"The point of alternate universes is to show that no matter what setting or circumstance, these two people will always find each other. I will find you. Every me loves every you." (x)

Happy birthday dear modmad, thank you so much for illuminating the world with your presence and everything you create. You’re amazing.


My mom is always smiling, is always trying to help friends and strangers, she fights for what she wants and she never gives up. She likes to believe in the goodness of people, she loves fairy tales and romantic comedies. Studying is one of her favorite hobbies, whatever the subject, she lives for knowledge. She is on her way to getting her master’s degree and it’s been tough but she won’t stop until she has her academic title.

My mom has been dealing with prejudice and blatant racism since she was in her teens - don’t date her because she’s black, that sort of advice that white mothers give to their white sons. Recently she was told that yes, they had wanted to give her a job but that was before they knew she was brazilian, we are so sorry but we were told blacks and brazilian natives weren’t allowed. My mom sighed and told me she was choosing to just accept it without a fuss because there wasn’t much she could do.

Yesterday I was helping my mom dress up for another job interview and she looked at the mirror and said isn’t there any white paint so I can cover my skin tone? Isn’t there a blonde wig so I can at least pretend I’m what they want me to be? And it is so awful, so unfair, so unbelievably sad. I said mom, you are beautiful. Your skin tone is beautiful, your native american/african american traits are beautiful, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and a fighter and everyone else can get the fuck off!

My mom deserves a #blackout, my mom deserves being told that her origins and color are celebrated. My mom deserves to be pround of who she is.


so I could be wrong, but I have a hunch that this

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anyways, thank you all for sticking around and being generally wonderful!

And now you say that,
you say you love me.
Well I may have your heart,
he has your body.
And now you swear that you’re being honest,
but you’re not honest,
and you never could be.
—  Bayside // Don’t Call Me Peanut 
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you girls are gorg!!!!  I love seeing your pretty smiling faces and putting faces to the names I see everyday!!!  

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There are days when I rebel against my love for you.

I may encounter the most beautiful of men, women, androgynes, but—

Even if something in my hips stirs,
Even if my heart beats a little faster,
Even if I imagine the weight of their bodies upon mine—

I groan and weep on the inside,
For these are nothing compared to what I feel for you.

Nothing compared to this unbearable heat you have set in my sex,
Nothing compared to the dizzying lightness I feel in my heart as I look into your eyes,
Nothing compared to the tremors of joy I feel as your soul speaks to mine.

I am the most embittered of cynics,
With a charred, blackened heart
Made of stone and filled with spite—

And look, how easily you opened it with but a whisper
And lit gentle fires within,
Took a seat there and made it your home.

I am the greediest of harlots,
With a lust that burns and
Devours all, day and night—

Yet everyone else’s kisses
You have turned to but ashes in my mouth,
Everyone else’s lovemaking
You have turned unsatisfying,
Full of failure and hurt.

I don’t know if you are but being kind, but sheltering me in doing this,
Or the most tyrannical of jealous, hateful monsters,
Not allowing me a single pleasure that does not come from you.

Perfumes, films, books, food, dresses—all of these you have touched; all of these little joys remind me of you.

And thus, my Lord, Prema rebels—
She tears off that dress you gave her and drinks and fucks and screams until she is hoarse—

And yet, in her heart of hearts she knows that when she drags herself home at four o’clock in the morning,

There will be a light in the window.

And that when she finally sleeps,
After having wept and wept and wept,
She will do so curled up against your heartbeat.

—  Prema Kalidasi

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Imagine that Annie goes to trial and is handed off to the corps and is like "I dont deserve to be alive" and Armin is just looking at her wondering how many times hes thought that himself and then he gives her a speech when she comes back to their HQ and they hug and Eren and Mikasa high five and go "THATS LOVE, BITCH" I went overboard with this but i magine itt

Mikasa & Eren be like:

'Weddding preparations?'

'Wedding preparations'

Began The Night Believing (I Loved You In The Moonlight)

by familiars

It’s been a year. A year full of longing and Harry still loves Louis. When they see each other again old feelings surface, but Harry thinks growing up may mean growing apart. And I love you is still hard to say.

Words: 5286, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

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The way you write Xephos in your fics is always amazing. I love how cold he is. May I ask why you choose to paint him as such a person, though? :)

Aww, thanks, lovely. <3 You know, I’ve never really chosen to write him that way. That’s just how I see him in Yoglabs. The plot is comedic, I know, but beneath that, It’s a lot darker. His best friend is frozen and he didn’t seem too fazed by it, and now the clones made from his frozen best friend are nothing but disposable. He no longer cares for the one person who made him the happiest. The only person he really had. The only things that seem to matter to him now are his experiments, tests, and super weapons as he prepares for something. War, most likely. At least, that’s what I’ve believed for awhile now. Still, I’m hoping for the day when Honeydew wakes up and saves his best friend again like in the past. Xephos needs him. 

today i witnessed a little black boy get hit by the bus i was on and i just wanna say i’m really grateful for his life (i found out he’s alive and doing better) and my own life, i’m so here for all the positivity on my dash right now i love you all (i may be crying while doing this)

I want that guy na papasayahin ako in a simple way na magagawa niya. pizza masaya na ko. tas may nakalagay dun “I love you” Ugh. :”>  Mas better siya pa yung gagawa nung pizza. freshly baked by him. or we can make pizza together. fuck, adding this to my relationship goal: “Bake pizza together.” <3

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so i'm super sorry if this is tagged anywhere, but i didn't find it on a preliminary search: have you ever talked about rahab? i've been researching her recently and i thought you may have written lovely things about her.

No, you’re correct—I haven’t written anything about her! I spend a lot more time talking about New Testament figures than Old, so unfortunately there are a lot of great ladies I don’t give their due.


this may never affect anyone, but i really do want to thank EACH and EVERYONE of you who is supporting #blackoutday it’s ironic, when i got on tumblr yesterday i didn’t think it was going to be historical or life changing.. not only has this gave me hope for me & mine, but it reminded me of my self worth and for that i’m FOREVER THANKFUL.

may love and serenity wash over everyone. you are all beautiful souls.