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Tag Game

Hello and happy weekend, my friends!  I was tagged by the practically-perfect-in-every-way @amorluzymelodia (seriously, she looks like Julie Andrews) to tell you more about myself.  I’ll try to keep this interesting!

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anonymous asked:

I went to see magnificent 7 with a friend (thanks to you I was really excited to see it) And by the middle of it she says "Dont you think that that guy and the knife dude are REALLY close? I think they may be.. you know, involved. As in love".So true

Lol for a second I thought you were talking about someone in the movie saying that BUT YOUR FRIEND IS SO RIGHT LIKE THERE’S NO WAY GOODY AND BILLY WEREN’T THE 1870S WILD WEST VERSION OF A BEAUTIFUL INTERRACIAL GAY COUPLE

Sleepover questions!

I’m going to be trying out a thing on my Youtube channel where I do a sleepover style, chat about life video. I’m hoping to make it weekly!

But I’m going to need some contribution and help so please…

  • Ask me a question
  • Send me “would you rathers”
  • Send me “have you evers”
  • Send me “this or thats”
  • Ask me what I think about a celebrity.
  • Ask me questions about difficult topics
  • Send me weird/funny/creepy stories
  • Ask for advice!!!
  • truth or dares (send me a truth and a dare and I’ll pick one to do)

And nothing is off limits. Literally I love talking about myself, even ask questions you may think will offend me. This is your chance. Wanna ask about my gender identity, plans for transition etc? Go ahead! Wanna ask me about how I feel about going to hell for my sins? Do it! Literally anything. Go anon if you want.

Please ask tho and don’t leave me hanging with nothing because that will be SOOOO embarrassing.


people asked me how I knew I was in love. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly when or what caused it. So many things made me happy, sad– everything the person did made me feel something and I knew that was love. Not something they did to me or for me (although I loved everything they did and how they did it) but how they made me feel something in everything they did; they affected me that much.

and so someone could ask me how I fell out of love.. I didn’t and I don’t think I ever will with anyone. I’ll always love something about a person. And I mean this with everyone, friends, boyfriends, even people I’ve never met. We may not be friends but I’ll always love how comforting you are. We may not be together but I’ll always love how passionate you are.

our love may cease to exist but love is still there, you know?

To My Future Ex-Girlfriend

Yes I have loved someone before you, I may be letting go of someone I love very slowly. Just remember that if you feel that you are a replacement or substitute for someone from my past you missed the point. Obviously I’m also referring to myself here.

So let me rephrase, ok now read.

Yes I will get jealous, so will you. Feel insecure, so will you. Just like you I will wonder how I can reach that standard or what is your type. So shut up and remember something.

I want to create new memories with you. I want to discover you, I want it all with only you. 

ducouteautalon  asked:

I just want to say even though I've been off and on. You've ALWAYS been my inspiration Elloise. You're such a lovely friend and I support you 100% I may not be here as often but I love seeing your work, not just of Riven but just you as a whole. You're one of the main reasons I've got into the community. If you ever /ever/ need anything. Let me or Vee know. We love you very much. We will miss you but your happiness means MORE. <3 I can't wait to see where you bloom from here!! - Leon (Tal-mun)

Ah Leon! Gosh I still remember when we first met and you told me you made RP blogs because of me and I totally freaked out I even showed and told my sister, LOL. I’m so happy I had that inspiration on you, and that I got to meet you. I’ll miss you a whole lot, and you have my personal blog so you know where to find me :D Tell Vee I’ll miss her as well ! You guys are really the best I could ever ask for aah


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