“It’s like he had to show me a negative so I could see the positive.”

Here’s the ongoing series of screenshot paintings.

And if anyone’s interested, you can buy prints at this place, or message me with a commission if there’s a particular screenshot you’d like.

fic: mercy.

shamless drunk!carmilla fluff. aka the one where carmilla breaks into the wrong apartment and tries to booty call laura, who attacks her with spatula.

read also on ao3.


Carmilla is pretty sure the world is spinning

Well, scientifically, she’s positive the world is spinning because otherwise the world would undeniably be ending but. Not the point.

Maybe it’s just the sky that’s spinning. Or the stars. Or just this lamppost she can’t seem to let go of.

She’d stumbled out of the club half an hour ago and she’d tried to make it back to her own apartment, really she did, but these shoes were really not meant for walking and her brain was having difficulty communicating with her feet.

Somehow, god only knows how, it occurred to her that one of the girls she’d been seeing lived around here. Maybe it was because she recognized that weird homeless guy on the corner who always offered her a churro.

She knows she lives in a brick building and this one looks a hell of a lot like the one she’s been coming in and out of for the past month (most of the time off of the fire escape and it’s a good thing she’s only ever seen it in the dark – it makes the recognition process so much easier). She pulls her phone out of her pocket. Well, she tries to. It tumbles to the ground, into a pile of snow. A slew of nearly unintelligible curse words fall from her mouth and she reaches into the snow bank to pick it up. She pokes at the screen. Nothing. She tries again. Still nothing. She sticks out her tongue and blows a raspberry at it. “Useless, pieces of technology.” She murmurs to herself. She tucks her phone back into her pocket, still swearing at it, and she looks up at the building. The door is all the way on the other side of the building and she still can’t manage to let go of this lamppost so she knows getting over there is an impossibility. Her mouth is starting to feel cottony and her eyelids are closing and if she doesn’t get into an apartment soon, she’s liable to fall asleep in this snowbank. Or next to Churro Charlie.

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I fixed it! :D

fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars,
let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars

in between commissions doodle again, i always find nge and su’s ending theme relaxing to draw to and i love them a lot, hah

Sesshomaru’s mother tho...

Aries- sun
Sagittarius- moon
Pisces- Mercury
Pisces- Venus
Taurus- Mars
Taurus- Jupiter
Taurus- Saturn
Aquarius- Uranus
Aquarius- Neptune
Sagittarius- Pluto
Capricorn- Ascendant
Libra- Midheaven
Capricorn- Lilith
~Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes~

He had snuck away to take a much needed bathe, not very interested in going out with the hourly men and women that went. He didn’t really need anyone watching over him while he was getting naked. He sighed with relief as he took off his layers of clothing, and he had just barely sunk into the water before he heard a rustling behind him, quickly turning around and grabbing his throwing knives from the rocks.

“Who’s there?” he asked, knives at the ready.