“What do you think that cloud looks like? It kind of looks like a tomato to me.”

“I think it looks like a shoe.”

“….Okay, what about that one?”

“…Another shoe.”

“Are you looking at the same cloud?”

“No, they all just kind of look like shoes to me.”

Our Ciel’s name

There are lots of speculations about our Ciel’s name and a lot of people think it could be a French word that is somehow related to “Ciel” (’sky’, ‘heaven’ in French) like “Astre” (’star’)

but what if OC’s name was “ciel/sky”, too, but just in another language??

So here’s a quick overview of what “ciel/sky” sounds like in other languages.

German (also Danish, Norwegian & Swedish):


Japanese (*Note: “Sora” is an actual unisex name in Japan!):





Irish: (it seems it’s pronounced similarly to the English word “spare” I’m crying)

And now we can all understand how French people feel about the fictional name “Ciel”.

Bonus: Here’s a template, so feel free to use it and add “ciel/sky” in your language! xD (And let me know if ‘sky’ is an actual name in your country!)

Truth or truth?

1. Are you good at apologizing?
2. Do you prefer your looks or personality?
3. Are you confident?
4. What are you most confident about yourself?
5. Name a few songs that reminds you of someone, and who it remind you of.
6. What is your favourite colour combination?
7. Define your “aesthetic”.
8. What is sex to you?
9. Do you have any kinks? What are they?
10. What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
11. What’s something that automatically turns you off of other people?
12. What song always makes you sad/emotional?
13. How many people have you dated? How many of them do you still have feelings for?
14. How are you with moving on?
15. What’s a philosophy you agree with, but fail to live by?
16. What’s something you don’t like about yourself?
17. What’s something positive happening in your life right now?
18. Are you truly able to admit your faults in relationships to yourself?
19. Is it important to you to be a good person?
20. Are you a good person?
21. How could you become a better person?
22. Would/have you ever pierced your genitalia?
23. Have you ever been in love? If so, with how many people?
24. Do you believe in love at first sight?
25. Which social science interests you more; psychology (how the mind effects a person), sociology (how society affects a people) or anthropology (learning about culture)? Why?
26. Have you ever orgasmed?
27. Have you ever made someone else orgasm?
28. During sexual interaction, what is the most important thing to you?
29. Are you comfortable being sexual with lots of people?
30. How do you usually get people to be interested in terms of romantic relationships? And sexual relationships? And platonic relationships?
31. What’s your favourite song to sing a long to?
32. What’s some “embarrassing” music you listen to?
33. What are you most snobby/pretentious about?
34. How do you express sad emotions? And happy emotions?
35. Do you use Skype? Facetime?
36. How do you feel about phone calls?
37. How do you feel about texting?
38. What are your thoughts on LDRs?
39. Have you ever cried over a piece of visual art? What was it of? Why do you think it made you cry?
40. When and why was the last time you cried?
41. What’s something you love that you never do anymore? Why don’t you do it?
42. Are you afraid to die?
43. If there were no limits; who and what would you be?
44. Are you more likely to be sub or dom during sex?
45. Describe your fashion sense.
46. Do you have stage fright?
47. Did/do you ever put your hand up in class?
48. Are you more of an open or closed person?
49. What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? And the best?
50. Are you a theist? (Not necessarily in the way of “guy in the sky”, maybe just believing in any higher power)
51. What are your top three places you’d like to travel and why?
52. What’s something you thought would be really scary/bad, but was actually fine when it happened/you did it?
53. When you sleep at friends houses, how often do you sleep in their bed?
54. Can you sleep facing someone?
55. Do you ever get in slumps? If so; how often, and how long do they usually last for?
56. Do you like being alone?
57. Are you social?
58. How do you feel about parties?
59. Have you ever hosted a party? How did it go?
60. What question(s) do you love to ask people?
61. What question(s) do you love being asked?
62. Are you confrontational? Does it make you uncomfortable when others are?

Send me in two numbers, 1-62, and I’ll answer one!!

Above and Below (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Hey :) Could you please write a Bellamy x reader where (Y/N) is a grounder and she’s been taught to hate both mountain people and sky people after living in fear of them. Things change when she encounters Bellamy and the two of them begin to fall for each other.

Originally posted by whateverbellamy

Growing up on earth was not easy. Falling for Bellamy Blake, on the other hand, was the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Your parents had raised you to believe that the people who resided on the mountain and lived in the sky were dangerous, evil beings out to harm you. Your whole village lived in constant fear that one day they would strike but as you look at the sky person caught in your animal trap, you start to think that maybe they were wrong. Very wrong.

