Sweet Jegus, WELL

Some time ago, I wanted to write the down the whole script [or something, idk honestly] of the 3rd animatic and this came out, aha…


Fun fact:
I had to keep on pausing and playing that video over and over again to try and make the sentences make sense since I have a bad sense of hearing so


Can you believe it’s been that long? And it’s something that got me to make my 1st Tumblr blog. Amazing. This was my first post, and boy, do I cringe at my commenting.

The last little doodle [last pic, bottom right doodle] is a throwback to the 1st Anniversary drawing I drew for Monster Boy. What a change of art style. 

Idk, just 5 years is. Wow. But yeah!! 5th Anniversary, whooooo.

“Anna, do you know who is my /favorite/ in the whole wide world?”

“I have no idea–”

“It’s you Anna-banana! Teehee!”

“Heh…thank you”

Another AU where Viola and Anna are friends and everyone is happy :’)