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btw, have you ever thought about fancasts for aditi & calm fahey? i've got 2 fancasts for aditi: naomi campbell & mb even viola davis but idk?? i'm not quite sure. just wanna know if i'm the only one w/ this opinion. + if it offended, i'm rly sorry!!

aditi is canonically really tall and lean like jesper right? naomi campbell would fit the profile, though i love viola davis—she could step on me and i’d still feel blessed and say thank you. this isn’t offensive at all! i’d never put thought into these fancasts before and now i feel like i should. i’ve been seeing this guy toby stephens for colm fahey and seems fitting to me.


I’m hella late, Halloween’s pretty much over, I’m also disappointed with myself, but I’m still gonna use one of them so.

If anybody’s still up, you can use ‘em as long as you credit. 

Anywho, happy Halloween!!

Current Viola with her old design (which I am in love with still to this day)

I remember I saw this design and I was immediately into AU town XD I kept imagining her old design being the one to rule the monster land ( I already had this idea that there needs to be a human in the monster world for them to be able to transport through other things; it’s like their knowledge base or something).

I dunno, just some ramblings I guess.

Enjoy! <3