“You don’t look dangerous.” You stare in wonder, tilting your head as he tries to wriggle free from the thick rope caught onto his ankles.

“Just wait until I get out of here.” He responds angrily, pulling on the rope fiercely. Walking up to him curiously, you put your spear down to look at him. He pauses when you crouch down closely, running your fingertips along his shoulders, touching the soft material. It’s nothing like the type of harsh rag-like clothing you’re used to. It’s odd. The myths told about sky people said they wear white armour with big, round glass helmets. This man definitely does not fit that description. The stories of sky people also told of their teeth being sharp and pointy, like thousands of knives protruding from their red gums. He tries to wriggle away when you place your hands on his lips, opening his mouth to examine his teeth. They look like yours - normal. 

Moving your hands from his mouth you look at him in confusion, “Who are you?” You ask angrily, reaching back for your spear as he sits up. 

“Bellamy.” He blinks, watching your hand grasp the weapon, “I’m from the sky.” 

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More Ana x3

You can take my koi motif from my cold, dead hands.

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Lafayette x Reader ft. Hamilsquad

College AU

Author: Lil Laddie


Warnings: College finals, stress, swearing, kissing

A/N: I hope I did something close to what you wanted when you requested this! I honestly loved writing this! Thanks again for requesting! AND GUYS IM GOING TO SEE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AGAIN TONIGHT AND IM SO EXCITED!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Anyway have an amazing day! Love y’all!

Request: College AU with just the gang and reader? Reader x Lafayette if you felt like it. -Anon

“I have planned something amazing!” Alex exclaimed, bursting through the door to your dorm room with Hercules, John and Lafayette following behind him.

“Herc?” You asked, knowing that he was sometimes the only one with a sane mind between the four.

“It’ll be fun.” Hercules reassured you with a smile.

“You’ll love it, mon cher.” Laf grinned, plopping down on your bed next to you.

“Okay Alex, what have you planned?” You asked, turning to the excited man.

“We have all been really stressed about finals, so this weekend we are all going stargazing!” Alex announced, his hands flailing around as he talked.

“We can’t really see the stars in the city.” You said, slightly confused.

“We’re going to drive out of the city and go to the middle of nowhere. It’ll be great!” John explained, his face lighting up at the thought of a day trip away from the city.

“I don’t know if I should trust you guys not to get us lost…” You trailed off, watching all of their faces change from excitement to disappointment. “But since when have I been one to say no to a little adventure?”

“Don’t do that again! You scared me. I thought I’d be stuck alone with them.” Herc sighed in relief, placing a hand over his chest.

“You’d be stuck with the Schuyler Sisters too!” Alex protested, John nodding next to him.

“The girls are coming?” You asked, perking up at the mentions of more of your close friends coming.

“Of course, stargazing is a perfect time to set up couples.” John smirked, not missing the looks that all three gave to you and Lafayette.

“Hm, I still think all the Schuyler sisters are out of your league Alex.” You snarked, Lafayette laughing loudly next to you.

“Whatever, be ready at seven on Friday after class.” Alex rolled his eyes, turning to leave your dorm, Herc and John following right after him.

“You better not decide not to go.” Laf warned, as he slowly got up from your bed.

“Trust me, I’ll be there. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a mini road trip with you.” You paused before realizing what you had said. “All of you of course! I love hanging out with everyone.” You blurted out quickly, hoping Lafayette wouldn’t notice.

“Good, you deserve a break. You’ve been working yourself too hard, mon ange.” Laf smiled at you from the doorway before turning and leaving.

“Oh god, pull yourself together!” You muttered under your breath, you needed to remember to think before saying things to him or next time you might just accidently admit your crush on him.


“Everyone all set?” Alex asked as you all piled into the old minivan.

“Where’d you get the van?” Angelica asked from the back on the van.

“That’s not important. Since, no one answered my question I’m just going to assume that we’re good to go.” Alex sighed, starting up the van and pulling out of the parking lot.

“Wait! This is Professor Washington’s minivan isn’t it?” You asked, giggling as Alex’s head shot back to look at you.

“Yes, he offered for us to use it. How’d you know?” Alex asked in confusion, turning back to look at the road.

“Cause you’re his favorite student and who else would you get the van from?” You explained.

“I never thought of him as a minivan guy.” Peggy stated, the others humming in agreement.

“Alex, do you even know where you are driving to?” Eliza asked, sitting in the passenger seat next to him.

“Maybe…BUT YOU KNOW ADVENTURE!” Alex shouted, you and John hooting from the back at the word adventure.

“We’re all going to die in this van.” Herc sighed, Laf sympathetically patting his back.

“We’ll be fine Herc I promise.” You smiled, leaning over Laf to grab Herc’s hand and squeeze it in a reassuring way.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see Lafayette glaring at your hand being in Herc’s. You let go of his hand and leaned back to your side of the van and could hear Laf sigh in relief. Lafayette reached over as discreetly as he could and smacked Herc’s arm as hard as could.

“Laf!” You exclaimed, your eyes wide at the loud sound that came from the hit.

“Slugbug.” Laf shrugged, trying to play it off.

“There’s no other cars on this road right now.” You said, narrowing your eyes at him.

“Must have been my imagine.” Laf said nonchalantly, hoping you’d drop the subject and luckily you did.


After an extremely long drive you had finally arrived where you could see the stars clearly. You had never seen them look so bright and you couldn’t stop the shocked gasp that escaped your lips.

“They are beautiful.” Laf smiled watching your face light up as you stared up at the sky.

“I’ve never seen them like this before.” You said, letting your head drop to face Lafayette.

“Okay, we’ve got all the blankets spread out! Hope you all brought sweatshirts!” John called out as everyone split up into pairs and layed down on a blanket.

“A sweatshirt? I didn’t even think to grab one.” You said, feeling like a complete idiot.

“You didn’t? Well, here you can wear mine.” Laf offered, holding out his big hoodie to you.

“I can’t take that, you’ll get cold.” You protested, walking towards the only blanket that was left on the ground.

“Well, we have a blanket and body heat always warms people up.” Laf explained, sitting down on the blanket.

“Are you asking me to cuddle with you?” You giggled as Lafayette’s face heated up.

“Well, I mean if you don’t want to we-” Laf started, rambling quickly.

“Come here!” You interrupted him, holding your arms open for him.

“First, put this on.” Laf said, handing you the same sweatshirt he had offered earlier.

After pulling it over your head, Laf pulled you tightly into his arms. You rested your head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat quicken slightly. Lafayette raked one hand gently through your hair, while the other held your body against his.

“We should come out here more often.” You whispered, moving your eyes from Laf back up to the sky.

“Maybe just me and you should come back up here.” Laf suggested.

“I would like that.” You smiled, snuggling in deeper to Laf’s warm embrace. “Are you warm enough?”

“I think I’m too busy thinking about laying here with you to notice the cold, mon amour.” Laf admitted.

“Mon amour?” You asked, feeling Laf tense up next to you. “Isn’t that supposed to be used for a significant other, not a friend?”

“Would it be wrong if I said I wanted to be more than your friend?” Laf asked, his voice barely loud enough to hear.

“Would it be wrong if I said I felt the same way?” You responded, turning away from the sky to have your face inches from his.

“(Y/N), I really like you.” Laf’s warm breath tickled your face.

“I like you too, Lafayette.” You grinned, noses now touching.

You both leaned in slowly before his lips captured yours. Both of your lips were cold and chapped from the night air, but that didn’t stop you. You could hear hooting and hollering from beside you, but all your attention was on Lafayette as he kissed you with more passion than you could ever imagine.

“I told you that it would be fun!” Herc yelled as the two of you pulled away from the kiss.

“I knew it would be rewarding for us to do this after finals!” Alex exclaimed, before being shut up by Eliza.

“Do you think they had this planned the whole time?” Laf asked, his cheeks heating up again.

“Probably, it’s unlikely for Alex to get away from working on homework without a cause.” You laughed, once again snuggling into Laf’s chest.

“I guess it doesn’t matter though, not when I have finally admitted my feelings to you.” Laf smiled, the two of you staring up at the big open sky.

“Let’s do this after every final.” You suggested, the bright stars once again capturing your attention.

“Definitely.” Lafayette agreed.

This started a long tradition of coming out in the middle of nowhere with everyone whenever school got too hard. This lasted throughout all your years in college. It became not only a reminder of the start of your relationship with Lafayette, but a refuge for the many hard years of finals to come.

Ego Vesco, Ergo Sum - a KHR/TG au

(i consume*, therefore i am)

* eat. feed. devour. enjoy. live.

canon-typical warnings apply below. implied cannibalism, mild gore, off-handed violence, etc etc it’s Tokyo Ghoul that should be it’s own warning. not a full write up, just some Stuff.

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